The gnomes have made a small batch of magnets that will be added to the shop’s inventory this Wednesday 01/11) morning (after 9:35 am pst). Most of the 68 magnet series singles will be available, though some in much smaller quantities than others.

Thrown in the mix will also be some One-Off magnets, which are individually selected and cut sections from the actual art prints, posters and minis. The photos above shows a few of our favorites from this batch. The One-Offs will be sold as single magnets (limit one per customer), but there are also a handful set aside to be randomly tossed in some of the bigger orders this Wednesday. Extra points for using the “Comboship” discount code correctly if you purchase magnets in multiple order transactions.

Quantities are limited – We expect these magnets to disappear quickly. Details on this product can be found in the shop (at the time of this post)…


8 thoughts on “Makin’ Magnets…

  1. Kara Rutkowski

    I’m trying to order some magnets & stickers but I’m having some difficulty. Is there a link or site where it’s easier to complete my order? Please send me a link for ordering. Thank you for your time.

    1. mnhughes

      Most of his inventory is sold out, especially magnets and stickers. He has a few posters in stock, but most of his work sells out instantaneously.

    2. Spusta Gnome Post author

      Kara, we recommend getting an account set-up in the shop before new products go on sale, so you’re ready and fast. Magnets will be available in a little over an hour.

  2. Kevin

    Scored my 1st one off today and a few others. Super stoked. Would love to see some mish mush shirts in xxl when you get around to the next batch. ?


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