Triple Blind Pack Lottery is closed….stay tuned for the release of Single “Pleased” Packs and Double “Take Us Out” Packs. Release info below.

(Ooops – Phish lotto will be posted next Monday 8/28, in the email I stated 8/30, but that will be the last day of picking customers and hopefully start fulfillment)

It’s been a long time coming since my last mini screen print release, so it is with excitement that we can share a new batch of mystery minis with you good people.

These mini screen prints come in the usual sizes we’ve been sticking to since my first mini prints from over 13 years ago, 7″ x 7″, 5″ x 7″ and 5″ x 5″. These diverse prints come on a plethora of paper stocks from dazzling foils and colored metallics to naturals and whites. The ink colors change from print to print as well, making many unique variations. There are even a very limited amount of black and white versions and a couple with hand embellishments thrown in the mix. The imagery on the prints includes a handful of new unseen designs, a few mini reworkings of previous posters and prints as well as a couple minis that debuted at an event about a month ago (the ones flipped face-up in the photo).

The majority of the Mystery Mini Packs will drop in our Shop, this Wednesday (8/23) . We have put together 3 different sized packs, and will be offering them up at different times.

There will be Single Packs, Double Packs and Triple Packs. It will be a limit of 1 type of pack per customer, no combinations, no funny business, fast flippers and fakers may be refunded. Hopefully there will be enough to go around, though quick sell outs are expected.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in the packs and how they will be released….please read thoroughly if interested:

Single “Pleased” Packs.
These packs will include:
1 – 7″ x 7″ mystery mini print. Signed.
1 – 7″ x 5″ “Pleased & ..?..” mini print. Signed.
1 – 5″ x 5″ mystery screen print.
1- micro print.
(All Single Packs will include “Pleased & ..?..” as their 5″ x 7″ variety, they will likely not include “Take Us Out” as their 7″ x 7″ variety)
Single “Pleased” Packs will be released in our shop after 4:20 pm pst.
$65 + shipping
*The image “Pleased & ..?..” will be shared on social media before Wednesday’s release.

Double “Take Us Out” Packs.
These packs will include:
1 – 7″ x 7″ mystery mini print. Signed.
1- 7″ x 7″ Take Us Out” mini print. Signed
2 – 7″ x 5″ mystery mini prints. Signed.
2 – 5″ x 5″ mystery screen prints.
1 – micro print.
(All Double Packs will include “Take Us Out” as one of their 7″ x 7″ varieties, they will likely not include “Pleased & ..?..”” as a 5″ x 7″ variety)
Double “Take Us Out” Packs will be released in our shop after 1 pm pst.
$140 + shipping
*The image “Take Us Out” will be shared on social media before Wednesday’s release.

Triple Blind Packs.
These packs will include:
3 – 7″ x 7″ mystery mini prints. Signed.
3 – 7″ x 5″ mystery mini prints. Signed.
3 – 5″ x 5″ mystery screen print.
2- micro prints.
(These packs are fully random and can include any prints from the new batch)
Triple Blind Packs are being released via a purchasing lottery, held here and now, details below.
$210 + shipping
There are about 100 Triple Packs. Single and Double Packs will be much more plentiful.

• To enter this purchasing selection lottery for a Triple Blind Mystery Mini Print Pack just reply to this post with a comment expressing your interest.

– Only comment once and it can be advantageous to use an email already connected with our shop. Please note the prices will have $13 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start being emailed later today, with some stragglers going out tomorrow. Then on Wednesday, the other two pack styles go on sale. If you get selected for a Triple Pack, you cannot purchase either the Single or Double pack.

1,110 thoughts on “Mini Prints are here!

    1. Jason doine

      I would absolutely love to be in the lottery. Fingers and toes all crossed. Thanks for the opportunity gnomes and Marq.

  1. Justin Ivey

    Very interested in a triple mini pack. Haven’t been lucky enough to score on a lottery yet! Crossing fingers!

  2. Jason

    Minis, F**K YEAH! So excited, my minis have been so lonely waiting for new friends to stop by! Thanks Marq and gnomes!

  3. Jordon Schagrin

    Hi, it would make the horrible start of my week so much better if I could please get at triple pack. Thank you for the chance!!

