14 thoughts on “Trubbleflumpf

  1. Hightime

    Brilliant expression of the gathering darkness. Immediately brings to mind “the torture never stops.” one of my all time favorite Zappa tunes. Thanks Marq! – cheers

  2. MariannaL

    Had it in my cart and lost it in seconds. And oh the flippers already have them overpriced on eBay-BOOO! Here’s to the real GNOME lovers who will wait for the PM drop! Thank you Marq & Gnomes!

  3. HoppyBunny

    Got one in the cart both times today only to have it sell out while I was checking out.

    Guess the bots beat me to the punch both times. Is there not a way to implement a checkout system where once an item is in the cart, it is reserved for like 90 seconds?

    The current system is an emotional roller coaster.

    1. Ck

      I agree with this comment had one at both drops was logged in to PayPal Already Bam Sold Out, Within Seconds there on Fleabay, Has to be a way to stop the bots.

  4. ZU

    This could make for a cool series of fat bastard prints. The next one the little people could be having a rally. The next they could be rioting. Then one where they shot down the Pig


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