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It’s a Nozo type Wednesday at the Spusta Studio. Nozo is the latest 7″ x 7″ mini screen print that comes in a variety of colors and papers. These Nozo mini packs will be released through the Shop a bit before six pm California time today, 07/27/16. These packs will be similar to the recent lil’ listeners packs, but there are less of them to go around – sorry to those that miss out or experience trouble checking out.

41 thoughts on “Nozos are coming

  1. Ray

    Sweet looking print, unfortunately I’ll be in class, so I’ll be missing out on this one. Good luck to everyone!

  2. 1918 Old Grandpa

    Looks like Mr. Spusta wants to keep all of these prints on the West Coast… Drop times need to start being much earlier.

  3. posterisdead

    Drop times should be whatever Marq dictates, grandpa.

    He is going to sell out, regardless of the time. People are going to bitch, regardless of the time. Same as it ever was.

    Good luck on the drop, everyone.

  4. C. Daniels

    Already crossing my fingerz!!! My first chance at a mini pack in forever. Best of luck to everyone

  5. bloomjangles

    Really was hoping to catch one of these, checkout problems. 🙁 Might just have to find on one the ole Ebay.

  6. Will

    Woo! I felt like a ninja, checking out with the ferocity of a jaguar! So stoked to check out the contents of my pack! 🙂

  7. Cindy

    Please, please, please with Spusta Cherries on top, Gnomes please let me buy the one still sitting in my cart:):):):)

  8. Tee

    Such a sweet piece. What a bummer it wouldn’t let me checkout in the cart. I was on it right when 5:50 turned too. 🙁


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