13 thoughts on “Widespread Panic – Tunes for Tots, Denver Poster

  1. D-Tron

    I would buy a ticket just to stand in line for this print. Well…it would be better if they were playing Worry while waiting in line, but you get the point… pretty pretty please release as an artist edition. It’s too good for just 200. The world needs more!

  2. C-Ham

    Howdy, might you please release some of these online? I won’t be able to attend the show, due to a strong fear that when they play Chilly Water, there will be baby bottle milk flying everywhere.

  3. Hightime

    …and he pulls yet another ace from his sleeve! Best TfT poster of all time. Thanks boys, you make a great team! Cheers

  4. D-tron

    Hmm I hear these were sold at mission in quantities of 2 per person. That’s bizarre for a 200 run. At least I base this off my friend who got shut out and chick on panic stream saying she left her poster tube w two Spusta’s on Jimmy’s side and wanted it returned lol

  5. Ramesh Raghuthaman

    Are you making this print available for sale online? For those of us who had to couch tour the show


    Great to see you back in action doing posters for shows again! Another beautiful uniquely Spusta creation. Have a great summer Marq and Gnomes! Keep up the good work. Inspirational!

  7. Pete Dunn

    I was at the show but they sold out too quick! Was hoping to bring one home for my 1yo daughter’s nursery – it was the first show I’ve seen since she was born! Please lmk if there are any more available. Thx & WSMFP!!!!


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