The Starry-Souled Seer mini prints and packs are in very limited supply. Some inventory is being released through the Shop and we will also be sending invoices to commenters on this post. (Follow the rules exactly for a chance)

Starry-Souled Seer Mystery Mini Pack includes 4 mini screen prints: 
(photo is an example of what could be in a pack.)
• “Starry-Souled Seer” 7″ x 7″ mini screen print variety.
• Mystery 7″ x 7″ mini screen print variety from a previous batches of minis.
• Mystery 7″ x 5″ new mini screen print (either Couple of Birds, Up On In It, or Conjuring).
• Mystery 5″ x 7″ mini screen print variety from a previous batches of minis.

The packs are $90 + shipping.

If you are interested in purchasing a pack and missed out from the shop, please comment with the following:
1. Pick a number 1 – 6. (a dice will be involved in our selecting process)
2. Name 2 -3 favorite Mini Prints of yours. (there’s no right or wrong answers here)
– Customers will be selected randomly from comments.
– Enter only once per customer
– Use customer email that is set-up with the Spusta Studio Shop already
– Only eligible for current customers that did not purchase these packs from the shop as well

199 thoughts on “Starry-Souled Seer – Mystery Mini Packs

    1. kmac

      Thank YOU so much Marq & the Gnomes!! I so appreciate all you
      do to hook good folks up and try to please the masses!
      Much Love to you! Kmac!

  1. ryan nichols


    Lit Boogel, smeezy, and Meandering Homestead are my favorite minis!!

    thanks for the change Marq and the gnomes!

  2. Kenny Blair

    Thanks for the shot 🙂 #4 is my favorite number, and probably Sonny Bloom, In This Together and A Breeding Pair are the favorites of the minis I own, and Bloomjangles, Ganjo, Time with the Tree and Line in the Water are favorites of the ones I don’t have. Thanks again for the shot Marq and the gnomies. Cheers 🙂

  3. Jason Dickson

    Thank you for the chance, drops are tough man.
    Number: 4
    Mini Prints: Eyeven, Line in the Water, Ganjo
    Thank you for everything. Spusta4Life!

  4. Carolina Sosa

    1: 1
    2: Sumfro, Up On In It, Bliss Bug

    Grateful for the opportunity and thank you for keeping things fun!

  5. John

    Thanks so much for another chance at the Starry-Souled Seer… so cool!


    Knowing of Gnomeness
    A Casual Conjuring

  6. Katie Gosiewski

    #1 on the dice!!! a few favorite minis are 7 Birds, Spring Swing, and A Couple of Birds in the Rain (mini) 🙂 Thank You!!

  7. Jason

    A COUPLE OF BIRDS(still in need of though)!😉😉😁

  8. Anthony

    Dice Roll 6

    A couple of birds is amazing, cant go wrong with Smeezy, Spring Swing, or 7 Birds or Gnomeness either!


  9. ChuckSter

    Horned Little Furry Thing, Zammy & Tine With Tree
    🙂 thanks for the chance! Missed out today as I was in meetings all day! Cheers! 🍻

  10. Catalina Lehmann

    Hi Marq

    Corwin wants you to know it’s my birthday, he’s taking me to a nice dinner now. I’ll take 2, I like Larry and banjo frog. Have a great night


  11. wayne

    am i too late, i think i am
    anyhow i would have picked #5
    saintly won the melb cup in 1996
    my fav number ever since
    plus the jockey silks depict a chessboard
    nothing to do with owls
    what a hoot

  12. Dustin Freeman

    Nooooo late yet again!!😢
    Well I guess it can’t hurt…..
    Casual Conjuring, Lit Boogel, and mini swing

  13. Brian Andrews

    Lucky number 2.
    Love a line in the water and dripples. Time with the tree is my favorite though.


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