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Billy Strings – Madison Poster Purchasing Lottery

This past week, Billy Strings played 3 sold out nights at The Sylvee in Madison, WI. It was the first time I’ve gotten the chance to create for this impressive band and it’s been a very rewarding experience all around. I’m glad to be tuned in and turned onto Billy String’s musical worlds.

While most of these limited edition posters have sold out at the event, we do have some held back for online sales. We have no inventory of the main edition of 350 on blue that were at the show, but we do have a small portion of the Foil, Champagne and Chloropyhll editions of the poster.

Of the Billy Strings posters we will have for sale, some will be sold here through this purchasing lottery (details below) and the rest of them will drop in the Spusta Studio Shop on Wednesday (3/9/2022) in between 9:30am and 9:40am PST. We expect the online sale to be sold out in a matter of clickety-click-click and that is why we’ve put up this lottery as an alternative method of selecting some customers for this poster as well.

These posters are for Billy Strings at The Syvlee in Madison, WI on March 3, 4 & 5, 2022. All versions are 17″ x 22″ screen print and are signed and numbered by the artist.

The three versions available here are:
Foil Edition of 150 for $150 + shipping
Champagne Edition of 100 for $150 + shipping
Chlorophyll Edition of 60 for $180 + shipping

To enter this purchasing selection lottery for a Billy Strings Poster, just reply to this post with a comment that picks one edition/version to enter for.

Champagne? Foil? or Chlorophyll? Pick only one in your comment
Feel free to also use your comment as your chance to plead your worthiness to this piece of paper. Can your love for Billy x Spusta not be beat? Did you try to get to Madison but your dog ate the neighbors dog, who had Covid? 37 characters or less please.
– Again, pick just one poster to shoot for, Foil, Champagne or Chlorophyll. You likely won’t be picked if you don’t make a choice. We don’t want emails, just comment on this post.

Only comment once please and it can be advantageous to use an email already connected with our shop. Please note the prices will have $18 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start being emailed right away. We may send some straggler invoices in the days following the sale as well.

Oh, without further ado, here are some photos of the different editions:

Close-up of Chlorophyll Edition of 60.
Chlorophyll Edition of 60 – paper changes from green to gold in different light.

John McLaughlin “Is That So?” edition PRS Guitar and Wristwatch

‘Is That So?’ – John McLaughlin Edition Guitar & WristwatchHere are some beautifully handcrafted works of functional art that are collaborative efforts of many talented people, and will be a part of ONLY WATCH’s benefit auction conducted by Christie’s in Geneva, Switzerland this November.

I hand painted the Paul Reed Smith guitar using the art elements I first developed for the Is That So album cover. The guitar and watch are being auctioned together as a package.

Blandenier, a Geneva-based workshop, agreed to join this charitable project by producing the unique watch dial inspired by ‘Is That So?’ It took 110 hours of hand painting work to create the dazzling miniature painting on the dial.ONLY WATCH’s auction raises funds for research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and last time this auction was conducted a unique stainless steel wristwatch sold for a record-breaking CHF 31,000,000 or approximately £24 million.

Here’s some more info: