6 thoughts on “Observed

  1. Hightime

    So awesome… my fave of the newer 5x’s! Can we look forward to a full size edition, or perhaps some mini print packs soon? Fingers crossed. Cheers

  2. Teri Zakhir

    I absolutely love 💗 it although maybe a little less Bleau with like maybe a vibrant turquoise Tiffany blue or dark pink
    Just my opinion but still love the image anything with Owles and birds always a fave 🥰 thank you for asking and all your hard work

  3. Benjamin Burgett

    The imagery in these observed just
    absolutely speak to me! if I could ever be so lucky to get a visit from the gnomes I would be forever grateful.
    All the best from Colorado!

  4. AJ Fucile

    These Observed prints are awesome. I have a pair so far and can’t get over how beautiful they are. Thank you for sharing these!!! Beautiful xoxo


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