72 thoughts on “Jerry Garcia Bicycle Day 2017 Print Editions

          1. AG

            Well don’t be so sure that you would’ve been #5, many of us were having that same issue and I think those posts with the addys were getting deleted.

            Ah well, what can you do. Not sure why I’m even typing this, it’ll probably just post my address….

  1. Jeff Mikoda

    I struck out during the on sales last week, was in a meeting all afternoon last Thursday. Love the print and just saw all this jazz. Would love any one of these beauties.

  2. Steven R Allen

    There once was a man from the city of Las Vegas
    A hotbed of buffets, shows and parlays
    But this Am he hoped for Old Man Garcia on a Bicycle today
    But Lady Luck left him for loser in an 80’s Cover Band who played synths
    And with that, all his chance at Jerry’s Absynthe
    He did love metallics especially red, gold and black
    He tried to eat but found all the Peanuts dusty and cracked
    Truth be told he hadn’t been a fan since from even way back
    When given them to him by others A Quiet Disposal was a lovely sight
    As was the dawn, the early stirrings of the desert sky, a vision he oft been found Gazing
    For it was the last bit of cool before the temps were blazing
    Drifting finally off to sleep he had such a fright- he was supposed to write a poem that night
    He could his Ma’s voice “You’re spusta do this and that, and spusta do it all right”
    Then he remembered, it was to be ’bout a man & his daughter from some place called Nantucket, Mass
    But even if he was from the 702 – The City of Sin & had dreamed to late for a shot at a print, this Pop & little girl were people with likely even bigger issues than he, a print he stayed up the night for

    “No Hate for Nantucket” – S.A.

  3. Jason meyers

    This will be a great addition to my beloved Jerry print collection!!!! Thank you for sharing your talents!!!!

  4. Daniel halfstep Horton

    I would Love a Jerome Garcia print please:) Any edition would be fine:) Thanks and Have a Grateful Day:) Garcia Later!!! Danny

  5. Jesse Goodman

    I LOVE this print. Fantastic work – THANK YOU! I bought a t-shirt and would love a print… assuming they are all gone now – but hey ho ya never know….


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