Let’s continue spreading the love to a lucky few in this purchasing lottery. There are a bunch of things posted below in this lottery, each interested customer can put their name in the hat for one item….we will start picking some customers as early as 5 hours after this post goes live.

Please follow the instructions below if you’re interested in the possibility of being randomly selected to receive an invoice for one of the pieces listed. Please note everything in here is quite small, or “mini”. All the mini screen prints are 5″ x 5″, 5″ x 7″ or 7″ x 7″ and some are over 10 years old and on discontinued papers and some do have slight corner dings. Oh, and they were all embellished with pencils, markers and pens by Marq live on the Spusta Studio Twitch channel.

To enter this purchasing selection lottery, just comment on this post with which ONE Item you want to try for.

• Also, in your comment, please tell us something you love that’s kind of unique or off the wall, it can be anything…these answers may help you be picked.

Only comment once please and it’s advantageous to use an email connected with our shop. Please note the prices will have $16 added in Priority shipping domestically, California sales tax and international shipping charges will apply. Invoices will start going out tonight and tomorrow.

(Note: There has been some secret info given to those that watched these prints get embellished live. That “secret”, if used correctly, will make it the odds greater for Twitch watchers to be selected than those that didn’t see a particular print get embellished. Many customers will likely be selected that don’t know what the hell the secret info is…but the chances are weighed in Twitch watchers favor somewhat. There are a few packages at the end that were not drawn on Twitch and have no insider secrets on (V-Z). Sorry to confuse….just messing around and giving those that fell in love watching an embellishment a slight advantage.)

S. Celebrate, Red Edition of only 4, 8″ x 10″ , – $450

760 thoughts on “Spreadin’ Mini Love Purchasing Lottery

    1. Ryan Palko

      U – thought pets please

      I love to cook good food for friends and family. It brings a sparkle to my eye when someone enjoys what I create.

    2. Jonathon Gilbert

      Mystery Pack Z for me please! Not to be a corndog but, I love my wife and she’s not only unique, but off the wall too! (And a mean cook to boot)

      1. Kimberly Summers

        Did you know that in his teens, Jimi Hendrix sketched car designs and sent them to the Ford Motor Company? I love snuggling up to my soft golden retriever.

      1. Lea Medders

        I’d love a shot at O – Toatums.

        When I was in grade school I was chasing my brother around the house with a pencil in my sleeve and fell. My chin landed on the sharp end of the pencil and the tip broke off in my chin. My parents rushed me to the ER and they dug around in there trying unsuccessfully to retrieve the tip. So, to this day there’s still a peice of graphite in my chin and I can roll it around.

    3. Shannon L

      Q, please.
      The bliss bug is so dope, and I can’t wait to see it in the soft light of my lava lamp. I love Cuddling up with my Lil’ homie, Lennon after a hard day on the trail. He weighs 35 lbs now, and is only 2.5. Carrying him in the backpack is quite a workout. How lucky is he to be able to see all these beautiful mountains on a regular basis.

    4. Tad Hunt

      I would like M please. This is actually a gift for a friend of mine. He loves your stuff. He is a good dude and he would keep anything that he got. He is not interested in reselling. Anyways, thanks for doing this.

  1. David Penny

    I love spending time running in the mountains. Away from the troubles of this world.

    Entering for a mystery pack Z

    1. Matthew Gino

      Hoping for C exposing an elder. I love the sound of the wind in the trees, especially fruity trees. The sound one makes when walking a path made of very small rocks or pebbles is also very pleasing. Cheers!

  2. John McDonald

    I realllly want to try for the thought pets!!! I love all of the recent prints, by the way, especially the most recent addition.. Light Purple Shimmer Maurice!! Thanks MarQ!! – Petsounds out –

      1. Kmac

        Shinin’ like a sparkle
        Sparkle like I shine 💎
        I really would Luv to make U. THOUGHT PETS mine! What makes my heart happy right now … I LOVE the sound of laughter!💝😘
        Hi Marq!! Sending Hugs!

  3. Tyler Domski


    There’s nothing I love more than fruity flavors. Whether it be those fruity pebbles or the delectable fruity skittles, I am all about tasting that rainbow. YUM IN ALL COLORS

    1. Kyle K

      Print M please.

      We have dogs who are very vocal, they’re incredibly chatty, chatty, chatty and are always talking to us.

  4. Dustin Edwards

    I had the craziest dream last night. It seemed so real or surreal at the time. I was walking along the river with chatty Toots and he told me Marq will drop me A Line in the Water for the wall. I woke up today and I’m here trying to figure out what it all means. Any help Marq?

      1. Adrianne Bowen

        I enjoy catching up with friends when I see them around at place but my husband hates to be with me when it happens because he says I get too chatty and that he is rest to go.

  5. Shawn Mooney

    X marqs the spot. I have the patience that hopefully, this Morel mushroom foraging season is great for my 4 year old and I to spend hours walking in the woods. We both love it!

    1. Joshua N.

      Hope I didn’t totally mess up my chance, BUT I was in such awe with the Bask, my head was sideways, when looking at the sticky note letter I, thus thinking it was H. Can’t find an “edit” post button and just HOPE this helps.

      1. Dianna

        I would be grateful for an opportunity to purchase painting I. Bask Boost. And to share something I love, I love this neon mossy wall behind my house that’s gotten greener this week with all the glorious rain. Thanks Marq!

    2. Andy Freeberg

      I am humbly submitting my request for item G (Seven Birds)

      One thing I truly love and cherish is the opportunity and ability to frame artwork like yours for all the collectors and friends I have made through this community. It is humbling to have the respect and trust of so many and it fills me with great joy. I love selecting wood, choosing matboards and collaborating with my clients to put something they treasure onto their walls for many years to come. I love how my clients turn into my friends and the feeling I get when I send something I made by hand home to them is overwhelming and enlightening. It is an honor to be in the position I am in to be able to collect and frame the artwork I enjoy so much, but it is the people I get to work with and create for who I really love. Thank you for the opportunity and more so how your artwork brings us all together!

      1. Joshua N.

        Andy – Hey man! You probably want to resubmit your request under the general comment section and not as a reply to my post. I DON’T THINK they’d be looking for entries in the sub-comments.

  6. Jonathon Oswalt

    I’d love option T. I also love music…as a matter of fact, I’m in the mood for some Otis. Or maybe some Willie…ol’ Red May hit the spot. Thanks for everything!

  7. Anthony Barela


    I love your DMB prints and they make me think of my favorite song Jimi Thing. Thanks for all your awesome work!

  8. Joel Torres

    (U). .. I really hope that humanity gets back to normal so we can all get back together and enjoy each other and have laughs and drinks and I can see the sparkle in your eyes when I tell you I Love Marq Spusta !!

  9. Matty Ras

    Pack A
    Sitting from the comfort of my home while staring at trees when it’s zero degrees, owls are hooting, and a midnight sky painting the background perfectly; that’s what I love.

    1. Sean Hazell

      L Please.

      So we decided to fry a bunch of food for the big game last weekend and while it was mostly delicious there were a few questionable outcomes… just remember if you are going to deep fry a hot pocket there is a good possibility the outside will be tongue blistering lava hot but the inside icy cold.

      Also, I’ve got some burning desire for a swing and would love to get one on the wall!

  10. Kyle Fischer

    Entering for Z! I’m a chef in training so something i really love is the feeling I get when someone says how delicious something I made is without knowing it was me who made it(

  11. Andrew

    Since I can remember, I have loved animals that can soar through the air. If I were to be reincarnated, I’d love to be a bird of some sort. A night bird. But, unfortunately, I am out of shape and have these man boobs. Oh well, whaddaya do. So, I’ll just continue to dream.

  12. William Price

    #z please!

    After a year of never knowing what’s next I say keep the surprises coming, at least a Spusta surprise is always a good one! Thanks for all you’ve done this year through Twitch and keeping us all entertained!

  13. Moe horton

    I love that I try to get the match to my husband’s swing for the last 4 years but don’t give up. Pack L please.

  14. Danny


    I love and miss working at the local soup kitchen. Only made it 6 times prior to lockdown. Homeless ppl need and deserve the help.

  15. Andrew Spicher

    Pack B, please:
    This print speaks to me – thank you James taylor and the isley brothers –

    Oh I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain
    I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end
    I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
    Oh but I always thought that I’d see you again

    this image reminds me of seeing “you” again.

  16. Dan Michael

    I would love to be entered for U thought pets! I love hanging out with my son and looking at our prints together, its truly amazing. It brings a real sparkle to his eye when new ones artive

  17. Michelle smith

    Spreadin The Love is my choice… the mystery of the unknown adds spice to the possibility of being able to obtain an older print….

  18. William Swenson

    B. A Couple of Birds In The Rain
    I love my family for helping me start a homestead.
    Lots of animals, gardening and listening to the Isley Brothers.
    Couldn’t ask for much more out of life.
    Thanks for the opportunity Marq!

  19. Steven Rice

    M- Line In The Water

    I love getting a proper night’s sleep, but my neighbors were being super chatty last night!!

  20. Dave C

    I would love Q the Bliss bug. Every year I enjoy camping in the middle of nowhere and hiking as many mountains as possible. Thanks for the chance🦋👐

  21. Hope

    I ♥️ Patiently perched bc it reminds me of my daughters.
    My oldest loves to pretend she’s jumping over hot lava on Sundays✨

    Thank you!

  22. Larry Dawson

    Entering for C…

    I love waking up early, before the sun comes up and the house and life gets crazy. It’s quiet, peaceful and there is a sense of energy and excitement for the coming day.


    Who doesn’t love a complete mystery?! Pack Z would be amazing.

    Off the wall: so I’ve recently gotten into widdling. It’s fun and I enjoy it, and can do it in my office while I work from home. New hobbies are great!

  24. Marcus Horton

    Pack L spring swing is my choice, I’d say something off the wall would be the way my wife and I ended up… long story short I moved far away while we were dating. Came back to visit seen her and the next chapter began. Now here we are 11 yrs happily married. LAVA!

  25. Dana Marver

    Y Just like the return of Live Music and if certain venues will survive, it is a Mystery as to When live music returns and to what venues. God I hope it is sooner than later.

  26. Joshua B

    I love watching you on twitch and chatting with everyone in this wonderful community! I’m gonna have to go for (Y) mystery pack. Because I also love a good mystery! Thanks!

  27. Jason Dickson

    P. Bloomjangles please. I love the look my wife gives me when its supposed to be date night and Spusta comes on Twitch.

  28. David M. Smith


    Then I can push the hopping trail further down the wall. Not off the wall, down the wall.

    thanks for the chance. You guys rock. Its no secret.

  29. Justin Reppeto

    Pack L please
    This image reminds me of my girls on the playground,swinging to the stars & playing the game the ground is made of hot lava.
    Thanks for the chance!

  30. Christopher J Torgerson

    “U” Thought Pets …One thing that I really love and look forward to are the changing of the seasons. It’s been a long winter and I am really looking forward to that sparkle of the first warm day after a long cold dreary winter. My dog is really looking forward to that day as well.:)

  31. Raymond Ahrendt


    I love that moment when you look around you and notice everyone is on the same page as you. Then the band yank the rug from under ya and everyone is kinda standin kinda dancin tryin to catch up to the changes when all of a sudden wham, they drop back in for everyone and then whabam! Thanks Trey.

    I also love little baby ducks and old pick up trucks and spusta prints on wednesday. Thanks mate.

  32. Matt Schreiber

    Hey Marq,

    I love the SPARKLE on my two sons eyes. Although they might act like a couple of pets sometimes, I love them very much!

    Watching you at your craft is for sure in my top 5 “loves”!

    Thanks for all you do!!


  33. Dave T

    L would be really amazing right now! The print selection and a dose as well. That’s been a long time since I’ve taken a trip.

  34. Dan Pegues

    Would love package L. I love hanging out with the kiddo! He just watched The Land Before Time for the first time and was making his toy dinosaurs jump over all the lava pits. Kids got an imagination!

    1. Jonathan Brennan

      pack U

      I love my family and friends! Marq, I would never doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion! Thanks for the chance!

