I have been getting many requests to purchase original drawings lately, and in turn have sold many of the drawings that were available. But I’ve also been able to pull together a nice variety of original art from over the years to offer up for sale here.

Update: Invoices have been sent to all selected customers. Lottery is officially over. Thanks for all the interest folks! It’s great to have my drawings appreciated this much.

Click on the image gallery to open a larger gallery viewer that contains a bit of info about each piece, and the asking price. I should note here that all my drawings have smudges, dings and residue of some kind, none of them are perfectly clean or mint.

I’m not sure how much demand there will be for each of these, at the prices listed, so to be fair we will randomly select customers.

Interested customers should comment on this post with the original they would like to purchase. If there are more than one you’d be interested in, go ahead and list your first, second and third choices. You can comment anonymously, just be sure to use your Paypal email address as that’s where the invoice will be sent. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping) Be prepared to pay for the art within 4 days of being invoiced. There won’t necessarily be a limit of 1 OG per person, but we will be looking to get them into as many different peoples’ hands as possible.

Customers will be invoiced over the next few days at complete random, but there may be a few instances where other factors could affect the selection process.

Please note it may take an extra week or so to get all these OGs shipped, as extra care will be put into each package. Our shipping gnomes are still working on getting all the orders from the last few weeks out, and we haven’t even touched these Panic LA posters yet, so please be patient with us.

Thanks for the interest in the art and allowing us to attempt this selling format. Now, would any of you like to purchase some of these originals?

212 thoughts on “Original Drawings for sale via lottery

  1. Jon Greco

    Hi Marq,

    Not only was I at Hardly Strictly … but, I said hi to you and the family. Would be proud to purchase this from you.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    (PS, did you ever find that unicorn piece for the Peace and Harmony work you did with sakroots?)


  2. petra

    1. swing
    2. lady in the woods

    i am trembling with excitement … thanks for that chance <3 (austria)

  3. Tara

    #8 and #21

    Thank you for releasing these. I love all your work and this is just the cherry on top! Thank you so so so so much! <3

  4. Tara

    #8 and #22

    Thank you for releasing these. I love all your work and this is just the cherry on top! Thank you so so so so much! <3

  5. Jake Zwerdlinger

    #1 – Stump and Mountain Goat
    #2 – Summer Swing
    #3 – Tasty Tears

    Thank you for the opportunity Marq!

  6. Jim LaFemina

    How awesome! Thanks for the opportunity Marq – I would absolutely love #15, second choice #9…..

  7. charles j robinson

    Oh my goodness !! #15 please!!!!

    Good luck everybody and awesome drop Marq! Thanks for the chance

  8. C. Daniels

    1) #13
    2) #4
    3) #3

    Also I’d like to nominate my mother for the giveaway. She’s a very hard working person who has devoted her life to her five children and five grandchildren. And I would just love to see the look on her face if she was to win something for all of her work over the past thirty four years.

  9. Zach

    I’ll try for #3 – Lil’ Squirts. Thanks Marq!

    (and # 17 for my wife) Great idea for Mother’s Day!

  10. Derek

    1) #16 – Squatch and eagle (SO COOL)
    2) #9 – Goat and Stump – Denver WSP 12
    3) # 3- Lil Squirts

    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  11. Rudy Brown

    Hi Marq, only thing im interested in is the SUMFRO original drawing that shit is the bees kneeeeeeees thank you so much for the opportunity!

  12. Ben

    You read my mind Marq the Mish Mush OG is too much for the wallet but id love that concept sketch! (#22). If i can not get that, i think that Squatch and Eagle (#16) would be pretty cool too! Thanks

  13. Harmony

    Hi, Marq! I would love the chance to purchase #13 or #14 to frame & hang in our new home. Thanks for the consideration. 🙂 ~H.

    1. Harmony

      Sorry, I was confuzzled! Since #13 & #14 are the same drawing, I would also like to toss my hat into the ring for #10. And I guess I have been out of the loop for too long, because I can’t figure out how to comment on the Mother’s Day drawing? Please consider. Thank you.

  14. Momma Ann Hollins

    1- #5 Tasty Tears
    2- #11 Lady of Lakes
    3- #13 Summer Swing

    Plus I am a momma so I would really love to add the #17 mother’s doodle to baby Quintons room!!!!! ♡♥♡♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥♥♡♥

    Much love to especially you Marq and gnomes!

    1. Michelle

      ahh… So sorry.. Comment is under the wrong email addy.. The reply is under the paypal addy.. Just in case ! 🙂

  15. Michelle

    So Sorry, Used wrong email …. If possible delete previous post ? 🙂

    #15 Charleston Panic since I missed out on that one..
    & or Mothers Day Doodle…

    Thank you !!

  16. Ashley Nagowski

    Red Hot Mama of 2 here would love love love a Mothers Day Spusta treat!!!! Thank you for the opportunity, best of luck to all the Mamas!! We all deserve it.

