6 thoughts on “VS18

  1. Thomas N Talley

    This VS18 Print is amazing! It would fit in perfectly in my “Fishing Hallway” which also has a Finzy on one of the walls with multiple other Prints & Real Photos of my family & myself with the biggest fish we’ve caught. That just looks SO awesome!!!

  2. Mitchell Seyfer

    I saw something similar at the Monterey Bay Aquarium last year, and on Paranormal Caught on Camera, and at the Balloon festival in New Mexico. Beautiful.

  3. John C

    Another homerun here as far as I am concerned!!! Wow with the detail at the top of the Jelly!!!

    I can see where someone else mentions seeing something similar at a ballon festival. It does remind me a little bit of your High Serra beauty!!

    I know the High Serra poster has more of a cross-hatched/sewn quilt look to it with the ballon design. I was always amazed that print was only a five color screen print, but I have never seen it in person to give it proper judgement.

    Lots of love and time went into this one!


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