  35. Nicole Maggio

    T. Horned Little Fury Thing
    I love my husband. When he grows out his beard there is so much red in it I like to call him Ginger.

    1. Ryan Satterwhite


      My 4 cats go on walks with my dog and I in a Suburban neighborhood….I love it but my neighbor’s probably think it’s a little strange and call me Dr. Dolittle! 🤣😄

      Good Vibes

  36. Keith B

    J. Mini Mothamus, 7″ x 7″ – $420

    What a trip that Saturday night with Mothamus; I really loved spending that time in never never land of my brain! I was able to Get Up With It to levels of psychedelic waking dreams I never thought was possible with Miles, Mary Jane, and you Marq. I really love tripping out late nights.

  37. George Rainey

    Marq and Gnomes I would love to have the chance at print U Thought Pets, I just love the sparkle in a person’s eye when I tell them how beautiful their puppies are, thanks for the chance!!!

  38. Erin Benedictson

    The other night I took my son to go get froyo for the first time. While he’s enjoyed frozen treats in the past That’s the first time where he’s been able to pick something and completely customize it. It turned out all colors of the rainbow a lot like this picture. He is hooked. Me, I have a personal attachment to orange sherbet as it throws me back to my childhood. I am a creature of comfort.

  39. Vicky Herrick

    The thing I love that’s off the wall is to lie dreaming of a lava-hot Large Swing ON my wall. Happy Valentine’s Day, Marq!

  40. J. Hawthorne

    Z Please

    I’ve absolutely loved the amount of time at home which I’ve been allowed the past year. Usually have the M-F grind at my job but it’s changed to long three day shifts since the world has turned sideways. Having four days off at home has given me the opportunity to spend time with my wife and our new addition Theo. Getting to see the moments and milestones which I may have missed being at work has been a wildly gratifying experience.


    T Horned Furry Thing.

    I love the lottery
    If I don’t win I’m dead
    I watched twitch the other day
    Otis the Red.

  42. AMSx2

    Pack R

    It’s a good saturday night when Andy and I can catch a squatchy vibes on lavender( i hope that’s the right paper!)

  43. Tyler Pageler

    I would like Y please! I love the way a red rose smells. I love the way the snow has a sparkle on a cold winter day. I love to party on the dock of the bay with my old friend Otis. Love your work and thank you for making 2020 bearable!

  44. JB

    Jeez, way to make this choice tough as all get out. So many incredible choices.

    B – Have to go with my all-time favorite mini, A Couple Of Birds In The Rain. Probably a silly choice as I did not watch the Twitch Stream, but sometimes you’ve just gotta take a chance.

    Seeing this mini tonight makes me miss summer nights camping in my hammock listening to the rain drum down on my portable man cave. It’s hypnotic and strangely peaceful.

  45. John Wise

    Z. Total Mystery Package for $200. Because everyone loves a Spusta mystery. And I love the anticipation of the possibility of getting a chance to have the opportunity to potentially purchase said mystery pack. Peace and love, Johnny.

  46. Athena S

    Print E
    This print reminds me of snuggles with my dog late at night, almost midnight every night he demands them. It’s the thing that makes him a loyal pet.

    P.S my PayPal email is different than the one i posted

  47. Shaun Mahoney

    D would work for Me!!
    Doctor said i need to loose some weight, I have lost about 30lbs….Manboobs be gone!!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  48. Ben Heilberg

    Welp I have to go for the pack H Tweek. Honestly so cliche for this giveaway but I LOVE TWEEEK and Primus and Psychedelic Viking Rock 🤪🤪🤪

  49. Amy Ruud

    Y. Spreadin’ The Love Mystery Mini Pack please!
    I love keeping old flowers that I hang upside to dry out and then I put them in old bottles or sometimes hang them on the wall. When I started dating my girlfriend, she asked why I had dead flowers all over my apartment. I told her each one has a story behind it, each one contains a memory that I get to remember even though the moment has passed. The one on the kitchen counter, in the Faygo Red Pop (my favorite childhood soda) glass bottle was the one she gave me on our 3rd date. Its weird, but its special, and I think she gets it now. Maybe. But regardless, I like it.
    Thanks for spreading the love Marq! Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  50. Jon Schneider

    Option U please! it reminds me a bit of taking my new pup Moose for a when it snows, like it is tonight! something about the sparkle of that fresh white powder on the ground makes it feel warm even though it’s freezing. Love that feeling.

  51. Jerrod Aragon

    C. Please
    I love Taylor Swift, and I’m proud of it! She’s beautiful, yes, but I love her music and how she carries herself. I went and saw her live at Cheyenne Frontier Days when she was still country.
    Thank you for the opportunity!! Peace.

  52. Clark Brossy

    Pack Z please. I love my new fake tooth dental implant I just got today. Oh and a shoutout to my family and my cat ❤️

  53. John

    I would love a y as much as love a walk in the Alaskan wilderness, searching for firewood to keep my lady and animal friends warm

  54. Brian Krol

    I would like to enter for Pack Z.

    I love zoning out listening to music, just a great escape from daily life. It doesn’t get any better.

    Thank you for the chance!

  55. Chris King

    W please. Some things I love are Old Bay seasoning (on pretty much everything) and watching skateboard videos on Youtube. Thanks for the chance. Everything is killer.

  56. James Berger

    L – Rust Spring Swing please. I am an Electronics Engineer and have a passion for vintage electronics. I love saving, fixing and restoring old computers, game systems, toys, lava lamps, and anything from the 70’s and 80’s. Lately my passion is large obscene boomboxes. The larger the better. They always get lots of attention when I take them out in public.

  57. Devin Wayner

    Would love L.. not that kinda L.. well yeah that kinda L as well, but the swing.. been wanting her for a long time. Love everything about it. So about me..hmmm, well just recently i figured out a way to potentially save a ton of money and allow for my art habit – hard core intermittent dieting. One meal a day. My plan is to do it for 10 years! And then i can finally get ahead financially- while also being pretty healthy.. we will see if i got it in me.

  58. Marc

    I love all the wonderful life long friends I’ve met at concerts. Fills my heart with joy. Hitting the lottery for my first Spusta piece would be cool!

    2 signed older mini prints!

  59. Max Thomaschefsky

    Pack A “keeping watch” on a midnight sky being serenaded by the Isley bros. Awesome tidbit I picked up from that night that I never knew before, JImi Hendrix played with the Isley bros fir a short period of time! 🤯

  60. Denise Smith

    couple of birds in the rain. I love elephants, went to Thailand to an elephant sanctuary to care for and elephant for the day. So much that I have slowness tattooed on my arm.

    1. Denise Smith

      My favorite Isley Brothers song is “This Old Heart of Mine.” My favorite Jimi Hendrix song is “The Wind Cries Mary.”

  61. Steven

    H please! Always wanted this one:)!
    I really enjoy cooking vegetables and BEANS. It’s true they are the magical fruit, also I really have stinky farts…

  62. Chad Hamden

    I love fried frog legs. The best I’ve ever had are in a gas station about 15 minutes outside of my hometown in the middle of nowhere. You can get two sets of frog legs, potato wedges, a roll and a drink for five dollars. It’s one of those places I have to stop at every single time I pass it. They also have the best chicken gizzards known to man. I’ve been eaten there since I was five years old with my granddad. He used to take me and my brother on a ride on Saturdays just to go riding and get himself some livers. If you have never tried gizzards you are missing out.

    I would love a shot at O. Toatems please. Thank you for the chance, 🍻

  63. Seth Stewart

    Would love a shot at “Z”.

    My son sang me a song about winter during bath time this evening. I said it was going to be cold tomorrow, and he took that as his time to give the low down about winter…In song form.

  64. shawn mcintyre

    I would like to take a shot at Z …total mystery pack. I love having the house to myself sometimes , just chillin with my dogs and cats reading a good book..esp in these times. thanks !

  65. Matthew G Booker

    Pack Z Please
    Something interesting, I love the fact that my cat waits for me to come to bed BEFORE he can fall asleep, then circles me for about a minute, and falls in the exact same spot every night. love the little guy.
    Thanks, be safe





  67. Dani Greenspan

    Y please! There is much that is strange that I love but one controversial love is pineapple and fresh jalapeños on my pizza!

  68. Shanan Mazelow

    Letter “ Y” because i love a mystery, and i love my wife and all her OCDs ! She’s the best. Happy Valentine’s Day

  69. Trevor Dieck

    Pack N .

    Please and Thanks! Love how your art brings so much happiness to me and my family along with all of your followers.

    Cheers and Much Love !

  70. Javier Canizales

    B for me please.
    Something i love… ah yes, i am going to say my old friend jimi who introduced me to the talented mr ernie isley.

  71. Tony Giaquinto

    I’d love R! Squatchy!!

    I love that vaccines are starting to roll out, getting us closer to some normalcy again!

  72. Sally

    “o” Totams
    I had a nasty day at urgent care and missed the drops. The good news is, it’s not the Rona. The bad news is there’s a frog in my throat!

  73. Gregg Luongo (LemongrassGregg)

    Pack G please! I love the fact that the only lemongrass print on the paper i collect also is the first letter of my name. I do love lemons when I cook and who doesn’t love grass but when you put them together you get some real magic and it would be magical to win my first lottery on this guy

  74. Adam Mayfield

    being half French, I need the essentials in my diet. a nice warm baguette, some sort of spreadable cheese, maybe a little red wine. oh and of course croissants.

  75. Chris Price

    I would love a chance at pack A. My wife is an owl LOVER. Her whole 5th grade classroom was owl themed. Had some amazing experiences bird watching….this print reminds of night hikes and spotting mysterious eyes….hoping its an owl and not a cougaaaaaa!

  76. Joseph Phillips

    Bloomjangles pack P please and thanks!! I love just sitting in my grow room at the end of the day and enjoy some smoke and peace and quiet.

  77. Adam Toutain

    Hello Marq!! May I please enter for Pack B, Two Birds in the rain!! Thank you so much and keep up the killer work. Peace and love 🙂

  78. Daniel Silverberg

    L please! Praying for our first Swing!

    Something that I love isn’t necessarily unique – being a died-hard Boston Celtics fan. What IS unique is that I was born/raised in Los Angeles, and grew up in the 80s during the Bird-Magic rivalry. As you can imagine, I got/still get plenty of sh*t from my friends for it…

    1. Daniel Silverberg

      Basalt is a mafic extrusive igneous rock formed from the rapid cooling of LAVA rich in magnesium and iron exposed at or very near the surface of a terrestrial planet or a moon.

  79. Christopher Rosier

    A – I saw it mislabeled at first, but then got corrected before the midnight sky turned bright because the owl is all knowing and keeping watch.

  80. Robert collins

    Z please.
    I’m always fascinated by mysteries. Wanted to pull the trigger on “A line in the water” but here i am

  81. Blake Yekel


    I lost a (v)ery, (v)ery dear brother, friend, travel and show companion last week, whose service, mass, and burial start tomorrow, and I feel very much like my man who
    Lost his best friend (stuffed animal), but yet wants to celebrate everything we experienced together and how much love he brought to the world. (Cupcake). And I have an entire room of OGs and line art around me in my home office. RIP, Matthew. 😔. Thanks so much for a cool lottery, Marq

  82. Christopher Skowronski

    zzzz please
    I love a good mystery and I love to make and eat fermented foods and sour in general. Thanks gnomes for the chance and all the good you provide

  83. Joshua Wilson

    Thank you Marq for the opportunity.

    N. Wax Walter
    Password is Horizontal Stripes

    Wax Walter is my animal spirit. He’s the life of the party, he’s always up for a good time, listening to tunes and being there for his loyal friends.

  84. Stefanie Lee

    Would love an opportunity to purchase
    Z. The total mystery package
    I enjoy hunting mushrooms anytime and anywhere, but i absolutely love heading back into the woods at night to gaze upon the bioluminescent fungi that was discovered earlier in the day. The forest comes alive in a whole new and mysterious way. Hence, the request for a mystery pack, because the mysterious things of this world are the best.

