33 thoughts on “Widepspread Panic Chicago Theatre 2011 Poster

  1. Mike

    This print is awesome! I’m new to your work and really hoping to get this one and the Primus…keep up the good work!

  2. Kelly Fitzsimmons

    Wow! I’ve been waiting to buy the Primus print. Now I have to posters I’ve just got to have. Nice job MS 😀

  3. John C

    I know Marq usually does not recommend using ebay but someone has some from the show on there and must have bought a few cause there is a listing there for $ Buy it Now for $110 and they have two available and have sold two. I am sure Marq will have these for cheaper and it was a fairly large run.

  4. WanderingWonderer

    Fine, fine job capturing the feel of the theatre. Love this thing, so baddazz. Can hardly wait to hopefully get one with the added shamazz mattazz !

  5. Brad

    Job well done! Wasnt able to grab one during the run, but am scouring the message boards as we speak. Spent the last hour or so looking over your prints….AMAZED. Looking forward to the next one.

  6. case

    Hey Marq, thank you for the poster. I got lucky and actually won the lotto. Thanks also for the little something, I am having it framed as well for my buddy who went to the Panic shows with me. Casey in Madison, WI


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