  4. Jeffrey Bounds

    I would like to be entered in the lottery for the triple mystery pack please. Thank you for the opportunity and keep up the amazing work

  5. Kenny Blair

    Oh hi Marq! Thanks for the consideration, I’d like an opportunity to buy a triple pack if it’s my lucky day 🙂 You and the gnomies keep up the good work 🤙

  6. Jason Bogdan

    Please pick me for one of the Triple Blind Mystery Mini Pack and keep up the awesome work Marq !!!

  7. Deb

    Would LOVE a triple pack! Seeing new minis make my heart so happy! They’re why I first fell in love with your art all those years ago! Thanks for the chance! Much love! ❤️

  8. Marc Dansereau

    I would love and greatly appreciate a triple blind pack please!!! Been impatiently waiting for the new mini’s!!! so excited🥰🍻
    Thank you so much for the opportunity Marq and the Gnomes!!!! Much love!

  9. Dustin Edwards

    Extremely interested! I won’t have a chance on Wednesday. Helping a good friend out with a ride to the doctors. ♥

  10. William Becker

    Very interested in the Triple Pack from the best artist around!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity, and please keep up your amazing work!!!

  11. Justin Moore

    Would very much enjoy a triple pack! Sounds like it will so much fun to open up a mystery pack with lots of different super cool art work!
    Thank you kindly for the equal opportunity!

  12. Jeff stamps

    This is exciting. I have been waiting patiently.!! I would be open to whatever is available.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  13. Andrew S

    I would love a Triple Blind Mystery Mini Print Pack to add to my ever growing collection! Thanks Marq, excited to see the new work!

  14. Michelle Moore

    Come on baby let the birthday celebration include some bangin art 🤍✨ Blowing out my candle and making my wish 🥳🙌🏼

  15. Roland

    I am indeed very interested to add some Spusta vibriert to my daughters room! Thanks for the chance and excitement!

  16. Jon LaRocque

    luv me a triple pack
    thanks so much for the chance!
    for any pack really
    have a Sweet-ass Gnome day !

  17. Randy Evans

    very much so interested in adding a triple pack to the collection, please and thank you in advance for your consideration 🙂

  18. Jeffery

    I’ll always be interested in a Spusta mini pack! Thanks for the chance at a triple pack of prints!

  19. Zac S

    Somehow commented on someone else’s post by mistake. Interest in a triple pack, please and thanks… Sorry for the “double” post.

  20. AJ Fucile

    This is amazing. I just got out of cataract surgery and can’t wait to lay my new eye on these! Thanks Marq – I’d love the chance!!!

  21. ken dozier

    I would absolutely love to score a triple pack!! I’ve been M.I.A and need to get a fix!! Thank you for the chance!!

  22. zac henske

    dont think i’ve ever typed faster than i am now lol
    would love a triple pack Marq !!
    packs are back good luck everyone

  23. Cosmo Traficante

    Hello! I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase a triple pack please and thank you!

  24. Max Cannalte

    Wow such a big mystery pack makes even Mt. Denali look small. I would love the opportunity to bring this pack home to where I live in Healy, Alaska on the border of Denali National Park. 😏 your loving fan Max Cannalte

  25. Brian Davis

    I would very much like to adopt a triple pack of mystery madness…..thanks a billion times over, nomadic gnomes of nom nom nom……(got me drooling like homer simpson over here).

  26. Jason

    +1 entry for the Triple Blind Pack. My collection is 12 months overdue for some new Spusta – Thanks for the chance!

  27. Michael Messina

    Love your stuff! “Life is about the mystery of the unknow, not the know” Thanks MM

  28. Robert S

    Just finished my chores and ready to celebrate w/a Spusta triple-threat!

    Many thanks as always for your ongoing commitment to excellence.

  29. Michelle Smith

    The mini’s are perfect to frame and put on shelves with books…so I would be interested in purchasing the triple pack of new images.

  30. Kevin Hawkins

    Very interested in getting chosen for NEW MINIS today!! AAAAHHHHGGGGG!!!! 😊🔥✌🏽

  31. Jennifer Mar

    Hi! I am interested in the triple pack. Appreciate you and thank you for your consideration.

  32. John Mickey Dee

    I would LOVE a Double Take Us Out Pack!!! Please, and thank you!!! And if not, that’s ok too!! Thanks for the chance!!

  33. Angie Rivera

    Thanks for the chance! Would love a pack! Found your art thru BMFS, still waiting for my first score 💜

  34. Mitchell Seyfer

    Nicolai Tesla said: If you could understand the significance of the number 3, you could unlock the secrets of the universe.
    A triple blind mystery mini pack would make my week complete! Thanks for the chance again, kind genius of psychedelic creation!