  85. Adam

    N Wax …..Nothing do I love better then spinning vinyl after a long day …spark one up while having a beer. Except for the time I spilt a stout all over my favourite HORIZONTAL STRIPED shirt !!! Wtf Things have not been the same since .

  86. Deb Kocan

    Hit enter too soon! Sorry! I love rubbing my cats belly 🤣 sounds weird, but he loves it 🤷🏼‍♀️🐈 ❤️

  87. David

    I love walking along the street and saving the earthworms after rain with my son. By putting them back into the soil makes us feel happy since they can get a second chance of life.

    Pack L please

  88. Allie Price

    It entered before I could say something I love! I entered for pack C!

    I love to walk through old grave yards and cemeteries! Some find it creepy but I like being around all the old souls.

  89. Jason F

    Pack Y Please

    Love party all night long!! nothing better than some red sparkle with some horizontal stripes in a chatty box. I would love a chance at this pack. Thanks!!

  90. Stephanie Loftus

    Pack F – I love watching true crime documentaries while cuddled up with a big bowl of rainbow sherbet and a glass of chocolate milk.

  91. Dustin U.

    X. Owza
    I love the thrill of the game. Rolling the dice and hoping for Lady Luck.

    Also love that there’s a snow storm coming. I can’t wait!

  92. Ian Hanss

    Would love a Z pack, thanks for the opportunity

    I really love snowboarding, though I’m sitting here typing this with a jacked up back from a nasty spill last week

  93. Brandon Sloane

    I love a good mystery pack of paper (Z).

    I also love Trader Joe’s cookiewich ice cream sandwiches and buy them for my daughter at a she gets 1, I get 3 ratio if she forgets I got them (which is always and bankable!)

  94. Matt

    V. Celebrate

    I love FURTHUR FRAMES framing my Spusta and I’d love to send this over to them next to put it on my wall. Thanks for the chance!!

  95. Chad

    Line in the water

    I love to hang out with my family and close friends. To me, there’s nothing better than a strong family and friend base. Hold the ones you love close.

  96. Bobby K

    Z. mystery —But I love hanging with my buddys on a Good Saturday night or staying in for a love party w Otis red and letting it sparkle.

  97. Christopher Sittig

    Pack Z please and thank you!
    Oh, I love my four Turtles that I rescued from “Turtle Farms”….I also LOVE Spusta Turtle Creatures

  98. Sarah

    K – Patiently Perched (Please)

    LOVE… for me it’s birds, I collect bird art and Patiently Perched was the first art of yours I purchased after stumbling on it on eBay. Love all of the little feathered friends you draw!

  99. Patrick

    Y please.
    I love being able to spend time with people’s pets. I would get a pet myself, but the thought of being responsible for another life makes my head hurt.

  100. Jacque Catucci

    I love the smell in a venue before the show starts! Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Good times ahead!

    Fingers crossed for my first spusta!

    Z! Mystery Pack

  101. brian andrews

    Z. Total Mystery Package, i love the look on the bosses face when tubes and flats land at my place. more tube and more flats!! thats it the boss says!! no more chatty lemongrass for you. this stuff is hard to come off, if only i had some lava.

  102. Shaun Glodowski

    I LOVE PETS in this world around us. Always live unconditionally no matter what. We all can learn a lot from Pets, and the sounds of pets .

    Pack U 💓

  103. Jeff walter

    Pack Z please
    I love when I feel I did not disappoint my daughter and have conversations with her and make her feel safe.

  104. Mikey O

    Pack L

    Spring Swing. I’m a good person that’s never won a print. Here’s a joke to make you laugh and let you know i’m a good person:

    Did you hear about the dormant volcano?
    He had eruptile dysfunction – no lava!!

  105. David R

    If you don’t keep feeding Mr. Bloomjangles heavy doses of juicy funk shrooms, you might wake up one morning to find out that there’s a riot going on and ain’t nothing but a sprinkle of Aretha can make it all stop. I would really dig Pack P!!!

  106. Elizabeth Bruce-Rosier

    B -Love how a couple of birds spread so much love, especially with that friend of yours Jimi who lives with his brothers down on the Isley

  107. Jason Peltzer

    Z because who doesn’t love a total mystery pack!

    I’m the rock and roll software architect, I stare at art, listen to rock and roll and write code, and I love random packs of Spusta! No better feeling than tearing open a mystery pack, much love for the amazing day of art! I can’t wait until we can all get together again and talk records, drink beer, and stare at art! I’ll bring the BBQ

  108. Rachel McClung

    P. Bloomjangles is my #1 ISO.
    I’ve only been collecting a year or so, I try to concentrate on music-related because it is truly a rabbit hole. But I think its a riot that Bloomjangles is the Todd Snider of Spusta. Thank you for the opportunity. Your work is amazing and brings happiness to my soul. 🧡💛💚💙💜

    1. John Wocelka

      Wanted to also mention that I searched out and picked a vinyl copy of Howe Gelb’s ‘Sno Angel Like You after you were playing it during one of your Twitch sessions. I believe you said that someone had gifted your copy to you. This has to fall under the category of spreading the love. 🙂

  109. Phil Kasonovitch

    M pack please!!

    Something I love is no doubt my dog, we had a crazy incident where I was involved in a wreck and a first responder was holding him and he somehow slipped out of his harness. My parents camped out in the parking lot he was last seen at with some of my dirty clothes hopeful he’d catch my scent. It worked!!! He was out in the elements for 72+ hours. When I finally got him back it was the only time I’ve cried tears of joy, I love him so much

  110. Matthew Clark

    B – Couple of Birds in the Rain, please!

    I love that my wife and I are trying to conceive our 1st child and we plan to decorate the entire nursery with Spusta birds minis! Much love ❤

  111. Connie Rice

    K – Patiently Perched

    I love going to see live music, and feeling the good vibes of the music deep down in my soul!!

    1. Keith Fitzwater

      T. Horned little fury thing. Because I look like him minus the horns.

      I love cooking for people. Making a dish for people and seeing the satisfied look on their faces is great! Knowing I just gave them nourishment is very satisfying and gratifying.

  112. sm

    Z please
    I’ll go the other way..I hate when I say something to my kids and I sound exactly like my parents. Gets me every time!

  113. Ambria

    Pack E. Num! That snuggly soft lil’ guy needs to finally be mine!
    I also love how the fuzz from a peach tickles my nose when I smell it.
    Thanks for all you do Marq! Peace and love!

  114. Nick DeFrang

    Z would be awesome, because I Iove Phish and the mystery they provide at every show. Met your wife at Alpine. Way too faded. Hahaha.

  115. Adam Weyandt

    k pack please…Appreciate all you do and that Bunny Wailer album was a gem. Thank you for sending good vibes my way I needed it !!!! Still cant find on spotify. ” Things are true that I forget ” ty

  116. Jeff S

    Trying for K. Patiently perched.

    I love a haiku
    Today, see me, patiently perched
    Nestled above, a spirit gazes over, besmirched
    Good or evil? A search.

  117. Eric W.

    I’d like to try for B. A Couple of Birds In The Rain, please!

    As for something unique or off the wall that I love, I’ve held a very deep appreciation for the underground metal scene since the late 1990s. The more heavy, progressive, technical, and avant-garde, the better!

    I also still love to purchase physical copies of albums; that feels a bit unique/off the wall these days.

  118. ryan Thompson

    B. i love to drive over to the horse racing track and watch the horses work out in the morning and see the amazing huge animals in all their glory. in the morning it’s cold so there breath makes them look like dragons.

  119. Dave Ryen

    V. Celebrate
    Some things I love (in no particular order): My wife, son, daughter on the way, Airports, Belgian Beer, A Christmas Story, Golden Retrievers, Star Wars, October weather (in the northeast), Wrigley Field, Pumpkin Bread, Amsterdam, David Letterman.

  120. Mary

    U. Thought Pets 5″ x 5″
    For a black 5×5, this thing is shining like a Diamond. It brings a sparkle to my eye!! Thank you so much for the chance.

  121. Jordan Myers

    Z! I’m in for the surprise. Unique thing that I love – traveling places via google maps. I also look for people doing funny thing…have seen some solid boogie pickin and wedgie fixin at mailboxes (that’s a worldwide occurrence).

    Love y’all!


  122. Brandon


    I love when you try to push together two magnets on their opposing sides so the magnetic force pushes them away from each other. It such a weird feeling and I love it.

    Thank you much!

  123. Jason Blue

    J. Mini Mothamus please and thank you!
    Something I love thats a little quirky….I love making soup. May not sound quirky, but if you knew the feelings I get making soup you may find it ‘odd’ at the very least. There’s something about building the layers of love and flavors, it truly warms my heart💙

  124. Trevor Kellogg

    Testing my luck for “U” Thought Pets! Recently went back to sketching whether it be on paper, the calendar on the fridge or a napkin. Art such is this is big inspiration gives plenty food for “thought”! Thanks for the opportunity to get something else on the wall 🍻

  125. Josh Hansen


    I loooove collecting random, whacky, and eccentric COFFEE TABLE BOOKS! This past weekend we scored some sweet new additions: Aquarium Fishies, Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History, Well-Clad Windowsills, The Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms and a book on Hot Air Ballooning. Feeling the good vibes on this giveaway, thanks Marq!

    1. Ryan spencer

      “T” please. Horned little furry thing. I love kicking back on the dock of the bay watching the red sunset like my main man Otis.

  126. Thomas B

    Pack A Please. Something I enjoy is birdwatching and studying them and their behavior. The best thing is when you hear them calling out from the midnight sky, speaking to one another.

  127. Rado Krys

    When you’re at a show – those are the things we used to have where music is played in front of a live audience – and the band comes out for their second encore and simply sparkles a One More Good Saturday Night! LUV IT!!!

    Package R Please – Squatchy
    P E A C E

  128. Christopher A Cousins

    W. Oh Jeez, please and thank you! I really do love to spend hours in my bathtub listening to music and thinking about old memories 😛

  129. Jason Plotkin

    M, Line in the Water because there is nothing that I love more than going fishing with my friends and family. Whether it’s fly fishing in rushing rivers, trolling for Stripers on the coast, or just casting a line from the shore of a lake I’m always happy fishing. My favorite though is hopping in the canoe with my wife, getting chatty about life, and popping A Line in the Water.

    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  130. Dan Rhoads


    I love two things: lemons and grass. Nothing beats a nice smoke session with a cold glass of lemon water and a fat bag of grass. I call these moments “lemongrass”

  131. Maria R

    I’m like the honey badger going after “Print O”…..that Toatums has me all sorts of hungry and the honey badger eats whatever it wants! The honey badger don’t give a fuck, because he’s nasty!

  132. David

    B. ‘A Couple of Birds In The Rain’
    Sudoku. And crossword puzzles. Maybe the latter is a sign of accumulating age? I dunno, but I’ve really taken a shine to both; Sudoku several years ago, and crosswords more recently. I’m still working on completing a ‘Premier Crossword’ puzzle with no missed letters, etc. One day.

  133. Kyle P

    Pack J

    I love to get up every morning with a delicious cup of coffee and watch the sun rise. Even better with a record!

    Thanks Marq!

  134. Kenny Blair

    There are lots of things I love. Fruity Pebbles, Midnight Skies and Sparkles in my eyes. Jimi and Pickles on Pizza and Otis, I love them all like I love Nasty, Chatty ladies wearing Horizontal Striped undies (they’re known for excellent Snuggles and they’re partial Cyndi Lauper tunes, which are things I also love). But I love mysteries best, so fingers crossed for a pack Z. Thanks for sharing and cheers!

  135. john weller

    Pack N wax walter

    i want to sit down and listen to records with this wax walter. i think he would love the band white stripes not horizontal stripes lol

  136. Jacob Bridges

    Would love pack T!!

    Hummingbirds are one of my favorite animals. I track them amd the same family comes back every year

  137. L. Wilson

    N. Wax Walter

    Wax takes it to the max with his groovy vibes and “come chill with me” eyes.

    He loves listening to his fave band The Horizontal Stripes while smoking from his array of peace loving pipes.

    With groupie chicks floating just above his head, I hope to bring him home and hang him next to my bed.

