It’s mini print season friends.
We have a fresh batch of mini screen prints that we are making available shop for the first time on 3/27 (that’s tomorrow at the time of post). You’ll need to be on our email newsletter to find out the drop times.

This run of mini screen prints features a 7″ x 7″ version of “An Understanding Between”, some other familiar friends and many never before seen images debuting. We look forward to sharing them with you, so that you can then be the first to share them with the world and give these characters life. Each mini will come in a diverse array of ink colorways on a plethora of fancy and not-so-fancy paper stocks. This first release of “An Understanding Between” mini prints will be packaged and sold with four other mystery minis. Packs and selections will be fully random.

There will be a few mini print pack releases from this new 2024 batch, so stay tuned for more chances to get your hands on these varied mini prints.

36 thoughts on “New batch of mini prints featuring An Understanding Between

  1. Benjamin Rhule

    Would be so grateful for a pack 4years and running still never hit a lottery all my micros come from buying shirts would love a chance @ pack 🙏

  2. Hightime

    Love the new mini art! Didn’t get a “vinyl voyager” in my pack unfortunately, but I’m sure one will find a home here soon. Curious as to what is in the “traveler’s” glass, is that a butterflied shrimp on the rim? Awesome as always, thanks Marq and G-nomes! Cheers

  3. William Swenson

    Hope some more mini packs are released shortly. Great assortment of prints Marq! I’m missing a few though.

  4. Hightime

    No shortage of killer Primus posters out there for their current tour, but nobody does Primus like King Marq! So stoked to see another one (it’s been a minute) from the master! Cheers


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