11 thoughts on “Dead & Company – Hollywood Bowl Poster

  1. Hightime

    Great job on these! I was pleased to see some of that old school “marquetry” surrounding the imagery, reminiscent of some of your classic gig posters from the heady days of yore. Fingers crossed there will be some sort of lottery release, as my computer recently bit the dust… Cheers!

  2. Fred McAdams

    I got one of these, signed and numbered at the Hollywood Bowl. I stared at it for hours. The colors are alive and “shimmer”. Thank you for such amazing work. Now where to display it in my house.🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Julie Mulholland

        Thank you, Marq, for your beautiful artistry and vision in bringing the essence of the Dead to life. Cannot wait for the Studio drop if I am lucky enough to get one, as this will be the best in my collection by far ❤️🙏 Unfortunately, Hollywood Bowl allowed “flippers” to buy unlimited quantities at the shows, which was not cool at all.


    Killer print once again! I used to only buy prints from shows that I attended, but my walls are beginning to fill with beautiful pieces like this! Really hoping to score on the studio drop. Thx Marq!

    1. Chip Forte

      I collect by the same rules…this is the first print that I have bought from a show that I didn’t attend! That Sapphire was too much to resist

  4. Yvette

    Absolutely love this print. Sadly my friend who was at the show wasn’t able to snag one for me. Anxiously waiting for the drop.

  5. John C

    Stellar job! Agree with hightime on this one, the borders/negative space from the edges are reminiscent of some of your older show posters,.. also love how you tie in some of the other Dead & Co. imagery you have used in the past!


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