44 thoughts on “Billy Strings – Madison, WI Poster

  1. Hightime

    Me oh my! What a beautiful sight to see such an amazing poster for an amazing picker! Dynamite work as per usual Mr. S, can’t wait to see this in person! Cheers

  2. Klaus Etzold

    That’s absolutely beautiful – feel blessed to have been introduced to your work that brings such joy – hope to own an edition one day!

    1. Eric Dargis

      I would love a chlorophyll poster. A huge fan of Billy Strings, saw him for the first time at the innings festival in Tempe AZ. Mind altering for sure

  3. Joshua Thompson

    Would love to have one- sold out as soon as I got it Saturday. What an incredible show ❤️⚡️

  4. Jason Lindekugel

    I have a foil print! Ahh it’s so beautiful, just like the past three days of living in the sprinter van. Three nights of Billy MF Strings. That poster is part of my life now! I wish I had a Spusta signature on it 😉

  5. Mike Steffans

    1Foil please.
    An awesome print to add to the great memories of three nights of Billy. This print represents three of my favorite things..Spusta, hummingbirds, and Billy Strings. Appreciate the opportunity to get this print.

    1. Joe Lesh

      Hey Marq! I would LOVE to get my hands on a Chlorophyll edition of this print! I was supposed to be at these shows but had to give up my tickets due to starting my new job as an Operating Room nurse at a new hospital. Happy to not be a floor nurse after the last 2 loooong years! Thanks for all you do!

  6. Tony Calabria

    Despite being logged in the split second AP prints have dropped I have missed EVERY SINGLE DROP this year. I am begging you please give me hope. I think this lottery is actually a great idea and I think you are setting the future trend for this crazy cult. I would love the Champagne please and THANK YOU

  7. Anthony Calabria

    My son is a huge Billy Strings fan and he hasn’t stopped talking about this poster since it was first posted. He wasn’t at this show, we live in NY, but he is dying to get his hands on this print. It’s his birthday in a few weeks and I would love to surprise him with one. I guess the Chlorophyll one, please. Thank you for your consideration

  8. Kyle Morales

    chlorophyll pretty please, if I do get lucky enough to frame one of these in our home, could I make a small request and personalize the back of the print with my kids names please. Just make it out to Peter, Penelope, and Phoebe. Love always Daddy.

  9. Amanda Wolf

    The Chlorophyll is absolutely beautiful. 3 little birds—hummingbirds.. We grow plants specifically to attract the hummingbirds. Sunflower always lifts my soul and puts a smile on my face. This collaboration with Bill Strings is beyond special. I was lucky enough to make it to 2 of the shows. It was my fiancé’s first time making it to a concert since his colon had been removed. This poster means more then words can tell to us. Thank you for this opportunity. 💗🎶💫

  10. Hightime

    The mania surrounding this lil poster is a testament to your talents and ethics both as an artist and an all around great human being, the best in the biz. Thanks for all you do, and congrats to all those who were lucky enough to grab a copy. I’m looking forward to seeing more awesome stuff from the studio this year. Bring on the madness of March! Cheers


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