  138. Kevin Hawkins

    Pack A
    The love for nature and all the living things in it, is probably one thing that connects myself and all us fans to you Marq. Thanks for spreading the sunshine even on those cloudy cold nights ✌🏽

  139. Peter Volckens

    M, please!
    I love fishing – it’s like time with God and nature.
    It’s magical for me.
    Love you guys!

  140. Andrew S

    R – Squatchy Vibes – But these fruity pebbles are making my man boobs big, too big! i think someone needs to know cartography to navigate them. Sometimes, if i take enough acid they look like lava if the light catches them just right…

  141. ZippidyZuDahDay

    Oh Jeez for me Pleaz. That one looks crazy! Hours and hours of enjoyment to be had. Oh man, so much in there. Cool info again about your time Australia too. I took a bunch of screen shots today and a couple the other night. Looks like maybe an owl with a mustache facing a tree with eyes and some sort of bird or 2 in there. I happen to be rockin a mustache and little goatee right now. Cool colors too, I like purple and green!

  142. Greg Cerne

    Y please

    I love the thin wispy spiders that seem to exclusively dwell in the bathroom of my small shabby apartment. They must get awful bored in there…

  143. Jeremy Price

    Pack C please!

    I’ve always done this, but especially since Covid I like to look at menus at amazing restaurants in other states and countries and plan my entire meal and drink menu. I’ve probably had fantasy meals in 50 countries. Hopefully someday I’ll get there!

  144. Alan

    I’m going to try for z.

    I love my family, love my daughter, love my wife, love my life and love a mystery!
    Thanks for the chance!

  145. Brian Gabel

    Why Y because it enhances the mystery. When I get something Spusta, the anticipation of receipt and anxiety of “did I get a good one” is something unmatched. Its like how opening a gift is sometimes better than the gift itself! Also I’m no statistician but I’d bet its got the best odds!

  146. Jeb Baeder

    P. Bloomjangles

    I love the sound of rain on a tin roof. It’s one of the most relaxing sounds in the world! Thanks for the chance Marq!!!!

  147. Lisa M Morrison

    I would like P.

    When I was a student there was a homeless street performer named Shakey Jake that looked like this. He played a toy guitar.

    I loved to stop and listen to him on the way to class.

  148. Rich Curtis

    The stone family is in need of some good vibes and hopefully get selected for pack K. We will be up all night impatiently perched checkin in on my emails. Thanks for the shot at this awesome piece

  149. Michelle Leahy

    O Toatums please

    One of my favorite memories is snorkeling in the dark with spotted dolphin. The bioluminescence made them glow as they swam around us. One of the most beautiful, surreal experiences of my life.

  150. Felix Nau

    Not to Toot my own horn, but I Maytal you a story about Pack M, a chatty spirit that sits on his piece of earth, song birds surround him in music, and the rock he sits on is his partner through life, solemnly fishing to the tunes of the day, under a tree where he sleeps the night away

  151. Bill Skaggs

    I am hoping for a Z pack!! When we had my son we did not find out boy or girl until delivery. I like the unknown and surprise!!

    I love the cool side of the pillow on a hot summer night

  152. Chris Baker

    I’m hoping for D please
    Something I love is when my super heroes have bodies that are more achievable…Like SuperMan-boobs or BatManboobs…makes me happy. Thanks so much Marq!!!

  153. Michael Donovan

    Nothing like kicking back with the Spusta crew and listening to deep jazz tracks as we joke and enjoy beautiful artwork being made. Sure make for a good Saturday night.

  154. Laura a

    B. A Couple of Birds In The Rain – Love me some fruity pebbles with some lava cakes! cant wait to get to be running around the mountains! nothing makes me laugh more than a nice pair of man boobs!

  155. Brian johnson

    Would love B singing in the Rain and singing with a couple birds in the rain. The Lava is too hot so don’t get chatty and always keep the good vibes a flowing. And keep the old school reggae a playing.

  156. Neil H Mullin Jr

    U please…I was amazed watching you bring this print to life…the colors just sparkle and bring so much life to these lovely pets. I just love how it makes me think of my family and our pets and represents how crazy and weird it can be at times. But that’s why we love it so much…thank you for the opportunity at this lotto!!!!

  157. Cory Rase


    Friday was such a great time watching you do your thing while jamming some great music! It was great chatting with everyone. However it’s was Hell to Get Up the next day after staying up untill 5AM East coast time. But we all did it again the next night. Thanks for everything you and the gnomes do for the fans and organizations you donate to. Peace and love

  158. Mitchel

    I love playing mandolin to hip hop music!! I think that’s unique right? Lol anyway ways I choose option V because its amazing!!

  159. Adam Kropelnicki

    Z. going to the arcade with my daughter, seeing here win tickets and the thought process of what treasure’s she’ll get is priceless.

  160. Joshua Gintz

    Pack L please.
    Still looking for my first swing and this reminds me of my trip to Hawaii watching the palm trees sway and the lava falling into the ocean. Truly breathtaking. Thanks for the chance Marq.

  161. Kelly Bien

    Putting in for I “Bask Boost”

    I love wiener dogs! We have 2 and they are the goofiest little creatures that light up my life. They’re so long but soooo short, they make me laugh everyday.

  162. Jessica Armbruster

    B. A couple of birds in the rain!!

    May be an adult but I love dinosaurs. Jurassic Park, but only the original. Digging for Dinos. The history. The skeletons in museums. Shirts, phone cover, my T-Rex succulent planter in my office. The dream that I will one day have the chdd as nice to still dig in the hills with Jack Horner.

  163. Madeline Dickson

    E, num, its a really pretty picture. I love anime, I mean I guess a lot of people love anime, but it something that makes me really happy and watching it will always brighten my day!

  164. Jason Meister

    Music, I love everything about music. Listening to songs that make you remember, songs that bring you up, songs that bring you down. The feeling at a concert before the band comes out, as they first walk on stage or the moment you hear the opening notes to the song you love. Being with friends and living in the moment. Looking over at my wife and seeing her smile as the lights twinkle in her eyes. I love music.

    P – Bloomjangles

  165. Dustin Freeman

    I’ve always been a sucker for bats so I’d love the chance for D, Enjoy It! I actually just watched a documentary on them last week on how their flight pattern could be possible in the future in flying instead of airplanes! One off the wall thing I love is every single bag of chips I open I have to stick my nose in right away and take a big ol smell. Such a satisfying sensation😋

  166. Drew Russin

    Pack B
    I have a love story… ’twas 7.29.17, my best pal and I were on a triumphant NJ Transit ride headed home after another evening of magic and wonderment in the fabled Garden. Something about the brown donuts made us split open with laughter and joy. We vowed to return North on the morrow; only if the fresh baked donuts were our variety variety, Jimi Donuts. We Phished our wish, we found Izabella, we learned to our delight, the entire universe, is in fact, a donut.
    Thanks Marq!

  167. Andy Freeberg

    I am humbly submitting my request for item G (Seven Birds)

    One thing I truly love and cherish is the opportunity and ability to frame artwork like yours for all the collectors and friends I have made through this community. It is humbling to have the respect and trust of so many and it fills me with great joy. I love selecting wood, choosing matboards and collaborating with my clients to put something they treasure onto their walls for many years to come. I love how my clients turn into my friends and the feeling I get when I send something I made by hand home to them is overwhelming and enlightening. It is an honor to be in the position I am in to be able to collect and frame the artwork I enjoy so much, but it is the people I get to work with and create for who I really love. Thank you for the opportunity and more so how your artwork brings us all together!

    (Sorry if this was posted twice!)

  168. Kevin

    Z please. I love the mystery. Since you don’t even know what’s in it I’ll let you know frustrated flower is my top ISO atm. Thanks for the chance!

  169. Kristofer Cosby

    I like to sniff the inside of my hat sometimes because the smell reminds me of my grandfather.
    Z- Pack please, and thank you 🙂

  170. L. Bennett

    Pack P) I love nugs and playing the guitar in a mushroom patch, almost as much as I love pickles on my pizza! Super grateful to get to enjoy such amazing art daily, and especially during such challenging times 🙏 🥒🍕

  171. Rick Caldarella

    Z = total mystery pack.
    I love Bourbon. I’ve been trying to obtain a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 13 year Rye for something close to list price ($130) for several years now, with zero success boo hoo!

  172. Matthew Zickus

    Pack P

    I love dipping pickles in ketchup as a snack. Sometimes I’ll even use a pickle chip kinda like a shovel to scoop up the ketchup. It’s a real treat.

    1. Brian Will

      U is my choice

      I love my family my sons and wife all have blue eyes that sparkle. My boys like to sing in the morning to random songs they are a lot better than I am.

  173. Taylor Hunt

    A – Midnight Sky

    Stay true to yourself, be kind and always remember the platinum rule, “treat others the way that they wish to be treated.”

    Much love!

  174. Steve Lappat

    Thanks Marq!

    I’d love a chance at E.

    Thought I was snuggling up to something fuzzy, turns out it was my dogs butt!!

  175. Chris Birbiglia


    Call me crazy, fruity or nut or insanebut Elder has always held a special place in my heart. But I’ve been known to be chatty !

  176. Toph O'Brien

    Spread the love, Pack Y please! No secret, but I do love a nice lava cocktail after a long days work (i did attend a twitch, going for the mystery though!).

  177. Elizabeth Caton

    B. A Couple of Birds in the Rain

    I love the smell of blacktop which can be unique (or odd). I also love to cook (less odd). Always love a chance to get more of your work!

  178. Aaron Palardy

    W please and thank you! I love fly fishing, as well as many forms of art and expression, but really love tree paintings!

  179. Richard Bogart

    Hi Marq and Gnomes! I would like an opportunity for Pack Z please. I love happy smiles, the smell of bacon in the morning(afternoon and evening too) and fermented grapes. Thank you guys for all the love you have given us!

  180. Matthew Arnold

    N please! So hard to pick just one. Waxwalter looks so good especially those purple horizontal stripes! He’s just jammin’ to those fire records u were spinning all weekend!

  181. Michael W Martin

    (S) Please & Thank You!!!
    I Love watching my son growing up into a man, turning 12 yrs old on February 18th. We would Celebrate with a GIANT Love Party if we’re lucky enough to be picked. This print reminds me of him dragging his blanket around when he was little, my “Little Linus”.
    Thx for the chance Marq and Gnomes

  182. Patrick

    I’d like a chance at pack U. What I love most in life is experiencing art with my kids. I might have seen a piece a hundred times and my daughter looks at it and sees it the way I see and the way she sees it. Like a movie, I feel like I see an amazing sparkle in the corner of her eye. That’s life right in front of me

  183. Stebbins Miller

    I pick G as my choice.
    I love the way my cats greet me when I come home. It makes me feel special after a brain busting day at work.

  184. Jacob C

    Just a music lover who wondered what it would be like if Otis Redding strapped on the guitar and played in a punk band. That’s it.

    Pack T 🤙🙏🤘

  185. Chris Buffington

    U. Thought Pets

    Im a big softy for pets and people who love their pets. You can tell a lot about a person by the they treats animals.

  186. Miranda Borders

    Pack O
    I love when Dave Schools throws down that nasty guitar base in a second set. Can’t wait for that love again! WSMFP for life!

  187. Ellen Page

    B pleas. I love rock and roll, when my doggo gets that first stretch of the morning and and those hot pink tail feathers on that lady bird in the rain. I can picture her shake shake shake!

  188. Kelly Gintz

    U-Thought Pets please.
    Sparkie loves all the sparkly colors on this one. We would love to have it hanging on the wall. Thanks

  189. Shawn Lauginiger

    B. Couple birds in the rain

    I love my gf more than anything. I knew she was my soulmate from the day we met. Our first date we decided to go for a home s as nf of course it was raining. This peace represents the beginning of our relationship and would be honored to show it off.

  190. Bri

    Pack K please.
    I’ve been enjoying watching Twitch and getting to listen to the music that you choose. I feel like the good vibes are radiating from your studio into our home.

