Lottery is Over – Thanks for entering. We obviously had a lot of entries for how many prints were available.

This is the lottery to enter your name for a chance to purchase a limited edition Widespread Panic – Atlanta Fox poster. We have a few versions being made available here, with decent stack of the copper Artist Editions to be released on Wednesday (8/31/22) in our shop a few minutes after 1:30 pm pst. The Grape Goo and Rose editions will only be sold through this lottery.

The three versions available here are:
Artist Edition of 100 on copper for $150 + shipping (about 40 picked for the lottery and the rest will be shop dropped)
Grape Goo Edition of 22 for $250 + shipping
Rose Edition of 13 for $250 + shipping

To enter this purchasing selection lottery for a Widespread Panic Poster, just reply to this post with a comment that picks one edition/version to enter for.

– Again, pick just one poster to shoot for, AE/Copper, Grape Goo or Rose. You likely won’t be picked if you don’t make a choice. Don’t send emails/DMs, just comment on this post.

-Only comment once please and it can be advantageous to use an email already connected with our shop. To be honest, we will be making sure a few long time Panic/Spusta collectors get some of these invoices. Please note the prices will have $20 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start being emailed right away. We may send some straggler invoices in the days following the shop drop as well.

Artist Edition of 100 on copper
the color changing Grape Goo Edition of 22
Rose Edition of 13

1,067 thoughts on “Widespread Panic – ATL Fox Poster Purchasing Lottery

    1. Stroke

      AE copper please Thanks for the chance to get 1 / I’m feeling lucky/ glad you made the napa shows I streamed with friends all weekend

    2. Joshua Smith

      Copper as first choice. Back up choice either Grape or Rose! LOVE LOVE LOVE this poster for artwork in our kids room. Start ’em off young!

  1. Haley A

    Would love the Grape Goo if available. My boyfriend proposed to me in front of The Fox before the Saturday show on 8/13, and I would love to give him this print to put in our house as a reminder of this special day and incredible run! Thanks in advance for the opportunity!

  2. Alan

    Would love an AR/copper please.

    Thanks for the chance and for taking always doing what you can to take care of your fans!

  3. Anthony Barela

    Thanks again for the chance to get some of your art! I would be super happy if I was picked for the Grape Goo print. Thanks!

  4. Beverly Patera

    It is so hard to choose just one, but that AE/Copper is beautiful! I’d love the opportunity to have this hanging in our home, a wonderful collaboration between my two favs – WSP and Spusta. Fingers crossed!

  5. Adi Gazit

    I know it is a long shot, but if I’m fortunate enough to be picked, I would like to purchase the Grape variant.

    Thank you and good luck to everyone.

  6. Jeff stamps

    I’ve missed out on every lottery and drop for the last year sure hoping to catch one soon 😬😬😬😬


    I’m gonna shoot my shot at the grape goo! Love the artwork on this one! So much to get lost in! Thank you Marq and Gnomes!

  8. Matt Southerland

    Copper please! This was my girlfriends first show after me yapping her ear off for years about Panic! No chance on the Goo, so maybe I’ll have better luck with Copper!

  9. A.J.

    As much as I love Grape Goo, I’m gonna have to enter for Copper (main edition). Thanks Marq! Fingers crossed, been a minute since I’ve been able to score anything from you.

  10. Blan Newcomb

    AE/Copper Pleas, beautiful work to honor a beautiful venue, thank you for making the effort to give fans an opportunity!!

  11. Devin Wayner

    Grape Goo Please! Long time Panic freak and Marq Spusta collector. Went to two of these shows and they were amazing. Was unable to get the incredible beautiful poster..hoping i can land one here. Either way, just know you are appreciated for your incredible work.

  12. wiliam wynes

    A Grape Goo would look incredible on our wall! Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to collect more of your incredible work!!

  13. Cherri Onopa

    I would be grateful for the opportunity for any edition available. I’d be happy with a scratch and dent if that helps!! They are amazing! And the shows were so fun to be a part of! That Bird Song!! ❤️

  14. Haney

    Grape Goo please! I was fortunate to be able to catch the first night of this run and to be in Napa as well. Thanks as always Marq!

  15. Ryan Grolemund

    Attended these shows and they were incredible! The poster is real nice Marq! Would love a grape goo! Thanks!

  16. Todd Stotts

    Great to see you on Sunday in Napa!
    Grape Goo pleas………..I love the absolute heck out of that paper color, and it reallly really matches this print! Also those ATL shows were legendary, and those birds, and the whole bird theme on Saturday especially, with a 13 minute Bird Song……….nailed it as always Marq! Thanks for all y’all do!

  17. Stroke

    AE copper/ glad you made it out to see the boys in napa this weekend/ I streamed all weekend while eating steamed crabs and drinking beer with my Baltimore WSP tour family/ love this poster and can’t wait for 3 nights at mgm which is only an hour away from homebase / Peace and keep up the beautiful artwork

  18. John Labozza

    Copper would be just fine. Some element!
    Thanks for the opportunity! We could use a copy in NY!
    All the best,

  19. Paul Miles

    Copper please!
    It would be as close to a “match” as I can find for my framed 2008 Charleston/Panic rust. Excited and thankful for the opportunity.

  20. Shaun Mahoney

    I would love a chance at a AE/copper. I love the copper paper and have tons of your prints on that paper.

    Thank you.

  21. Jordan Myers

    I would love the artist edition!! Was lucky enough to attend the shows, but lining up proved a fail for the print!

    Love y’all,


  22. Mitchell Seyfer

    I love grapes. PInot Noir, and Grape jelly on peanut butter and whole wheat toast.
    So, a Grape Goo of/22 would be EPIC! Widespread Panic Rules!
    Thanks for another chance. Peace and Love, my friends.

  23. Natty

    Hey Marq & Gnomes!

    One Copper please!

    Remember the Dragnet movie? And the music video?!
    “ Well, excuse me COPPER, Mr. Crimestopper
    What is wrong with what we’re doing?
    We just like to dance in our goatskin pants
    Around this ancient ruin”

  24. Katy Masters

    Rose or Grape Goo!!

    May the luck be in my favor this time, 51 in line and then waited the second day for only 40 to be sold. Amazing art!!

  25. Joe D.

    AE Copper pretty please!
    I’d be a long term panic collector if I ever was picked for these! All of mine have come from shows 😬

  26. Bailey Blacklidge

    I would love the opportunity for a Rose edition. August 12th was my birthday, and Marq is my favorite artist and also a great person!!

  27. Bryant Bowen

    We would love to frame a grape goo to commemorate our wonderful live show experience for our best show attended post Mikey.

    Thanks for the opportunity these are great

  28. Nick Krause

    I would love to have a chance to purchase a grape goo. Thanks for the opportunity!! Great looking print.

  29. Chris Rook

    Grape Goo pleas 😻😻😻 you’re the only big panic name I haven’t been able to score a print from 😻😻😻

  30. Mike Manley

    I’d love a shot at the Copper!! This is my second chance at this print!! I was there only for Mikey’s day … flew out the next morning to Florida and lost it on the plane 😞
    Cheers to an amazing print and artist

  31. Caroline Dunn

    Sickest poster I have ever seen 😮‍💨 fingers crossed for a rose!! I already have a frame picked out 🤞

  32. Secia

    “I don’t know, it must have been the roses
    The roses or the ribbons in her long brown hair
    I don’t know, maybe it was the roses
    All I know, I could not leave her there” 🌹

    Thank you Marq!