O-kee-dokeee, hello faithful friends and flip-happy foes,

This is a very unique release format…so let’s try to lay it down as smooth as possible. The squares pictured above are each different 5″ x 5″  screen print varieties we’ve included in random packs and orders over the years – but none of them have gotten the full size, signed and numbered edition treatment…until now.

Today, we are selling one of the images pictured that we have made into full size print (with at least one dimension measuring 12″). This edition of 105 is printed on a chartreuse paper stock pictured in the second photo. Since this edition is so limited – we are selecting our customers through this “purchasing game” I guess you could call it.

This new mystery print will be $55 + shipping & handling.

Interested customers should:
• Comment only once on this post with 2 guesses of which print it is that we are selling today –  of the 9 pictured (from left to right: Wading, Patiently Perched, In My Head, Line In The Water, Flutter Friend?, Melvook, Suzy, Bask Boost, Enjoy It)

So if there’s certain images you like most, maybe you should pick those – or just your best guess as to which one we are releasing now (others may get called up later). If you guess the correct print you certainly aren’t guaranteed to get an invoice, we likely won’t have enough to get them to everyone who picks correctly. The order of your 2 guesses will probably be a factor, so consider which will be your first and second choice. The quicker you get to commenting on this post, the better chance you have of getting an invoice if you pick correctly. There will be some gnome-discretion to avoid selecting customers that have been instantly reselling prints for profit.

Invoices will be sent from the Shop to the hidden email attached to the comments.

Thanks for playing everyone.

One more thing to note; we actually intended for this particular edition to be much more than 105 prints, but there was a paper issue, so we rolled with it and let this one be a bit of a rarity.

Oh, and one last thing – we will send one of you that doesn’t answer correctly a package with these 9 minis pictured…..for free, it’ll just show up on in you’re mailbox and you’ll be all “Whaaaaaaa?!?!?”







988 thoughts on “Mystery Print Release Purchasing Contest

  1. Nathaniel

    Can’t wait to see which mini makes it to the big game! My guesses are:

    1. Line in the Water
    2. Patiently Perched

  2. colton

    Thanks marq for combating flippers and the chance to get your art!!!!! My two guess are line in water and patiently perched!!

  3. Jay

    1. patiently perched
    2. Line in the water

    So excited some of the minis are getting a call up to the big leagues!!! Please keep this up!!!

  4. Deb Kocan

    So excited to see which it is!! I don’t have any of these!!
    I’m thinking:
    1. Patiently Perched
    2. In My Head

    Fingers, toes, legs & eyes crossed ?

  5. El Oso Blanco

    My two guesses and preferences are
    1. Line in the water
    2. Flutter Friend

    Good luck all and thank you Gnomies!!! 🙂

  6. Brad Stout

    Love this idea 🙂

    1) Line in the water
    2) Patiently Perched

    Love a chance to add one of these to the collection

  7. John C Budny

    This is a great way to release the print Marq!

    I hope beyond, and I mean REALLY REALLY hope it’s:

    Patiently Perched!!!

    Second guess would be: Line in the Water

  8. Travis szewczyk

    Line in the water

    You should keep track of what numbers go to who and if any pop up on eBay ban them for life

  9. Ben Heilberg

    My guesses are:
    1.) Bask Boost
    2.) Line in the Water

    I sure do hope it is either! Thanks for the chance. Definitely excited to see what it is regardless!!

  10. Jason Peltzer

    I love this!

    Hoping for my first ever win, here’s my entries!

    1. Patiently Pearched
    2. Bask Boost

    Please please please let this be!

  11. Cindy

    What a cool thing to wake up to…..4.25 an here
    Hoping I am still in with a chance with all those guesses…..good luck everyone
    1. Patiently Perched
    2. Bask Boost

    Thanks Marq for keeping it fun

  12. Nancy Brunner

    I hope I’m not to late. Work has me crazy thinking about a new print!!!

    1)Line in the water
    2) Flutter Friend

  13. Alex Bee

    1. Patiently Perched
    2. Bask Boost

    I’m crossing my fingers, toes, teeth, eyes, privates, EVERYTHING! Hope to get chosen!


  14. Aliano Olivo

    1. Bask Boost

    2. Wading

    All the Art shown above is absolutely breathtaking the 2 I choose are my faves. Good luck to all and thanks for the chance to win.

  15. jacqueline calcagnino

    number 9, number 9, number 9….

    my pick is listening, on black rubber paper? may i get a doodle too!~ 😛

    thanks marq, keep on playin’

    did i read that wrong? 🙂

  16. Stephanie Tullos

    What a great paper color:
    My 1st guess…..wading
    & 2nd ……patiently perched
    Thanks so much for the chance…..
    Gotta luv ’em

  17. Jeff Williams

    Little late to the party u see. Hopefully, fashionably so with :
    Line in the water

    Patiently Perched.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  18. Tom Shaw

    1. Flutter Friend?
    2. Enjoy It.

    Thanks Marq and family! Still trying to get my hands on my first Spusta…..your drops are tough, yo.

  19. michelle

    Kind of late to the game.. Better late than never right??

    My guesses .
    1: Line In The Water
    2: Enjoy It

    Thanks for the chance!

  20. Sam ross

    Line in the water or patiently perched, thank you for giving everyone a fair chance, can’t wait to see which lil young 5×5 becomes a grown up today!

  21. Emily McD.

    Suzy and Enjoy It

    I’m just going for it because you know what? I never make the drops and I can’t afford the secondary market, so if I lose, I’m no worse off than I am already. LOL. Peace. xo


  22. John C

    Thanks for the chance Marq and the gnomes and I love the fact that the gnomes will be selecting based on people that may been past flippers/quick sellers! So here is to hoping I guess correct!

    1. Wading

    2. Line in the Water

    Thanks again for the chance! Good luck to all!

  23. Blake Dunk

    1: Patiently Perched
    2: Bask Boost

    Thank you for the chance! Would love to add something to my noobish collection…

  24. Ollie

    1. Bask Boost
    2. Line in the Water

    It absolutely has to be Bask Boost because the detail and color will really pop in a larger print.


    flip happy foes” coming from a guy that’s pretty much printing his own money with open editions
    welcome to the slippery slope called the secondary market