We have just started to broadcast on Twitch, let’s see where it goes.

Our first real video ended up being 3 hours of drawing, and some those drawings will be sold in a lottery format tomorrow (5/27/2020). Wait for the new post here to express interest. Follow us on Twitch, and watch our social medias for when we might go live next.

Watch Doodling Memorial Day Eve from spustam on www.twitch.tv

48 thoughts on “Spusta on Twitch

  1. Tony N.

    Can’t wait to hear a good soundtrack and watch some magic happen!! Fingers crossed for my first og spusta!!

  2. Josh Villarreal

    Super stoked! Always appreciate the opportunity to watch you do your thing and maybe get some new stuff!

  3. Jason Allind

    Would love my first spusta OG, would go straight to the framer. Thanks for the opportunity to own more of your love.

  4. M Bogdan

    Yes, I finally was able to catch one of these! I would love an opportunity to add to my collection. Thanks for the good vibes!!

  5. devin wayner

    love what you are doing.. and would love a chance at my first original spusta! either way, thank you.

  6. Chris Jewel

    Thanks for sharing you drawing! Means a lot to us! We appreciate you taking the time to set up and film it! Also the quality is a million times better on twitch!

    Cheers Marq!

    1. Ethan Engdahl

      Always amazing. I’m not always awake in the middle of the night and appreciate the recording!

  7. Bryant Bowen

    Very unique and creative way to get art to the fans. Would love a chance at this Awesomeness . Thanks!

  8. Dafe Morin

    Thanks, that was a ton of fun. I feel like I have so much more insights into your creations after watching you create!

  9. John

    That was really cool to see the images being created. It was almost like magic. The seahorse and jellyfish was by favorite, but I loved all of them. Thanks for letting us see the process.

  10. Erik

    This has been great Marq! The Twitch feed is a to smoother and better overall experience (hopefully for you too).
    Much love!

  11. Michael Martin

    Every single drawing last night was Fire!!!! Would be happy to own any of them. Thx Marq for doing these live videos, they are lots O’ Fun. Peace, Love, & Happiness

  12. Alan

    Wish I could stay up for the live doodling but watching the video is amazing! Thanks again for doing this and sharing with us all!

  13. Kmac

    Wow! Amazing sketches!!! N Equally stellar play list! Sucks I missed it! Busy playing nurse!!! Sending much love to u & everyone! Good luck Spusta lovers on those friggin’ awesome drawings! Stay safe n healthy!

  14. Mike Verba

    Thank you for showing us how you do what you do! I would love to purchase any of them! Thank you! Mike

  15. Brian Will

    So much fun to see these come together out of your imagination🙃. The twitch video quality is amazing.

  16. Chip Forte

    Great tunes to go with incredible drawings last night! The Miles Davis was the greatest! My favorite is the blue guy under the sea! Thanks for the glance behind the curtain! I’d love to have one of those drawings to walk past and smile everyday! Thanks again for all you do, Marq and Gnomes (particularly #11)!!!

  17. John C

    I hope Darvoid gets to post a selection if they are interested. That was a nice call on the tunes Marq was playing. Welcome to the club!

  18. Mitchell Seyfer

    Sorry I missed this yesterday. Great doodles. I still scored a “Still in this together” shirt and a couple nice “On the mound” variants today. Much love to you, oh kindred spirit. I also dig that we have the same initials!


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