  35. Nicholas Stock

    Once more into the abyss eh? Why not? I’d be stoked to score a triple pack – thanks for the chance

  36. Ashley O

    Thank you for the chance to 2 win 1 of your amazing mystery art packs! I’ve loved your stuff sense I first saw it in 2020 and it would be one great experience to open something that I think so highly of and thank you so much!!!

  37. Dan Pegues

    I have kept my Wednesdaysopen all month, would love a chance to purchase the triple pack! Thanks Marq and Gnomes

  38. Matty R

    Going for the TRIPLE double in a single day! 😉
    Hope the coach sits me out this Wednesday because I was victorious today!
    Thanks, Marq!!!!

  39. Jonathan McKinnon

    Super interested in buying the Triple pack, or any pack for that matter.. I would love the opportunity to add these to my display. Much appreciated!

  40. Justin R

    Hey Hey Hey what do I spy MINI Prints!!! Please put me in for a chance please and thank you!!!

  41. Anthony Barela

    I would love to be picked for one of the triple blind packs! Thanks again for the chance at some of your amazing work!! Hope I get picked!

  42. Kathryn Chilcote

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  43. Mike Suchocki

    I’m super stoked for some new mini prints!! I can’t wait to see some in person! Hook a brother up please please please!

  44. Eric White

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  45. Steve Shuff

    It’s been a while since the mini madness was upon us! Would love a chance at the triple. Thanks!

  46. Ken K

    I love your fun little creatures! I would love a triple pack! Can’t wait to see the new art! Thanks!

  47. Hightime

    Jeez! Looking like I’m not the only one who would love and cherish a trip-le pack of Spusta love on this rainy Monday! Please, please me kind Sir and G-nomes. Cheers!

  48. Michelle Engdahl

    Three is a magic number
    Yes it is, it’s a magic number
    Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity
    You get three as a magic number
    The past and the present and the future
    Faith and hope and charity
    The heart and the brain and the body
    Give you three as a magic number

  49. Bryn

    Trip le pack me please!
    The Lamp and the Strumin’ Squirrel Fox are 2 of our favorites around our house. Thanks for the art and the chance! Have a great day! The Phish poster is so fun! Fingers crossed 🤞 for that too!!

  50. Jacquelyne Dias

    Would love a chance for a triple pack, pretty please, with a cherry on top…. thank you so much Marq and the Gnomes❤️🤞🙏

  51. Austin C

    Minis are BACK! This spusta household would love to be considered for a Triple Pack – thanks Gnomes!

  52. Donovan Dasher III

    +1 for Triple. Always stoked for an opportunity to get some more great art. Thanks Marq!

  53. Brahma Butler

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  54. Michael Vaughan

    I have been waiting for this day for awhile…. I hope I get lucky on getting a triple pack

  55. Ryland Robinson

    Would love the opportunity to grab a mini print set and anciiusl6 awaiting the Phish AP drop, got skunked bith nights at MSG

  56. Patrick Zenger

    love the art Marq. I have a bunch of it up in my nursery. I’ll share pictures with you when I remember lol don’t know if I’ll get a chance at a triple pack but it would be cool. 🙂

  57. Ryland Robinson

    Would love the opportunity to grab a mini print set and anxiously awaiting the Phish MSG AP drop, got skunked both nights at the Garden

  58. Bobby Hollister

    I’ve been watching closely for minis I would love a triple pack keep up the good art 👍

  59. Tripp

    Thanks Marq and Gmomes for the chance. Crazy how things have blown up over the last few years! Glad to see some tasty new prints coming out, miss the old Analog-a-go-go days, good luck everyone!

  60. Brandon

    My good man (and/or woman involved in this exchange)! I would be absolutely astounded to get the opportunity to exchange my hard earned dollars for your hard work and effort in print form. Love always, Brandon

  61. Blake Yekel

    Minnnnnnis! With fresh new images!!

    And Spusta+Phish on the same art for the first time in 10 years?!

    Would love a shot at some minis. Thanks for the chance.

  62. Jeremy Jaureguito

    A triple pack would be make for some great additions! Very interested please and thank you.

  63. Rachel

    Would love an opportunity to have these new minis! Fantastic work as always Marq! Thanks for the chance.

