25 thoughts on “Dead & Company – Sphere Poster

  1. Jonathan McKinnon

    Absolutely gorgeous. It made me imagine being one of the bears, being mesmerized! Would be elated to don this on my wall

  2. Todd Scheffel

    Hey Marq! Loved your dead and company poster! Are you going to be doing an artist release of these?

  3. Jeff Strother

    I dig all your art Marq, but this is one of my favorites of yours I’ve ever seen. Well done!

  4. Harry Hood

    Have these been dropped yet?

    Would love to get a shot at one…..add me to the list if there’s still a list to be added to 🙂

  5. Jennifer Khachigian

    I would love to get this poster. Please let me know if that’s at all possible and how l go about purchasing one. Please and thank you!


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