145 thoughts on “Murby’s Balls

  1. Adam W

    Thanks for the show this morning here on the East Coast! Especially on one of my favorites! Much love 🤙

  2. Skip Dargis

    Marq, I have acquired more than 30 Murby’s and continue to search for more. Still L[•]-[•]KING for some paper that has eluded me.

  3. Spusta Gnome

    Found a small stack of Murby’s and we are selling them in mini mystery packs in just a few minutes in the shop – I will also send a few invoices to those that comment on this comment.

      1. Joshua Gintz

        Way late but still looking for my first Murby if there are any packs left I would love to have one.

    1. Kelly & Josh

      Was cropping/editing some pics of your prints that I recently framed and got on the wall and ended up completely missing the packs- would love one if there are any left. Would also really love a ‘Smokestack’ print if any are still around, I wasn’t quick enough for those and have a personal rule about buying from flippers. Have the perfect place for it though! Some day… Thank you Marq! 🌀

    2. Jesus Santos

      Wow, this is a very clever way to do business, seems bot-resistant. Is the opportunity to snag a live over already?
      Thank you. Much love. 🤙🏼✌🏼🤘🏼🖖🏼❤️💛💚

    3. Brian Davis

      oooooh, this is the comment to comment on…..oh please gnometastic gnomes, might i have a taste of murb….i love him on my shirt. i need him on my wall. thank you!

    4. Ben

      I assume I’m way late on this, but would definitely take a Murby pack if any are available? All the best!

  4. Deb Kocan

    Please choose me! I’ve missed out on all the good stuff recently & need some nee Spooooosta in my life! Love you guys! ❤️🙏🏼

  5. Ray Hanshew

    Would absolutely love another opportunity, missed the shop drop. Either way, thank you for the chance and thank you for all you guys do.

  6. Jason Dillon

    Missed out on this mornings drop in the shop. Hoping for a Murphy invoice 🙂 thanks Marq!

  7. Hightime

    Can’t believe I missed this. Heartbroken… would absolutely love an invoice, especially if was a refunded flipper pack😳

  8. Kathryn Chilcote

    Ooh I would really like to get one of these fun little guy. Hope I get picked this time! Thank you!

  9. Lilly Stone

    I was taking the dog for a mile walk and missed the drop. if any are still available I am your huckleberry!!!

  10. Brian Kyle

    I’ve really been wanting a Murby.
    I picked a terrible time to not be on my phone.
    Just missed it.
    Hopefully luck will be a lady tonight.

  11. Brian Davis

    Oh man, I hope I’m not too late too the party my gnomey gnome gnomes down in So-Gnoma!

    anything….i’ll be thrilled with anything. even the micro-ist of micros. :). thank you!

  12. Jonathan Horne

    Trying to grow my collections me would be epic to add a Murbs!! Please consider this Spusta junky!

  13. Chip Forte

    It kills me I missed this! I love Murby, green hair on Smeezy teal is one of my all-time favorite prints! But they’re all incredible! And I always miss the Gnome too! Please show you have my email! Thanks a million to Marq and the Gnomes for continued quality, beautiful prints and generous offers and frequent surprises that we all enjoy so much!

  14. emek

    i am pretty sure the two balls to the far right are Russ Hams, they cant be morals, his lips salivating over EMEK and the next release

  15. John M

    I’m way late, but maybe there’s a chance for a pack a gnomes may have left!?!? Please and thank you!

  16. Paul Gourdeau

    Are there any stragglers left?! Sending good vibes to the best gnomes out there! Much love!

  17. Melanie mudroch

    Hello any leftovers for the late party goers ? Woodstock leftovers possibly?
    You guys rock!

  18. Molly Ginger

    Any packs left over from the art show? Would love to get in on that! WV is too far of a hike :). Thanks for your hard work!

  19. Michael Lombardi

    Murby desperately needs to join my pack! He is lost without us! Send Murby home, please!


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