12 thoughts on “Squatchy Vibes

  1. Steve Shuff

    Still looking for this elusive fella. Hope there are still some herding around the studio. Waiting on the t-shirt edition!

  2. Hightime

    needing some squatchy vibes in my life! is there a chance of any more sightings coming from the Spusta Studio Shop?

    1. John C


      Not sure if you knew about the live feed thru spustagnome11’s Facebook page last night? Marq did have some embellished Squatch prints available for purchase thru that live feed with half the proceeds going towards no kid hungry for that particular print pack. He had some other prints for purchase as well as a few hand draw ones he drew live. With half the proceeds going towards Doctors Without Borders.

      1. Hightime

        Thanks John, I am aware of the recent happenings on Facebook, unfortunately I do not do the social media thang. Is there a way for those of us who choose not to participate in Facebook to be included in the fun?


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