Here’s a batch of 17 prints, variants and oldies that are now being put up for sale. There is only one of each of the prints available.

The price and details for each print is listed when you click on the image. If you’re interested in grabbing one of these prints, please leave a comment stating which print you’d like to purchase. Please only choose one print per customer. If multiple people choose the same print, one buyer will randomly be chosen later today. Selected customers will receive an invoice to purchase through paypal. Make sense?

Thanks for the interest!

(prices include shipping in the US, international bids will be billed for the extra shipping cost.)


93 thoughts on “Hump day goodie grab sale

  1. Matt M

    I would love any of these to adorn my walls but would really love the WSP Oakland to join his other friends on my Panic wall. Thanks Marq!

  2. Simon

    Wow,the my morning jacket poster is awesome,but dont put me in the lottery as i cant afford it,but ,shame no Vedder

  3. Mark

    Please add me to the lotto for the Panic at the Fox Theater poster (2009). I love this poster. The silver variant looks so amazing, and I’ve been looking everywhere for a copy. fingers crossed! Thank, Marc!

  4. Rick Caldarella

    I’ve missed out on the Widespread Panic NOLA 2010 halloween poster every time I’ve tried to snag it. Maybe this time will be the charm.

  5. Shandon

    Would love to be entered in the lotto for poster #11, the widespread panic print from the fox theater in 2009.


  6. Steve

    Holy moly!
    Marq, please put me on the short list for the WSP Fox Silver edition. Love, love, love it!!!
    Thanks for the chance!

  7. Jeff

    Marq! So glad I stopped by today I always miss these opportunities. Id love a shot at the adorable one for the boy’s room. what size is that ?

    1. Marq

      Adorable One etching is 11.5″ x 14″, with an image area of 8″x9.5″

      The Patriot etching is smaller, at 10.25″x12″

  8. Andrew Franklin

    Hi Marq, thanks for this lottery. If you would love the opportunity to buy the WSP 2009 Fox print (11).


  9. Leah

    Hey Marq, The Panic at the Fox ’09, #11 poster is sweet as were the shows. This would make the perfect wedding gift for my new husband, 7-23-11. Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks, Leah

  10. Martha

    Hey Marq – Add me to the list for #11 WSP Fox Theater Oakland 09 por favor. Would love to add it to the collection!!

    $$ Thanks : )

  11. gonzo303

    I guess I’d like to fail in this lottery. So I’ll go for the fox Oakland WSP silver!!

    Thanks for the shot. I’ll own it someday!

  12. marq Post author

    Starting to pick buyers now. I’ll drop comments as prints/customers get randomly selected.

    1. marq Post author

      Selected so far….
      Adorable One
      Antlorious Orkaphylx Steel
      Widespread Panic Fox 09 Silver

      picking the rest now

            1. marq Post author

              There are a handful of prints that I don’t think have been selected yet. These prints are now $15 off to the first folks to claim them.

              Punkin Ale
              Decemberists Fox – Copper
              Sleepy Sun – Green
              Summer Camp ’11 – Green
              Widespread Panic Summer ’10 – Purple

  13. david tolliver

    WSP oakland 09!!!!!! I have become an avid collector of your work over the past years and none of your posters have I longed for more than this one. make my month !

  14. Steve

    Cool! Thanks for the late snag of the Sleepy Sun variant!
    I don’t know why there are any regular editions left of this print.
    Although, it looks outstanding in person. The interweb has never done it justice.
    Thanks again Marq. I’m stoked.
    I’m LOL too.

  15. asleepatthewheel

    Just woke up to notice you had this awesome lotto for everyone! Very Cool! I’ll have to remember to check in more frequently and to fight the urge to doze off lest I miss out the next drop. Speaking of drop, I need to pile up in the sofa over here. Nice to see some of those artprintetchings in the mix this go ’round.

  16. shawnmac64

    Marq,I’m a little disappointed that “we” weren’t notified about this lottery .I was on vacation . An email would be nice next time. Many of prints I would love to own in my collection. I refuse to buy any on ebay anymore. I would rather the artist profit. Anyway I make it a habit to check the site daily….sometimes more. thanks

    1. marq Post author

      There will be more in the future Shawn. But I prefer not to make too big of a splash (emailing/posting) with these these little lotteries of less than 20 prints. Hope we can get some more prints in your collection soon.

    2. Daniel DeBarr

      not trying to be rude. but ive never been informed via email of any of these lotteries. ive simply stumbled in at the right time. im sure u wouldnt be “a little disappointed” if u had scored one.
      marq is great for even doing things like this for his fans so i dont think u have much right to complain about the way he handles his business.

      im greatful i won this round. but ive not won or not known about them before, i didnt resort to calling out marq’s practices.

      just my .02


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