  191. Brad Stout

    U (Thought Pets)
    I LOVE LOVE vintage 60s/70s mid century modern furniture. Not just for its design but also for its history.
    I have an instagram dedicated to those old Herman Miller fiberglass chairs. I nerd out when I get a new one.
    The different colors are fun to collect! nothing like the sparkle of a new piece of functional art!

    Peace out Marq and thanks for the chance!

  192. Ganda Gunawan

    I love to spread the love but not the covid virus, that’s why I double mask when I go outside.

    Please pick me for option Y. Spreadin’ The Love Mystery Mini Packs. – missed both time due to zoom meeting, but I need to keep this job to continue buying Marq cute prints. Thanks for the third chance.

    1. Kathryn C

      While doing some serious porch sitting the other day, I was dive-bombed by a hummingbird. It startled me to the point that I made a weird squeak and fell off the porch. My buddy laughed, so I told him that he had manboobs then he handed me a Dogfish Head. Weird and lasting friendships are what I love…but I’m rethinking my views on hummingbirds.

  193. Nicholas Hull

    I’m kind of a night owl, but I love a good sunrise. Before the world has fully awakened, at least my corner of it, and everything is quiet and still. The sky becomes all the colors of the rainbow. Like fruity pebbles almost. Thanks for the chance at C, “Exposing an Elder.” Always fun to catch a twitch session. Good luck everybody!

  194. Karis Roberts

    Pack B

    Is it me, Or do those two birds in the rain have a striking resemblance to the Isley Brothers? Would love to put em on my wall and see if they are as funky?

  195. Ian Quinn

    X. Owza
    I loved nicktoons growing up, and this *initially* strikes me as some psychedelic amalgamation of Stu Pickles from rug rats, some rocko’s modern life, and a bit a of ren and stimpy.

  196. Brittney L Hubert

    Spread that Love!!! We all know the world could use a little more. ✌ 💜 😊 Love going on Vacation in Jamaica 🇯🇲 . A Red stripe in hand sitting on the dock of the bay, wasting time!!! “Hurray Beer”

  197. Jeremy Doyle

    Pack A please. Thanks for the chance! You’re my midnight sky, you’re my moonlit night
    Lord, you know it makes me high when you turn your love my way

  198. Matt Fauble

    Z. Would be awesome! I just recently started collecting Marq’s art so this would be a nice boost to my small collection. It’s really become something that I love and one of the only “new” things in my life since the start of Covid. It’s oddly meant a lot being a distraction and keeping my mind busy going down the rabbit hole that are the papers and images. It’s been rough for everyone and I know this art has helped me get though these idle times. I hope to win this pack and see some art I haven’t seen before!

  199. Nate Brennan

    Thanks so much Marq. I love good quality botanicals grown with regenerative organic practices. Nothing like good clean healthy herbs that also help the planet.

    Thanks again!!

  200. Trevor

    Pack A: Keeping Watch please!!

    Off the wall: I’ve really gotten into all things mycology . I love a fresh rain because afterwards is the perfect time to forage and in some places it increases the sound of nearby running water. Hobbies that get you out in nature are the best.

  201. John Kastanakis

    Z – Super Mystery Extravaganza!
    I LOVE hot dogs. Especially with a bowl of fruity pepples. Hope all is well Marq. Thanks for the opportunity.

  202. Tracey Root

    Sparkle spark spark meeee
    I love Y
    Because, Y not ?
    And why Y,
    Y are you lonely ?
    Y mysterious and quiet
    No one knows who you are
    You are like me and Y
    Am I
    Why Y
    I live in Bend Oregon and love our beautiful state
    I love that I can buy weed or grow 4 plants and soon
    legal shrooms! We also decriminalized drugs this year!!

    1. Dave Smith

      Wow, don’t even know what to try for! Overwhelmed and I don’t have ANY of these in my collection (embellished or not).

      Pack Z is my final answer (dealer’s choice) please & thank you.

      I don’t know if it’s unique not, but my palms get sweaty before opening mystery packs… I literally dry my hands off after I cut the tape on a mystery pack. lol

  203. TD Hoover

    Pack G

    One of the things I love actually pertains to collecting Spusta. I have made many friends through collecting art and often find myself having much fun on the Spusta groups. Whether it’s falsely reporting paper types or convincing people that the blue denim paper is actually blue. I’ve seen names as obscure as Yellow Lemon Shimmer Sunshine foil sparkle before. My favorite one is grass hopper green opaque light green blue linen. I’ve started making a list of inaccurate paper names and have been spreading them like wildfire orange flat rubber.

  204. Jason Valleriani

    U – Me and wife love going up north to the cottage, going out to the dock, laying on our back looking up and watching the stars SPARKLE at night

  205. Jeni Enck

    Y, please. Hopefully a Valentine’s present to myself. And something I love…? Miracle Whip. There, I said it. F**k the haters. 😉

  206. Kevin

    U Please… There is nothing like the sparkle of full moon light on snow at night. Everything seems so bright! We rarely get snow in the NW around Portland, but it’s on it’s way. I love snow, perhaps because we rarely get it here and it shuts our city down when it does come! It should be an awesome weekend! Thanks for the colorful and fun art! I love this one! You can’t blame the Utes of today!

  207. Dan Stewart

    Pack Z please. i love watching my friends dog when they go away. just seeing her run around the yard never fails to put a smile on my face

    1. Joel littlefield

      Pack L please. I grew up on an xmas tree farm cutting down trees as a teen. One of my favorite times of year is going back to the family farm every December helping out my dad. It’s a great feeling to see family’s grow year over year, eventually start their own families, and then starting their own tradition at the farm. Great to see a little plot of land making such a cool impact on people. Cheers! 🍻🌲

  208. Jason Allind

    Y please, love your art, just sitting here eating some slllooooooppppyyyyy joes and hoping to scoop some more spurts for the wall!

  209. Aubrey Biscoe

    Just lost my dad on 1/31, the man beat COVID, heart attack, COPD, and still found a way to go peacefully in his sleep. I see several of these prints that remind me of him in fun ways. Fingers crossed and RIP, pops.

    1. Michelle

      Y. Spreadin’ The Love Mystery Mini Pack
      Please & thanks for the chance !
      Something odd ? I have a very eclectic music taste. I love music from the 50’s up, mixed in with lots of Dead & Panic 😅 Now,some have thought my love of Spusta odd, but that just makes me think them odd !! Bday is tomorrow and I would love to add some new Spoooosta ! Oh, and I missed the last 2 twitch 😕

  210. Micah

    I love coaching my son and his baseball. So many life lessons for both of us. Sometimes it is hard to concentrate when chatty fans in the stands wave horizontal stripped pennants.. thank you!

  211. James Carlan

    Pack U for me please, so I can sit and admire under a beautiful tree. While the summer days are spectacular, I really love the sparkle in a nights star.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for all that you do!!

  212. Lisa Pegues

    B Please 🙂
    I really love and miss live music! Missing Neal right now as well since CRB would typically be in Telluride this weekend jamming out the Sheridan Opera House. Been blasting some Jimi, Beetles, & Isley Brothers, but time to flip on some CRB.

  213. Austin B.

    K Please. I love cooking eggs on weekend mornings. And Patiently Perched was the first mini and first freebie I ever received, off a black keys poster purchase, I believe.

  214. Erik Sharp

    Pack A please!
    I’ve seen CRB a couple of times now, and love that this print comes from a gig poster you did for them. I’ll never forget the free show I saw in Dillon, CO under a blood orange sky. Was super fly! It has been awesome to get to see you make art and be able to interact with you on twitch after midnight during this crazy pandemic. Much love. Thanks Marq!

  215. Kyle N

    I would like to choose pack U….. I love live music so much that I once swam across a river into a foreign country to see a concert

  216. Russell Arnold

    Q bliss bug please. That paper really brings out the mossy green texture and color of the bliss bug. Really enjoyed watching you embellish all the prints but the bliss bug really stands out as my favorite.

  217. Dustin

    Pack Z, I really just want to go to a live concert again, be in the pit and be awkwardly close to strangers digging on live tunes!

  218. Anthony Antonucci

    AA totally loves X and would love to add that big shnozzed fucker to his collection. Thanks for the opportunity.

  219. Dave Schwartz

    I would love T !! Horned Little Furry Thing is my favorite mini! I fell in love with Marq’s work initially through Dinosaur Jr and I love the creativity and sense of wonder that Marq’s art inspires! Thanks for the oppotunity!

  220. Mo and Larry

    I know you don’t really like movies…but I do, it ain’t no mystery of my most loved: World War Z. It’s my Sparkle.

    Z Pack – MYSTERY

  221. Jason

    A. Keeping Watch

    I love getting lost in the woods, wandering late into the night, observing the surroundings and silent peacefulness of being alone in nature, lost in thought while staring at a clear midnight sky, pondering the meaning of life, love, and happiness 🌌🤗

  222. chelsie L

    I need to have a conversation with mr waxwalter and ask him why is records have horizontal stripes on them

    pack N please!!!!

  223. Ashley curreri

    Pack L
    I love the feeling you get during the first set of a show, watching the sun set over the hill; an explosion of red, yellow and orange, melting out of the sky like volcanic lava.

  224. Lisa Harrison

    Thought Pets because it makes me think about when I was a kid and LOVED dogs. Obsessed over them. I had a book that had every dog breed and I memorized their names, origins, physical descriptions, and behavior when I was 12 or something. I used to do dog shows. You know, like from the movie, Best in Show, yeah those kind of shows. Well I had a Leonberger named Elvis whose coat had this wild mottled sparkle within it’s brown and black coat…it really was a site to see. Anyway, we were at the show and doing the part where the judges make you walk them around in a circle to see their “gait” or stride. Welp, about half way around the 125 pound dog abruptly stops, looks around confused, and takes a huge poop right in the middle of the show floor. To say I was mortified is an understatement. Anyway, please send me U, Thought Pets so I have another reminder of this event.

  225. Lee Anne Marino

    I would love to put letter M, A Line in the Water on my wall. When you ask what I love that is unique, it is the fact that the man and I have found your art. We sit for hours and are super chatty about all the pieces and colors and how we will frame them and display them. Thank you for bringing us this joy!

  226. Ryan Walters

    Z please.. I love chocolate chip cookies lately those bad boys have been my go to sweet treat. Thanks for everything you do Marq

  227. Brian

    Howdy and thanks for the chance!

    Z – total mystery $200

    I love hoodoo’s! I made my first expedition through Bryce Ccanyon this summer and fell in love with these magical formations! Utah is a special place.

  228. Chip Forte

    As it happens, I’m actually Squatch too, so it’s insane that as long as I’ve pursued Squatchy Vibes, I’ve never been able to catch up with my relative. I have long hair, long beard, and am practically covered with hair everywhere on my body except the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet. I’m usually known as the “Missing Link”, but I am, by blood, a living, breathing Squatch, and I’d love to meet my cousin! Please help this family unite! Thanks for the chance!!!

  229. Ken Parker

    N – Waxwalter

    One of my favorite things in nature is seeing the stripes formed by the different horizontal layers on rock formations.

  230. William Veazey

    I have six rescue cats in my house. Never a dull moment. Miss Kitty is 17, Drogo 8, Limpy 5, Arya 4, Kyle 3 and Loki 2. Several of them love staring at my full sized couple birds in the rain print, and could really use a mini in another room.

  231. Amanda Curtis

    Pack E) I love to put extra dryer sheets in with my blankets because it makes them so snuggly soft. Also when i buy Charmin extra soft at the store I think you could have done a better job illustrating that bear than they did 🐻 On a side note, I am a total animal lover!

  232. Guillaume Piche

    I would love to get A because I love owls!!!! I absolutely love them and will do anything I can to see them when I can!!!
    Have always loved them for their mysteriousness and fact they are gardians of the night!

    Much love ❤️

  233. Bradford Paik

    V Celebrate original sketch — legit as a 32 year-old married man, my special thing I’m into still is this stuffed animal that I have named Harry. He was actually sent a year before I was born, so he’s 33. Thankfully my wife is not a jealous woman and let’s me sleep with him still. We also have a newborn who will not be allowed anywhere near Harry because I desire his longevity. But Celebrate definitely speaks to me because that stuffed animal in his hands.

