24 thoughts on “Bugday Humpday

  1. Brian

    Dang it, those went fast…. Super stoked to grab one of the Frisbee’s… Maybe you can drop a few more? I have class and keep missing the drops. Last weeks score was my first since the Smeezy Packs you coincidentally dropped during the 12/29 Phish set break… Ohh and btw, I LOVE THE CRYSTALLIZED FAZOOLI!! Thank you guys sooo much!

  2. Spusta Gnome Post author

    Hello, for those interested, we’re going to drop the other Mothamus & Bug(?) packs now. And by the way, Panic LA will not drop next Wednesday – that’s all we know at the moment.

  3. Zach

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!!! I hate that I missed the disc but love that I got some bug prints!!! Keep it coming!

  4. John C

    Any chance you may have one of these golf disc you made a while back? Wish I would have located one by now but if you have one to spare or could point me in the right direction for one it would be greatly appreciated?!

    Love the work, never seem to have enough cool Spusta stuff!


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