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  1. Spusta Gnome

    We got a very small amount of A Fine Sit Mini Mystery Packs.

    Make a comment on this comment to express interest in a pack – we will send out a few random invoices.

    A Fine Sit Mystery Packs includes

    • “A Fine Sit” 5″ x 7″ signed mini screen print variety.
    • Mystery 7″ x 7″ signed mini screen print variety.
    • Mystery 4″ x 4″ mini print variety.
    • Mystery micro mini print variety.

    $62 + Shipping

    There are a wide variety of colorways and paper stocks for each mini print design. The paper can range from weird colors to reflective foils, each pack is a random assortment of mystery prints included with a variety of A Fine Sit. Sorry, no requests or exchanges will be accepted.

    Limit of one pack per customer!

    1. Felix Nau

      I would love a fine sit mystery, a good mystery always goes down in history, thank you so much for the chance and for promoting awesome art for us to enjoy !!!

  2. Mike Werley

    First day back in the office, and this place could use some Spusta! Would love a Fine Sit pack, if they’re still available. Thanks, Marq and Gnome!

  3. Brandon Ambrose

    I would absolutely love a chance. Especially since I sit in my chair all day talking to patients.

  4. Rachel M.

    It would be amazing to score a mystery pack. I don’t have this print yet, and I absolutely love it! Thank you for all the fantastic work you do!

  5. Dylan

    Not sure if it’s too late, but it’s never too late to try!!!

    I would very much enjoy a pack!! 🙂

  6. Benjamin Burgett

    late night at the laundromat I know I’m late to the fun Marqsp but I would love to have my first pack sometime.

  7. David Smith

    I’m going to have a fine sit right now & put good vibes towards a fine sit pack. Please & thank you!

  8. Jay M.

    Figures that I am late to the party as well, but the opportunity is always appreciated. Congrats to those that scored!


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