The Right On! Draw-A-Thon Lottery is now on. Buy some raffle tickets for the chance to get one of the last six drawings. All proceeds to benefit Campaign Zero (“We Can End Police Violence In America”) and National Bail Out (“Free Black Mamas!).

Come on over to Twitch.
We will update you on this poster when an auction or raffle is organized for today’s drawings.

So far we got these two on Ebay:
Eye Rise benefitting Minnesota Freedom Fund

Zenzo benefitting The Bail Project

3 thoughts on “Right On Draw-A-Thon

  1. Hightime

    Thanks for fighting the good fight Marq, as a person who spent the first 20 years of his life living in Minneapolis, and has unfortunately been a victim of heavy-handed police brutality out here on the west coast, I am especially appreciative of any and all efforts to bring awareness and justice through positive and constructive thinking and actions. I want to remind all the fine folks out there in Spustaland that it is ok to be angered and frustrated by these disgusting acts of violence and corruption that seem to just keep on happening. However I just wanna encourage everyone to follow Marq’s example, and transform all that anger and frustration into positive and peaceful solutions. All we need is love.cheers

  2. Hightime

    Wow! 13k? Great job Marq and Gnome-folk! Bummed I missed the announcement, but congrats to the lucky winners and cheers to Spusta Studio for the hefty donation to very worthy causes! peace


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