  64. Scott Clark

    brah please bless me with a three pack . that was a lot of scrolling . I mean your art is worth it but that was alot of scrolling. I broke a sweat for you man. Please 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏,

  65. Max Lawrie

    Holy smokestacks batman! I would love a triple stack pack 🕺 Not sure I’ll be able to try for the other packs with work so this would be most excellent! Thanks Marq and crew! 🦄

  66. Michael Werley

    Where three blind mice and Flick from a Christmas Story meet… the adorable and the absurd,… but which is which? Blind or bullied? Triple Packs catch your tail AND your tongue! To which I say…I’d gladly give either to have one.

  67. Daniel McGinn

    I would love to get one of these packs. Thanks for the chance and I hope Marq and the Gnomes had a great summer with family and friends

  68. James Mcginn

    I would love a pack my dad has been collecting spusta for a long time and I would like to get him something

  69. Briana keller

    💚💙Pretty Petty Pretty please never won anything here!!💜🧡
    💟 worth a try 💟

  70. Stuart Rubinstein

    Single “Pleased” Pack. Thanks!!! 😀 [Not sure if my original post went through… not trying to double up!]

  71. Briana keller

    💚💙Pretty Petty Pretty please never won anything here!!💜🧡
    💟 worth a try 💟 triple pack. hope this went thru

  72. Rob

    I would LOVE the chance for this opportunity. This would make a fine addition to my fast growing collection

  73. Blake Dunk

    Triple pack would be a blessing. Haven’t scored any spusta in a minute, love all the variety! Cheers

  74. Evan Roche

    Super interested in obtaining more of your work via triple pack for my collection. Some people of your recent work has a special place in my heart since I bought a matching pair of the 20th CA for my nephew and I. Please keep up the great work!

  75. Janis Marshall

    Oh man this is so great! I’d love to snag a triple! I’m new to these minis and I just love them all!
    Thank you for sharing your work with us!

  76. Alex Schuette

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  77. Lisa Downing

    I would love a chance to purchase the double blind pack! Thanks for the opportunity and the joy your art brings!!

  78. Stephanie Wilder

    That bird on a lamp post with butterflies beneath the light is amazing!
    Surprise us, and thank you.

  79. Matt

    I’m on vacation, so a drop is no bueno for me. Thanks for the chance at a pack via lotto Marq & Gnomes!! I’d love a triple pack. Thank you.

  80. Daniel Horton

    Yes Please✌️😁Thank You!!! For the opportunity to purchase a little peace of Heaven

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    I’ll take a triple pack pls! Was so surprised to see one in the goose AP i scored. ISO of them all the sudden since lol. Thanks for the chance!!

  82. Brian Klein

    I would love to win a mini mystery pack I’ve tried so many times to score one of these it would be awesome and my birthday is the 28th. it would be a great present to myself

  83. Tad

    🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 definitely interested in the triple pack thanks for all your amazing art Marq

  84. Jessica Absalon

    A single pack would be wonderful. Thank you for the chance. Will be my first spusta print.

  85. Dennis McCarty

    Ahoyhoy Marq n Gnomes! Tis been quite awhile! I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for a Repple Depple Triple Dibbert, and say thankya for all the wonderous creations you unleash upon us. Say thankya for letting the denizens of your mind come out and play with us. Good luck, everypeople!

  86. Marc Stevens

    I never win, lets keep it going. Will it help if I start spelling my name with a “Q” ?

  87. Natalie Connolly

    Would love the opportunity to grow our collection with the triple blind pack! my daughter and I are lucky enough to both have a few prints that we love very much! Best of luck everyone!

  88. Maeve daddo

    Please add any to my daughters growing collection of birds, fish and friends. Thanks for the consideration

  89. Elisa Weller

    I would really like a double pack for my little brother from another mother. He loves your work and he needs to pick me up💜

  90. Taylor S.

    Would love to surprise my husband with a triple! We’ve both really taken a liking to your work!

  91. Josh Bunney

    Was chatting with ya on instagram and now know that I want a triple mini pack if possible! Thanks guys.

  92. Josh Voss

    A triple pack would be amazing. Too bad I am late to see this. As always, it is fun to just see your art, even if on a screen.The black light doesn’t quite have the same affect though.

  93. Natarsia

    Hi!! I would love a try at a triple pack! But I would be grateful for a double or single too!! Thank you!

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