44 thoughts on “March Madness Lottery Sales

  1. jeff holliday

    Liz Burn,
    I have a Bliss Bug, for you. If, you’d still like one. Not, trying to make a profit. I have an extra. Thought, I’d offer.

  2. a-train

    Oh how I hope my name is drawn. I have received a variant or two but never lucky enough to be picked for the lottery. Thanks marq for all your art and the excitement you bring to all of us Spusta fans.

  3. Katherine

    So excited for this!!! I love chances…especially to get some of these beauties 🙂
    Marq, did you send out an email about this? I know I joined your mailing list, but I have not gotten an email in a long time. Just wanted to check…
    Thank you!


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