103 thoughts on “An Understanding Between

  1. Anthony

    I really hope I am lucky enough to own this print when it’s available. As a cat dad I need this print. Fantastic job as usual, Marq!

  2. Brian

    I would love to win this we are cat lovers and dog ones as well. We have a ragdoll cat named hunter and this would be awesome to win and Frame on the wall in are apartment

  3. Mitchell Seyfer

    I love my cat, and this one is absolutely brilliant!
    I’ve entered the main edition drop and will go for a variant, too.
    Thank you for your continued inspiration!
    You are a good man, Mr. Spusta!

  4. Kmac & Muffy

    Lovin’ the Bird & Pussycat! All the papers are sweet! Great Job Marq!!
    That BLACK is SICK! I was entering for that & time ran out! damn!
    Went for the lovely gold!! Good Luck Muff luvrs!

  5. Brahma Butler

    I was lucky enough to grab a Dirty Gold version of this. Absolutely one of my favorite prints in very long time. The cat is evil yet forgiving! Really great work on this one!


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