  17. Mike T.

    1) #8 DMB Sketch
    2) #22 Mish Mush (less pricey) OG
    3) #5 Tasty Tears OG

    Thanks for the opp’ty in the lottery.

  18. Jesse

    Great idea!!!!
    I would love a shot at these 3 please
    12 WSP
    15 WSP
    18 HSB

    Good luck Spusta freaks!

  19. ZU

    1. 10,000 Lady of the Lake!!!
    2. Sumfro og
    3. Charleston panic sketch
    4. lil squirts
    5. Denver Panic wood tour ’12 ram and stump fire
    6. Hitchhikers sketch

  20. Seth

    Wow!! These are all amazing and tough choices.

    #18 for me please – HSBG. That piece is stunning.
    Was definitely at the show. Got the prints and love the t-shirt.

    Thanks for the chance.

  21. Pete Magadini

    Hi Guys,
    Great Idea!
    I would really like #4
    It looks a little like my parents house and I’d frame it to give it to them. 🙂
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Amanda Poole

    Would love to have a chance at #9, the WSP wood tour concept, and #15!!!

    My husband only wants the tasty tears but I would love to give one of these to him as a gift!

    However, as much as I have been enjoying your art lately, I may keep it for myself, shhhh don’t tell him!!!!

  23. Ryan

    I would love #15 for my first choice and # 5 for my second choice. thanks for the Opportunity Marq!

  24. John K

    Would love to own any of those OG’s, but my top 3 would be as follows :

    #1 – Mish Mush Concept Sketch (not larger one)
    #2 – Yeti & Narwhals
    #3 – Widespread Panic Charleston 2008 Concept Sketch

    Thanks Marq!

  25. Brian Turner

    1. 9 (Wood Tour Ram)
    2. 13 (swinging)
    3. 15 (WSP Flappers)

    Marq thanks for doing something cool like this! Keep up the awesome work!


  26. Andrew Provencher

    I have ALWAYS wanted the UM OG
    my picks…
    1. #20 UM
    2. #4 Holestein House
    3. #9 Wood Tour Panic Ram
    great hump day lottery-thanks for the chance Marq!

  27. Hessel

    # 13
    # 8
    # 11
    # 15

    And I would like to nominate my foxy wife and mother of our beautiful children for # 17 !

  28. Mark Bender

    1.) Squatch and Eagle #16
    2.) Stumps and goat #9 (WSP 12′ Denver)
    3.) Mish Mush concept #22

    Many, many thanks marq!

  29. Nate

    OGs…Oh really. So many great ones and I’d be happy to own any one of them.

    Top 3
    #3 Lil’ Squirts
    #9 Concept for Denver Wood Tour Big Horn
    #22 Mish Mush Concept

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. Kevin Triplett

    9… Denver Wood Tour

    15… please and thank you!

    10. would be g NAR ly!!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity. Love your work so much!

  31. jake t from LA

    Hi, earlier I listed 15 as my number one… If I’m not kissed by the gods on that one then I’d be interested in 16 too. Both great prints and in my price range.


  32. Kym Carlisle


    1st choice – Hitchhikers Sketch
    2nd – Mish Mush Smaller Sketch
    3rd – Squatch & the Eagle

    Thanks for the chance at these beauties!


  33. John Brooks

    Wow is all I can saw!!!

    I would love the chance own one of these awesome drawings. My top 3 in order are

    1. WSP Charleston Early Sketch
    2. DMB Alpine Valley
    3. Sumfro

    Thanks and I hope I get that magic invoice in my Paypal soon!!!


    John Brooks

  34. Pat

    Great way to get original art into the hands of your fans Marq!

    #22 – mish mash sketch

    #15 – Widespread Panic Charleston

    #8 – DMB Alpine


  35. Beth

    I would love to be considered for the mommy’s day sketch. Love all your work! Thanks Marq and the gnomes!!! My son is your latest fan..he loves Eyeven!

  36. John M

    I’d like to withdraw my request for the swing #13
    So 1) #8 and 2) #4 sorry for the correction I just know there’s a lot of folks that really want this one badly.
    Once again, Thank you

  37. Leah zensen

    After not being able peel my eyes off these OGs, I must drop my name in the hat again.

    2nd choice #16
    3rd choice #9 Denver Wood

    Thanks again for this dreamy lottery!

  38. Bob

    I don’t see it, but I want the “Thank You Gnome” if it’s available! Else, I’m up for anything leftover.



  39. JCA

    12 Widespread Panic
    15 Widespread Panic
    20 Umphrey’s

    Thank you so much for this opportunity, man!
    Keep up the phenomenal work!

  40. Bob

    I’d go for any/all of the following

    07 – Hitchhiker
    11 – Lady of the Lakes
    17 – Mom free

    I don’t see it, but what I REALLY want is the “Thank You Gnome” OG if it’s available! Else, I’m up for anything leftover.