  234. Joseph Kasimir

    G – Seven Birds is beyond amazing embellishing on an already amazing print. I had the pleasure of watching this go down live while working in the cold Chicago night. This print is so hot i needed a cold glass of lemonade on a 2 degree night to cool me off. This bad boy takes me to a warm summer night with the birds chirping and picking worms out of the grass. Love.

  235. Eric C Stone

    U please! I love our new pup Roxie. Even though she has figured out how to climb out of the yard and we’ve fallen in the mud chasing her down quite a bit lately.

  236. Jeremy Schreiber

    Q- The Lime Bliss Bug

    I like coconuts you can break them open and they smell like ladies lying in the sun… and if I had my way, I’d give a coconut to everyone.

  237. Brahma Butler

    I would love to purchase the M. print.
    What I miss and love is the vibration of a crowd singing the same lyrics all together at a show! Live music for our souls!! Thank you

  238. James Keith

    Pack “P” Please – bloom jangles

    love HORIZONTAL STRIPES on socks… i collect socks… funky socks… my wife does too, but she just winds up wearing all my horizontal striped ones in particular. i should invest in some for her.

    thanks for the chance

  239. Adam Hashmi

    Hi Marq, hoping for a shot at print L. I love that my daughter is already showing the same interest in art that I do. I’ve let her pick pieces for her room out of my flat file and she’s picked Zoltron, Jermaine Rogers, and Drew Millward – would love to add a Spusta to her collection!

  240. Corwin Parker

    A. I am know as the KW guy on FB, I actually used to and still would offer $200 per for each one I could procure from fellow collectors who had paid $15 for mystery packs that included many back when Marq was coming up the ranks. It is my favorite print and I am working on a frame up that is going to blow this universe up! Having an embellished KW for my $200 initial asking price would bring things full circle and hopefully finish my obsession with this print (and save us money for my daughters college!)

  241. Meek Parks

    Z. Total Mystery Package
    The wintery smell of my clothes when stepping inside after spending time outdoors on a cold day. What is this smell? What is causing it? So many unknowns. It is winters total mystery package, and I enjoy it when. I can.

  242. Michael Werley

    Mystery Pack Z, Please and Thank You, Marq! What do I love? With all this snow in the northeast lately, I’m in love with the stillness and silence that snowfall brings. And in the evening, if the moon is bright and the snow is still falling, there’s a silver glow emanating from the backyard through the windows of the house. It’s humbling and calming. *No “secrets” here…. just my recent “love”)

  243. Eric Olson

    Hellloooo old friends. I would 💚💚💚 a chance at Q. Bliss bug reminds me of myself doing something I love. Laying on the floor of my cannabis grow and taking in the warmth (I live in the northeast so 🌞 therapy is nice this time of year. I can’t be the only one that cuddles with their weed plants right??? 🐛 💨

  244. Paul Webster

    Pack F
    I like my lizards to be rainbow colored like sherbet or sorbet. Just the thought of a rainbow colored lizard with a super big scoop of sorbet on his head makes me smile…

  245. Chris Campbell

    O….. what a beautiful job on it. What I love what a great question. What I love is my FREEDOM from alcohol. Next Wednesday will be 2 years that I gave up that fight. The freedom I’ve gotten and becoming me again is something I’m totally in love with. I appreciate the chance Marq and the Gnomes. Keep spreading your love. Chris

  246. Corey Shade

    Print O

    One thing I love about this hobby is traveling to art shows and events, you just never know what’s gonna happen. You might find yourself eating pop-rocks on a beach next to a bunch of heads in the sand. Or who knows, ya might find yourself at C2E2, high five’n the Nasty Boys and Sergeant Slaughter after scoring some Spusta, Sperry, and Zoltron prints.
    Appreciate you keepin it fresh, Marq!

  247. Darrell

    I love listening to crunchy jams, Foraging and cultivating the fungus, pretty much everything bloomjangles is about!

    P Bloomjangles

  248. Justin Godshall


    2021 goal is get rid of these damn MAN BOOBS, also would ENJOY IT very much if I got selected for this print😉

  249. Brian Kyle

    “U” please and thank you.
    I live next to the main interstate (I-65) in Nashville, TN.
    I’m a sucker for stray cats, and there are quite a few around here. They kinda just find me, and I take care of them and get them vetted so I can get them to a proper home.
    This isn’t necessarily unique, but I like it; and it makes me happy to be able save these beautiful creatures.
    I wish I could keep them all, but knowing I helped them is literally everything to me.
    Thanks for all you do Marq and Gnomes.

  250. Eric Fletcher

    Watching that snow sparkle outside my window this evening. Thinking about how lovely that Thought Pets would look hanging in my home. I’d love a chance at U.

  251. Ryan Elechko

    Pack M~ I love to spend the day walking along the river looking for rocks that have made their journey from the mountains to my feet.

  252. John C

    M. Line in the Water

    I used to love going fishing with my grandfather whom was always so full of insight and wisdom. He was often mistaken for being chatty or talkative, however that was just my grandfather personality!

  253. George Karabelas

    Z – Total Mystery Package please!
    I love flipping over rocks to look for bugs and whatever else may be hiding under

  254. Sabrina Fox


    We love driving down Hwy 1 late night during a full moon from San Francisco to Santa Cruz when nobody else is onthe road for 90 miles.

  255. Breana Wren

    Completely missed on the drop but so loved spending the day taking our littlest family member that gives the biggest love for his yearly vet visit! Would be super grateful for a chance at Z pack 🙏 Thanks for sharing with us Marq ✌❤🤘

  256. Chad Grill

    H Please!

    I love going on fishing trips and cooking breakfast in the morning while waiting for the sun to come out and i even sometimes use alittle bit of cheese on the hooks for that extra stank!

  257. Alex Scott

    Would love a shot at pack Z. I really love the silence that comes when it snows. It is the loudest silence I have ever heard. Thanks!

  258. Rory good vibes Nelson

    Watching you embellish that Marq…
    My god man. So damn beautiful.
    For real. Wow.
    Nothing but good vibes

  259. Justin Robinson

    Hi there hoping to get into lotto for O Toatums. My boys and I found Marq’s work flattening this nasty COVID curve last year and are having a blast collecting. We had a farm with a pond for a couple of years in VT and this print really spoke to us and rekindled those fond memories. Thank you Marq, the Spusta team and all you fans who make this all possible.

  260. Tony Nazar

    V. Celebrate

    Thanks for the chance, I love watching the twitch streams with my daughter who loves to draw along with you!!

  261. Brooke Alvis

    U know, I’ve been thinking about how much I love my cats. A *Thought* I had is that *Pets* are a *Sparkle*-ing light in these difficult times. Thank U, Marq, for giving my work day some sparkling soul today! Aretha’s voice gave me chills, and it was a much welcomed shake-up to my usual daily grind. Sending my best to you and yours, Brooke

  262. Mitchell Seyfer

    X. OWZA is the one for me. Saw you draw it today on Twitch T.V.!
    Sparkle pen and all a la George Clinton and The Parlamint/Funkadelic art exchange.
    I was quite blown away. Something off the wall about me – I love the subtle look of appreciation I get from a praying mantis as I set it down on a rose bud full of aphids. Pest control has got nothing on that amazing insect! I’m in California! Love it, Marq and Gnomes. Thank you.

  263. Chan

    G Seven Birds
    Would love to own this, I studied bird Sandhill bird migrations here in CO. Birds will forever bring joy to my life, I recently was gifted a little one and would love to share my love of Spusta with her.

    Thanks again

  264. Drew Nichols

    C please!

    I honestly love it when I get my car or any car stuck in the snow hahaha digging it out always reminds me of my dad back home in Chicago

  265. Dennis mcbride

    C. During covid I set up floodlights inside our home turning it into a little festival ground, lots of colored lights on the walls. It’s very psychedelic. It’s kind of off the wall if you could see it
    Thanks for the opportunity 🙏🏼

  266. Holly

    R. Squatchy Vibes
    Covid related training at the hospital makes for crazy long weeks and I live for the weekends with my family. We love music and art and have really appreciated our favorite artist’s attempts to connect during the pandemic. We’ve had many good Friday nights watching Umphrey’s Brendan Bayliss’ “Wine Not” streams and, though not as frequently occurring, have had some good Saturday nights watching the Spusta Twitch streams.

  267. Jesse Helmig

    Z – Mystery Pack Please!

    My favorite sound is the wind in the trees. I can sit on the porch or woods forever just listening to it.

    Thanks for the chance!

  268. DJ Meiser

    Q because I don’t have a bliss bug and this would make an awesome first. I love everyone one of you, literally every single person, no matter your beliefs or personality or whatever, I LOVE YOU!




  270. Ethan

    H please
    Love this little guy and being a huge a Primus fan (87 shows and counting) I’d give this a happy little home here in the swamps. I’m happy that I recently regained employment after being jobless due to Covid. Thanks again for the awesome art!


  271. Jen K

    “Z” “Chitty Chatty Bing Bang. Fruity Rainbows” Pebbles Sang!!! She sings it here, she sings it there, she’ll sing and sing it everywhere! I love her song, her silly dance, the way she offers a lucky chance!

  272. Haney

    S – Celebrate
    I love to celebrate! Mardi Gras is a big thing in my family. We all ride in parades (Me, my brother, sister, wife, and both boys) and unfortunately COVID has sidelined parades here in South Alabama for the first time since WWII. We are all looking forward to celebrating the Mardi Gras season when COVID is better under control.

  273. Nick Fyock

    C- i love discovering new artists and and the wonderful communities around those great artists which always leads to new friends

  274. James Girard

    Would love Toatums. Something I love is traveling the world and seeing how the locals live and not the tourist spots. There is so much love in the world that is hidden by the news and our everyday lives! Go see the world, talk to others, it’s not so scary!

  275. Cassidy

    Please consider me for this fun little critter, I will give him a warm happy home, life in general gives be great joy and I am thankful for every day, we are all truly blessed.


  276. Becky King

    K. I dig good vibes and ancient history/archaeology with a big fat emphasis on Egypt and Greece ( really into the Greek oracles at the moment🤓). Thank you for the chance! Everything is amazing and terrific! Good vibes to everyone💓


    Print B….. something about this print really reminds me of “Have you ever been Disappointed” I feel like this song is playing as the rain falls…..
    I know I’ll be singing this song with passion, something about the Isley Brothers and Jimi Hendrix….

    “driving in my car, on the lonely highway”

  278. Torrie Crabbs

    L PLEASE!! But seriously.. How do you pick just one!!

    I love when your listening to music and it moves you to tears and/or chills! Man – I miss live music!

  279. Mike B

    B Please!!

    I love talking walks in the rain with my little kitten Jimi ! He and I recently also discovered our new hobby of collecting Spusta prints. While we have some DMB Spusta posters and have acquired a few other prints recently (like Sprout), this would be our first official purchase from the store! 😉

  280. Eric K.

    Would love A!
    One of the things I love most is taking my fiancée and going up to the mountains late at night and just staring up at the midnight sky and everything else freezes in time. It’s so relaxing and everything bad in the world just leaves for a while. Thanks for the amazing art you make Marq!

