6 thoughts on “Widespread Panic – Oakland Poster

  1. david tolliver

    Marq, if you come across one of these in your studio and want it to have a good loving home, look no further my friend. Call me day or night. Thanks brother!

  2. Ipanic

    I would love to have one of these prints. Also not a snitch but how ever i am a member of (ACID).eu so i saw in a wsp poster group some one had a print of this on card board as test print not sure if it was yours and they had obtained it or what!!! Sorry to snitch

  3. Michael H.

    That is a Screen Printer from Athens GA, Leon Leathers. A Printer from RubySue Graphics, and a friend of Marq and Widespread Panic, which also prints directly for WSP Merchandise.

  4. Pate

    So is there anyway to get one of these? Goodlkngbear, let me get one of the 3 you have!! Pretty please?? Anyways love your work Marq thanks again!!


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