  41. Tanner

    1) #15 Panic Chucktown!

    2) #9 Ram (Panic Wood Tour Denver 12)

    3) #22 Mish Mush Concept Sketch

    This is awesome! THANKS so much for the opportunity…Big money, no whammies!!

  42. Gavin O'Donovan

    1. Summer Swing is a thing of beauty that would be forever cherished. (IMAGE 13)
    2. TASTY TEARZZ!!! This mini brings a tear to my eye every time I see it, simply magical. (IMAGE 5)
    3. Pro Hoop Oop – last but DEFINITELY not least, this painting would be a fantastic memory on my wall of Sonic Boom S.K. against the bulls 😉

    1. Gavin O'Donovan

      I guess I should elaborate on my options – any of these selections would be outstanding!! And as for the Pro Hoop Oop, I can elaborate further… Kemp on Rodman of course! You can see Rodman’s hair and number as well as Kemp’s hair and number in there…

  43. Dustin

    Hardest choices ever!

    1. #15 WSP Charleston concept
    2. #9 Stump & mountain goat
    3. The long shot… #13 summer swing!

  44. Ryan

    sweet Marq!

    #1pro hoop oop bulls celtics

    #2 tasty tears

    would love either one of these thanks for the opportunity!!

  45. Seth Rowley

    2.) Squatch and Eagle #163
    1.) Mish Mush concept #22
    3.) Stumps and goat #9 (WSP 12′ Denver)

    Thanks marq!

  46. Justin Hudson

    Loving even the chance Marq. Thanks!

    #1 – Summer Swing
    #2 – Stump and Mountain Goat
    #3 – Tasty Tears

  47. Cindy

    Would really love #5 Tasty Tears. Missed it at the shop when you had print up for sale. Would be willing to pay extra if there was any prints left to go with it. Would love it to make a long trip to Australia and hang on my wall!!! 🙂

  48. Jeff Kushmerick

    I’ll put it for these!

    1 – Stump & Goat (WSP Wood Tour art)
    2 – Mish Mush smaller sketch
    3 – Hitchhiker sketch

    Thanks Marq!


  49. Hunter

    Marq, Gnomes, Addicts and fellow panic lovers! God bless you all. Hope im not too late to receive an invoice or my chance to get my first OG! I’ve lost my father today, and words can’t express how family, friends, music, and all the little things are constant reminders of what life is about! I look at my 10 Spusta pieces on the wall everyday with a ear to ear grin! Keep it up good people!! Havnt had a chance to look at any of the pieces… Anything panic or bliss bug related would have a very happy home!! All the best, H

  50. Amber Kropelnicki

    # 17 is sadly the only one I can afford right now, my husband would flip out if he saw an OG of yours hanging.

  51. Jeremy Schreiber

    The person you want to own #6 is me. I coach basketball at a small college and this would be hanging in my office for life! Don’t know if I can afford it though. Oh, and it’s not Celtics/Bulls… It’s Sonics/Bulls in the1996 NBA Finals…. Nate McMillan throwing an OOP to Shawn Kemp over the blonde Dennis Rodman. Toni Kukoc on left and I’m guessing “The Greatest” on the right!!! Awesome series and fantastic drawing!!

  52. Alison

    Love #6 too. I was at that game…that season broke my little 12 year old heart. Life of a Seattle fan.

    Would love that or #13, as a surprise for my folks who have been a huge support for me this past year.

  53. Sandie

    I’d love to get one of these OG’s!

    #1 – Mish Mush sketch – the smaller/cheaper one
    #2 – Yeti & Narwhal
    #3 – Squatch & Eagle

    Thanks for the lotto Marq!

  54. Chad E Reed

    Thanks for this chance to own one of your original drawings!! Super excited (addicts get that way)!!:) I am a new collector of your art and truly appreciate you Marq and the Gnomes!! Have a great Mothers Day all of you Mothers out there!!

  55. Kmac

    Awesome HUMP DAY! I enjoyed just seeing all your og’s and sketches! Great Opportunity for everyone! Thank You!

  56. george D

    wow JUST wow!! that swing drawing is just….

    thought I had missed this y’day hope it’s still going but anyway

    1. #11 the lovely lake lady (I’m so in love w/ her always have been always will be!!!)

    2. #13 summer swing (dreaming big of the long shot)

    3. #4 the Holstein house

    …………….<3 lady of the lake <3 …………..
    :-p Many thanks for the chance at these; you rock!!!

  57. george D

    oh snap 🙁 really hope I wasn’t too slow gain congrats Austin on the swing!! your gonna love it!

  58. Larry Douglas

    Marq and Gnomes,

    I am not going to kiss up and I won’t give you a sad story.

    All I came here to say:

    “I would like to be considered for #13.”

    Thank you,



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