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Primus Poster Release and Some Mini Prints

We have new posters and prints to get out to the people. The Primus poster was made for the Sessanta Tour’s stop at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley and sold out to an endless line at the merch booths. We are glad to have two editions to make available tomorrow. The demand on these posters have been very high, so we will be running a fair launch of these prints through our EQL page. These launches help us randomly select customers within the pool of those interested. The Artist Edition of 100 will be open for entry between 10am-3pm PDT ($200) and the Pink ‘n’ Gold Edition of 50 will be open from 4pm-7pm PDT ($280). You may enter for both, but will not be selected for both.

We have compiled a nice stack of Mystery Mini Print Packs for release as well. These packs will include a variety of 4 minis + 1 micro screen print from the batch of designs that debuted with the “Understanding Between” packs. The packs will include one random 7″x 7″ mini print, one random 5″ x 7″ mini print, one random 5″ x 5″ mini print and a new 5″ x 5″ variety of “Little Spirit In A Hat”. This release will also be a launch via our EQL page, open from 2pm – 5pm PDT tomorrow 5/22/24.

While these releases will be run through EQL to randomly select winners, we also want to offer people a chance to comment here if they feel they have been missing out on Spusta Studio drops lately. We will be selecting some commentors on this post to be given a major boost in the EQL selection process. So still enter the EQL launches for what you want and use that same email address (hidden from public) in the comment on this post and state your case.

Some cases that may be given privileges:
– Previous customers that missed out on the last minis
– Attendees of Sessanta Berkeley that missed out
– The biggest of Primus fans
– People Marq went to school with 🙂

New batch of mini prints featuring An Understanding Between

It’s mini print season friends.
We have a fresh batch of mini screen prints that we are making available shop for the first time on 3/27 (that’s tomorrow at the time of post). You’ll need to be on our email newsletter to find out the drop times.

This run of mini screen prints features a 7″ x 7″ version of “An Understanding Between”, some other familiar friends and many never before seen images debuting. We look forward to sharing them with you, so that you can then be the first to share them with the world and give these characters life. Each mini will come in a diverse array of ink colorways on a plethora of fancy and not-so-fancy paper stocks. This first release of “An Understanding Between” mini prints will be packaged and sold with four other mystery minis. Packs and selections will be fully random.

There will be a few mini print pack releases from this new 2024 batch, so stay tuned for more chances to get your hands on these varied mini prints.