  281. Jim

    Z – Please!!
    I love mysteriezzzz
    Ones that force me to keep watch
    Ones that force me to look to the midnight sky
    Ones that help me see birds, especially two
    Ones that bring me to great music, Like Jimi, and his cat posternutbag or even the Isley Brothers
    Ones that bring back memories like listening to stories told by your Elders
    Ones that remind me of my childhood and Fruity Pebbles, or skittles and tasting the rainbow
    Ones that are so funny, I can’t help but enjoy it
    Ones that are so funny, I’m reminded of kid’s jokes about man boobs
    Ones that are so cute they remind me of nicknames for things we love, like num
    Ones that are so cute they remind me of warm cuddles and snuggles in the night
    Ones that are so adventurous and wild they remind me of experience change and moths
    Ones that are so groovy and rhythmic they make me want to get up and get down
    Ones that are celebrations of time and moments
    Ones that are about times of love and joy
    Ones that involve our little furry friends and family
    Ones that were black, white, brown, and red, maybe they were named john, or miles, or otis, or joe
    Ones that make me think and ones that sparkle
    Ones that bring me to a place where it’s time to bask
    Ones that show me the sun and teach me to enjoy the light
    Ones that remind me of fishing with my dad, having a line in the water
    Ones that reminded me of those chats, the ones you never forget
    Ones that remind me of records, and the needle on the wax
    Ones that remind me of the lines, some vertical, some horizontal, and how the needle makes them talk
    Ones that remind me of the swing and the times once had
    Ones that remind me of those jumps, just far enough, to pass the lava
    Ones that remind me of a place with birds, bears, and creature so different
    Ones that remind me of a place so full of wild lemongrass
    Ones that remind me of all the joy and wonders
    Ones that remind me of the mysteries so great and wide,
    As deep as the world created by Marq Spusta, it is never one to let pass you by

    1. pat burton

      pack Q, G or.C or any really

      I’ve been looking for new art, coming from what was maybe my worst month in recent memory. just leave it at that.
      thanks for the chance

  282. corene kotsonis

    U. I do love a little midday upside down embellishment with SPARKLES !
    FYI: Because you made “Surmountable Steepness” a timed edition I was able to gift it to someone dear who has a true “steepness” to climb. Thank you so very much !

  283. Chip M.

    B. A Couple of Birds In the Rain

    This makes me think of my fiancée and I going through this pandemic together. We’re going through some dark times, but our love is carrying us through. We’re a couple of birds in the rain.

  284. Alekos Derzis

    Pack K please! I love the colorful taste of music! And I’m patiently awaiting live music to come back! Thanks for the opportunity and all you do for us!

  285. Natalie

    C – This image brings back so many memories of being with my mother, I am thankful for NC sunsets and beaches, thanks for all you do and I’m hopeful 2021 will be a great year for ALL.


  286. Bryan murrell

    Mystery z. I love pizza. I make it as a job but I really enjoy a pie that is perfectly put together and has some actual thought put into it. The perfect pizza is like the perfect spusta. It just looks amazing and hits you deep in your soul!!

    1. Stephanie Rondeau

      “U” please! I love driving fast! I have an autoimmune disease that effects my joints so mobility can be challenging. When I get behind the wheel I just drive for the joy of driving! It’s fun and freeing and I just love it! Good luck everyone and thanks for the chance!

  287. Erin Hawks

    A. Keeping Watch, 5″ x 5″
    I love watching my cat Cletus take a bath. It’s meditative after 15 yrs..almost same number of licks each bath, critical places are inspected, and I’m not Even in the room.

  288. Brad Gillen

    M – Line in the water
    Since I’ve started collecting your art Marq (very unique and kinda off the wall) I’ve been rotating some of my framed pieces on the walls in my office.
    Co-workers and customers alike love it. Sometimes several people with gather and damn can it get chatty.

  289. Laura

    G Seven Birds

    WOW such an amazing image, will forever love these wittle birdies if you allow them to come to my home. Hiking the Appalachian mtns brings me great joy.

  290. Fredy Q

    Pack Y please! Thanks for sharing Marq and hope you can spread a little love my way. Dug the Twitch vibes by the way, that Marvin Gaye “You’re The Man” album sounded sweeeet on those speakers of yours! Appreciate ya hosting this family affair ❤️

  291. Kristi Price

    M-Line in the Water for me please! Being around the water is a source of comfort for me and fishing is something I love! You can catch me most weekends at the lake or the bay with my family relaxing with a line in the water!

  292. Matthew Patera

    I would love mystery pack Y for tonight.

    I like to pick up my cat and hold him above my head while I sing the Lion King opening theme song. Hatsa venya mava ba teese a baba (I know it’s now right)

  293. Tricia

    Pack T- this print pack will hang in my favorite room with HORIZONTAL STRIPES wallpaper. Would look amazing hoping I get lucky!

  294. Mike

    I would like to buy the print that came with the listening puzzle. I got the puzzle the 2nd round where no print was included so just hoping one is floating around somewhere. Something unique about me is that one of my eyes is near sighted and the other is far sighted so if I’m in just the right spot things seem to be a little bit clearer.

  295. Don

    Y mystery pack please

    Need moar spoosta in my collection, I love fishing and spending time in the water, this gives me great joy but also sorrow as it keeps me away from a computer so i usually miss your drops.

    Thanks for the chance.

  296. Scott Caldwell

    K, Patiently Perched 5×5
    Something I love that’s kind of unique. Scuba diving. The tranquility of being under water with little sound; mostly your own breathing is for me peaceful. And it’s always fun to see what’s awaiting around the corner; wether it’s a pretty see fan or a sea turtle or any of the other beautiful wonders that left for us to enjoy.

  297. Hessel

    Pack R please! It’s funny that when these get doodled on a Saturday night, it’s breakfast time here on Sunday. I don’t like fruity pebbles but love Jimi and gelato

  298. Michael Green

    V..! In March we will be moving into our first family home! We have a 6 month old that in funny way reminds me of that little guy. I would love to have it framed and placed in his room or maybe in the front hallway. Just a little(literally) remind to celebrate all the small victories along with the big ones. Thank you for the opportunity!

  299. Brian

    Y please

    This was such a tough choice but I really need more art in my collection, I recently found your work and very thankful for that.
    Being alive and walking up everyday brings me great joy

  300. Tim Burke

    L. Spring Swing

    I’ve been working from home due to Covid and my toddler daughter and son started screaming at me today to “RUN!” and I couldn’t figure out why. Finally they let me in on the secret, I was precariously close to getting engulfed by the hot lava spreading across our living room!

  301. Matt T

    B please!!!!

    A few days ago I released 2 beautiful hummingbirds that I had nursed for a few days until they could do for their own again after they had run into the glass door on the back porch. This would be the perfect reminder of them!

  302. Tony

    W Please,
    My family now likes to watch your twitch streams and listen to the music that you play. Kind of a new thing we all share 🥰

  303. Shaun Seip

    Z. Total Mystery Package Please!

    I really love cats. I wish I had the funds to open a shelter, rescue or mobile animal spay neuter program to help control animal population and give better quality of life.

  304. Melinda

    Pack O please. I love Prince. Saw him live 20+ times. Never saw Janet Jackson but I do love her jam Nasty. I don’t eat frogs legs, not even the mossy green kind that sparkles.

  305. Katie

    omg that 7 birds might be my favorite print ever! It reminds me of sipping an ice cold sparkling lemon fizz on a hot summer day! One of the few things I enjoy enough to get me through summers until the snow starts falling and I can do what I really love – skiing powder!!!

  306. Chris Wren

    As j. Mascis said so eloquently, “I feel the pain all over” …after I never win any of these. Help me “feel something!!” Lol. Thanks for the chance Marq!

  307. Oliver Pence

    Pack M – Id love a nice day off to fish, but id say my I Love my Job! I got a CDL a couple of years ago and a job in trucking. I do chicagoland pickups and deliveries in a big ol tractor trailer. I requires me to my most responsible and adventerous self. The money is awesome and im luckily able to be home every night to my wonderful wife. Thanks Marq Looooooove yoooooou. Dont know if there was a PW for M but i was luckily able to catch the stream in the truck and loved the music. Thanks for what you do!

  308. Teri

    Z Please, I love a mystery!

    I also love collecting your art for my kids, you inspire my young artist. Thanks for all you do. 🎨 👨‍🎨

  309. Thomas Corrigan

    Spread the Love ❤️
    I’m all in love with this Wax Walter.
    N please and thank you!
    I love when I share music with my daughter’s and they get into it. Old and new. When they pick from my vinyl or CD collection and sing along or jam out to stuff I love. Especially when the love K-pop and other current sensations.

  310. Derrick S.


    I walked about 1 mile today. Smoked grass….then walked another 4.20 miles or way more….maybe a little less.

  311. Billy Joyce

    M. Line in the Water

    Lake Marie by John Prine.. many years later we found ourselves in Canada.. trying to save our marriage, or perhaps catch a few fish.. whichever seemed easiest

  312. Joe Hammes

    B. A Couple of Birds In The Rain
    I love (and miss!) seeing live music!
    These twitch sessions have been amazing watching your characters come to life! Little known fact is that Jimi Hendrix once lived with the Isley Brothers 🙂

  313. Dylan Silverman

    Pack U – Thought Pets

    One of my favorite movies is Donnie Darko. This movie is extremely thought-provoking, and on the surface-level provides phenomenal entertainment. With that being said, it much deeper than what it seems. During each viewing I pick up something new; something that better connects the dots to the movie’s deeper meaning. A first-time viewer may enjoy the 80’s coming-of-age theme, but a more in-tune viewer will notice that this movie delved into deeper, more sci-fi concepts like parallel universes and timelines, repeating timelines, the 4th dimension, and the end of the world. I feel the underlying themes of the movie are freewill vs destiny, as well as sacrifice and selflessness in almost a religious manner.

    Another reason why I absolutely love this movie is the music. If you enjoy 80s music, you will surely enjoy this tracklist (Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, Echo & the Bunnymen & more). The protagonist’s little sister is part of a dance team called Sparkle Motion, and there are some fantastic scenes with Sparkle Motion dancing to 80s tunes, and music juxtaposing the scene.

    Ultimately, this movie is riddled with thought-provoking motifs, amazing actors (Patrick Swayze, Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, and even a super young, albeit brief appearance from Seth Rogan).

    Please watch this movie if you have not, preferably the original version (not the director’s cut). Apologies for the long, essay-style comment, but I truly LOVE this movie.

  314. Michelle Cotton

    Pack C –
    Love this Elder …all the colors of the rainbow.
    Love my kiddos…they love fruity pebbles so much but I never let them eat em so I actually wrapped up a box and put it under the tree this year….but they were more excited about the skittles in their stockings.

  315. Frank Ogalin

    K. Patiently Perched

    I love singing along with the patiently perched birds and the good vibes they bring in the morning.

  316. That Swinger’s a HummDinger

    🤔 something I love that is unique and off the wall…the match to print L !! She’s waiting and praying in my portfolio hoping to find her long lost twin!!😍😉🙃🙏

  317. Erin

    L. Please and thank you. 🙂 Some unique things I Lava are the smell of puppy breath, cracking the caramelize sugar on creme brûlée and the sound of crunching leaves. Something else I Lava is twirling my 3 year old sons hair with my fingers while we are watching a movie.

  318. Sven Johnson

    P- Mr. Bloomjangles, thanks so much!
    I love to make scratch edibles and surprise friends to see their reactions, and this guy reminds me of a big ol nug!

  319. Chris


    WOW! That Enjoy It is ridiculous!

    Right now I love hot chocolate! Put some marshmallows in there with some whipped cream with cinnamon sprinkled on top…I mean, come on.

  320. Cam Brinning

    M. I love farming here in Iowa, especially raising cattle. My favorite thing to do is riding the 4 wheeler down to the cow pasture, cracking open a beer, packing a bowl, and watching the cows. Much Love, thanks for the opportunity.

  321. WaLNuTTeR (Brian)

    Z – what’s up Spusta Team
    Things I love
    – Patrice O’Neal standup
    – Conan O’Brien’s podcast
    – the old school radio show “Suspense!”
    – JQBX music app (need Spotify premium)
    – Bobby Lee
    – Weird art of all forms

  322. Anthony Richards

    Z – My off-the-wall liking is the sport of cricket. Specifically the IPL (Indian Professional League). Favorite team Sunrisers Hyberbad!

  323. Heidi

    I love seeing concerts in the rain, whether it be BB King, the Isley Brother or Jimi Hendrix; you just can’t beat the feeling.

  324. Nate

    Pack S – Celebrate. I can’t wait to Celebrate my son’s first birthday in November, I know he’ll love the party we throw for him!

  325. Elizabeth Holt

    I’m entering for K, patiently perched

    My name is Elizabeth and something unique that I love is trains! I used to work for a railroad museum and go to train shows with other train enthusiasts. I can tell you all about narrow gauge trains if you’ve got the time – beware, I am a bit chatty.

