29 thoughts on “Up On In It

  1. Samantha Waldo

    The beauty of nature & it’s perfect web of sustaining all life. Each living thing not only does what it needs to survive…But It hosts other creatures with not much thought as to why. With a reached hand it offers its fruit because no life can make it alone. We are all friends in the deep depths of our mother. Take a rest “up on its” petals…sustain upon its nectar.

  2. Chris

    Can’t say I really like the dark paper selections you’ve been choosing lately. The colors are getting buried. The variants allow the colors to pop but I never manage to score one.

  3. Hightime

    Thanks Gnomes! smooth drop. would be super stoked if a variant of this beauty randomly made it into my life… cheers

  4. Hightime

    num! glorious golden goodness… love it. Thanks for all ya’ll do to keep us smiling! – cheers


    Marq-I hope you continue to make large run’s. I personally think every image should have a run of 500+ as everyone deserves a Spusta!


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