  326. Kevon Combs

    Y MarQ seems I may have missed this one after secretly watching Twitch during Zoom meeting today…I got stuck at work anyway! Morning invoice would make looking stupid on follow up Zoom call Tomorrow just fine! Regardless thank you for what you do! Warmest regards!

  327. Madeline Mills

    Pack L would be amazing!!! I love the swing girl and how touched it is. It’s hot like LAVA!

    My boyfriend widdled me anal beads recently 🙂

    1. Holly Kissell

      Madeleine, make sure he finishes them correctly, or you’ll forever be picking out his splinters!! 😂😂😂

      1. John C (not meant as my comment)

        Lol, holly your too funny girl!! For sure use the finest grade sandpaper with those of course after uses all the proper grain sizes accordingly!!

  328. Andy Cotton

    ‘A’ please. Keeping watch. I didn’t watch the twitch mainly because I’m technicolor challenged and can barely operate this iPhone. If I had to tell you something random that I love I would have to say lamp. That’s right. I love lamp.

    Your friend – Andy

  329. John Robbins

    *Z Mystery Pack*
    Because I love a good mystery and we are hosting a murder mystery dinner party next weekend! EPIC

  330. Michael Lombardi


    I’ll try to keep this short and sweet! So, truth be told, I had a chance to add a “Spring Swing” to my collection a few years back and passed on it. Being a huge fan of Marq’s work, I knew it was a wildly popular image. But, for whatever reasons at the time I just didn’t “get” the mass appeal. Now, flash forward a few years later and having a daughter, I totally “get” it now!!!

  331. Ryan

    U !

    I love driving in the car with the heater on my feet and all windows down after a surf. Warm up the toes and breath in the fresh air!

    Thanks for the chance Marq!

  332. Sacha

    I’d love a chance at letter “S”, Celebrate red.
    I love throwing parties and hosting people (although there hasn’t been any hosting in a while). I’m happy Valentine’s Day is around the corner. I’ll be throwing a virtual Love Party!

  333. Drew Alderman

    P Bloomjangles thanks!m
    I really love bowling, I’ve been bowling in league since I was a kid and I have 8 perfect games!

  334. Andrew Farrimond

    I would love a total mystery pack Z.

    Being 50 with a 6 year old daughter has meant life has been all about changing to her ways (and to having a family in general). I love to see her grasp new understanding of the world around her, the sponge like way that she can suck in information and seemingly remember everything (although it would be nice if she could focus that intelligence on something more helpful than Pokemon! LOL)

  335. Ryan Gross

    Z; I love my amazing girlfriend who makes me a better person everyday, the prettiest of these prints would be for her because she deserves everything beautiful in life.

  336. Aaron Feldman

    ‘O’ please!
    I was so close earlier today.

    I love Michelleskipoos. She’s so sweet and she love O too.


  337. Julia Sanders

    Y pack is my pick, and what does is for me is turning everyday conversations into poetry. Just like the art on paper there’s art in words and each can ignite the fire that makes your spirit burn.

  338. Joseph Robertson

    V please and thank you!

    I use a sleep app with that has many sounds. Using one headphone helps. The one with the rain feeling is very helpful to fall a sleep. Thanks for the consideration to be picked! Thanks Marq and Gnomes!

  339. John Mullen

    Pack D please, with my fingers crossed.
    I like piña coladas
    And gettin’ caught in the rain
    I am not into yoga
    I have half a brain
    I like makin’ love at midnight
    In the dunes on the cape

  340. Becker

    Z please . I love lining up nails and perfectly nailing them into a board. Just for fun. I even imagine how many nails would perfectly fit in an object I see in passing. Lol.

  341. Rahim Ali

    The Frog and Fly “O. Toatums” is fantastic and want to try to be selected for this . ..
    love the paintings of the natural with fantasy that make you use your imagination !

  342. Anna Colonna

    L. Swing

    I certainly remember the time when I had these crazy drinks with all sorts of names that certainly left me spinning and swinging!!! The drinks/cocktails I had were called a hurricane, tornado, volcano and hot lava cocktails!!! Good luck to all for the ones you are going for!

  343. Danielle S.

    I told my husband, of he wins the lottery for N. Waxwalter, that he’s going to end up in horizontal stripes of his own!!!

  344. mark gall

    I’d love a shot at d.

    Something i love and im getting back into is snowboarding. Just moved to oregon from il. Ive been several times already this year.
    Also my Chihuahua Bulleit! He is the best

  345. Lian S


    It’s my birthday tomorrow and this would be the best present! I have been a fan forever and this is my favorite ever!

  346. Brian Burkus

    P. Mr. Bloomjangles.

    Love the 2 little husband / wife goats we rescued from Valley of the Kings. We named them Rueban and Cherise – and we all know what happened to Cherise. Not this time

  347. Cutter White

    P !
    Love when you put on a record and it’s at the wrong RPM… but you leave it on anyways because you like when it gets weird 🙂

  348. Evan Marshall

    Hey Marq, I’d like to request pack M – Line in the Water. At bath time my kid was in the water getting chatty with his daddy and he asked “can we go to SF for a TRPS show like we used ta”, I said, “not this year son, but I’m praying for some Spusta!”

  349. Nara Ramanujan

    O. Toatums

    I’m a guy with a really deep voice but when I sing in my car, I LOVE to sing falsetto…as in Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother, Donna Summer “I Feel Love” falsetto. Damnit Marq! I hope no one I know actually reads this!

  350. Jackson Higgins

    Z. Please!

    Sometimes I leave the toilet seat up on purpose when I get home late from work because I know my girlfriend might dunk her doughnut in the middle of the night 🙂

    Also thank you for the bonus stuff on my first order. Hopefully I can score my first prints!

  351. Steve Shuff

    I have a serious fondness for and love the flavor of habanero peppers. The heat is secondary to the flavor. I’m currently slathering everything I can with a smoked habanero sauce that I’m digging. 🌶🔥

  352. Mark

    “The owls are not what they seem”
    “The owls are not what they seem”

    “There is a man in a smiling bag”
    “Without chemicals he points.”
    I prefer my coffee black as midnight on a moonless night sky.

    Thanks MarqOh!

  353. Brandon raines

    Y please sirs. My favorite things is music and festivals/shows. Something we’ve lacked lately. Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything. As well who doesn’t love a good festival burrito as well!

  354. Nick Fox

    Put me in for Pack Z. My guilty pleasure/love is frying shredded cheese into little caramelized pancakes and eating them with sliced avocados and seasoning. You can thank me later;)

  355. Chris

    Pack Q – Bliss but, reminds me of all the blissful bugs I see when I’m hiking, frolicking around on the green moss of the forest floor

  356. Michael Brady

    L – as in for late to the post as always haha

    Been loving the keto life helping me drop 90+ lbs in the last year giving me a rejuvenation of energy so I can keep up with my three kids

  357. Patricia Loftus

    Pack I – I love when it just starts to get dark and the street lights
    come on in our little town. It feels like I am in a painting.

  358. Paul Goldberg

    Pack Z please. Did you know that Z-packs are a standard pharmaceutical antibiotic? What could be better for covid times than z-packs?

    Spreading love thru my work at the Homeless Garden here in Santa Cruz. Thanks for the art (and Tunes) Marq!

  359. Kym Carlisle

    Z – total mystery pack, please!

    I absolutely love rubbing the soft, fuzzy area on my dog’s belly, just inside her back legs!

    Thanks for the lottos! 🙂

  360. Ezekiel Tallant

    G seven birds

    Or any pack really with birds. I feed a lot of birds and am out of the game lately but would love some spusta birds. Late here probably too but better late than never.

    1. Ezekiel Tallant

      G is gone. Soooo A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Now i said my Abc’s next time wont you sing with me.

      My 2 year old son said he needs just 1 bird. And i am NOT a spammer!!!

  361. Briana Keller

    Pack Y would be my go to. I adore your work and of the gnomes. Thanks for the consideration. They are all hot as lava that lemongrass birds is amazing. Much appreciated.

  362. Chris Phumai

    Pack Y

    I love music and miss going to live shows with my wife. Your twitch sessions have been therapeutic all through 2020 until now.

    Thanks for the chance ✌️❤️🍻

  363. Corinna L. Greene

    Q please! My quirky cute thing is at Dog Fish Head Analog a gogo I was able to help hold lights so that Marq could keep on drawing well after it dark and time to go home! It was one of my top experiences as a Spusta fan!!

  364. Wes

    H. Tweek

    I love the ritual of how my 2 cats interact with me just before they know I’m about to leave the house for work and when I get home. Both 15 year old spoiled brats.

  365. Cameron Tanner

    Z for me please. One of my favorite things to do, from October 1 through December 25, is to cuddle up on the couch with my four year old and watch her favorite holiday film, the Nightmare Before Christmas.

  366. George Dickerson

    Would love a shot a Z gotta love a mystery..
    Ergo I love scooby and shaggy ridin around w the munchies in the mystery machine 🙈. 🤘🏽❤️🤘🏽
    much love and thx for the chance

  367. Colin Nanavaty

    Q is great! And one thing that I love is a good warm cup of tea on a cool clear night. That tea is alway refreshingly warm and fills the soul

  368. Micah Hughes`

    R would be a dream come true! As someone who is always marveling and enjoying the beauty of animals and creatures….this Squatch really sings to me. Look at that beautiful little trio of magic!

  369. Nick Femal


    This one fits best as my 7 year old son absolutely loves surprises…the best gift receiver ever!! And we are going to open this mystery pack together see what’s inside!! So fun!!

  370. Philip Craft

    I would like “B” please. Two Birds in the Rain would look great as a center piece in my new home.

    I love exploring and living life to the fullest. I love snow and the Winter. I love music. I love depression glass and Fiestaware. I love all animals, but I am petrified of snakes. Most of all I like to escape to the Catskills any time of year just to feel like I am home.
    Thank you for all you do for us Marq

  371. Marc levine

    Q is the one I need. Chill bug is me to a T
    Always loved the eyes on your creations

    I appreciate you sharing your creative juices with us

  372. Keith Morgan

    N Waxwalter is amazeballs

    We feed the birds in our backyard and it always makes me smile to see how badly my big kitten wants to go outside and play with them, maybe until they die.
    But he never gets to. ❤️

  373. Lea Medders

    I’d love a shot at O – Toatums.

    When I was in grade school I was chasing my brother around the house with a pencil in my sleeve and fell. My chin landed on the sharp end of the pencil and the tip broke off in my chin. My parents rushed me to the ER and they dug around in there trying unsuccessfully to retrieve the tip. So, to this day there’s still a peice of graphite in my chin and I can roll it around.

    Just realized I previously entered as a reply to someone else, oops!

  374. Travis H. Bryant

    Pack V. Love live music. Which unfortunately we haven’t gotten in a while. Could use some art to help fill the void!

  375. Mary

    I love being so insanely indecisive that even though I have loads of secret information, I fell asleep trying to decide which piece I love MORE than the others. How does one simply choose between a love of tasty rainbows & love for mossy midnight skies?! I guess I just love too much, really. I love them all. I love them hard. I love them as much as gelato. And now I have loved them and lost them. I see the light now & it burns my heart like nasty lava.

    So I’d like PACK Z, please. Because I really do LOVE a mystery! Like Jimi loves to snuggle hummingbirds. 💜
    Too chatty??

  376. Jonathan levine

    Q please. Love me some late night (never before 1am) s’mores pop tarts. Or strawberry if those ain’t available

  377. Grant K

    Y, I love ancient history. I spend hours on YouTube, Wikipedia,podcasts and documentaries. Just never ceases to captivate me 🙂

  378. Ryan

    Z please!!!! Just knocking around the Zoo on a Thursday afternoon. Going meet up with Otis and Red for a little love party. Think we might jam out some Phish love that Sparkle song.

  379. Taylor M

    L. Spring Swing, 7.25″ x 5″ – $250

    My 1 year old daughter slaps my nose as I am rocking her to sleep and I love it.

  380. Melissa Mercurio

    Just received my Z pack and it is absolute 🔥🔥🔥! Thank you for selecting my post ❤️❤️❤️


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