Here’s is your first opportunity to try and purchase”Dripples” or “Five Birds”  , the two prints we hand-pulled at the Union a few weeks back. These screen prints are extremely limited and have their own unique qualities that are written about in the post below. If you’re interested in putting your name in the hat for one of these print purchases, just check the details listed below and comment today.

The two prints each have variant editions along with the main editions, all viewable in the photos above. We are asking interested customers to clearly and specifically choose a #1 and #2 choice to enter the lottery for….you can choose two prints to try for, but need to specify which colored papers you are going for. Here’s a few example entries that should help clarify what we are looking for….

“I’ll go for 1. Five Birds (pink) 2. Five Birds (green)” – or – “My top choice is a main edition Dripples, but if that’s not available I’ll go for the Yellow variant. (shipping to Oz)” – or- “1st: Five Birds (main Edition), 2nd choice: Dripples (main edition)”

There are some interesting fluctuating odds that will occur with different selections based on what everyone else puts in for. Were going to keep the prices the same amongst the main editions and variants to even make it trickier to choose what to enter for…..

-Five Birds = $140+ shipping.
[11 Five Birds prints in lottery – 8 Green (edition of 20), 2 White (edition of 9) & 1 Pink (edition of 4)]

-Dripples = $80 + shipping.
[17 Dripples prints in lottery – 11 Main Edition (edition of 65), 3 Yellow (edition of 3), 1 Pink (edition of 2), 1 Red (edition of 2), 1 Green (edition of 2)]

– Keep in mind, none of these prints are mint as they were handled so much by the artist’s inky hands in the printing process and traveling across the country back to the studio. Expect blemishes and imperfections if you should be selected to purchase one of them.

• Interested customers may enter the purchasing lottery only once by posting a comment with their top 2 choices of the exact color editions their interested in.
• You can post anonymously, but be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Customers will be selected randomly, and invoices will be sent through Paypal.
• Invoices will start going out as soon as we get 100 entries and sporadically through out the afternoon and evening.
• If you’re comment doesn’t show up, it got caught up in our extra-tight spam filter. We will dig you out before we start picking “winning” customers. (though, feel free to email us if you don’t see it to remind us)
• Things that will increase your odds of not being selected as a customer would be: Commenting more than once or not clearly selecting 2 options. Using aliases is also highly annoying and we’ve banned a handful for trying it.

429 thoughts on “Purchasing Lottery – Dripples and Five Birds

  1. Haney

    #1 5 birds – green

    #2 5 birds – white

    Thanks so much for the chance! I think either would look great in my son’s room 🙂

  2. Jessica

    1 5 birds green
    2 5 birds white

    Would really be happy with anything!

    This would look amazing in my daughters room. Thank you!

  3. Duane D

    1st choice: Five Birds (White Edition)
    2nd choice: Dripples (Yellow Edition)

    Thanks for the opportunity Marq / Gnomes

    I bought one of Joshuas hand pulls as well!!

    Good stuff!

  4. Chris Torgerson

    My top choice is Five Birds Green edition but if that’s not available I go for Dripples Main edition. Thank You.

  5. Dylan McKean

    Howdy – here are my choices.

    1. Five Birds White
    2. Five Birds Green

    Hugs and Hi-Fives, Thanks!

  6. Meredith

    1st 5 birds pink
    2nd Dripples pink

    Thank you for another lotto! Now my mind can rest knowing I’ve done everything I can! Good luck to all

  7. Austin B

    1. Five birds (white) (the perch resembles the border art on this page, which I always enjoyed); and

    2. Dripples (yellow).


  8. ryan lawson

    1. 5 birds pink 2. Dripples pink
    but seriously would love any of them please please!
    Beautiful as always!

  9. Kevin H

    Thank you Marq and Gnomes!! I’m Dripple Crazy for sure!!

    #1 Dripples Yellow
    #2 Dripples Pink

    Good luck everyone!

  10. Christopher Bohne

    Pink 5 birds
    Or green 5 birds

    Either of them would look great in Olie’s room!
    Thanks for the opportunity and keep up the great work

  11. adam cline

    1. Dripples – Red
    2. 5 Birds – Green

    Thank You Sir! I really appreciate your art and look forward to seeing more!

  12. Becca

    #1 Dripples Red edition 1st choice but if unavailable would like the main edition.
    #2 Five birds White edition 1st choice but if unavailable would love a pink.

  13. Amie

    I would like a chance at

    (1) 5 birds in green!

    If that’s unavailable, I’d like a chance at

    (2) 5 birds in white!

    Good luck everyone and thanks Marq!

  14. Randall

    I would like my first choice to be 1. Main edition Dripples please 2nd choice 2. Dripples Yellow variant please

    Thank You Very Much and have a great day

  15. Sally

    I’ll take a whack at a Pink Cripples, or a White 5 Birds.
    What’s the worse that could happen?
    Cool to see you pulling ink!

  16. Jay

    Hello Marq and Gnomes!

    1. White 5 birds
    2. Dripples main

    Keep up the awesomeness! You’ve been putting John James Audubon to shame 😉

  17. Aaron

    I would love a chance to own either the Five Birds in green or the Five Birds in white!

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Nathan

    Hi Marq,

    Well I don’t win much so I absolutely needed to try my hand at this sexy birds.

    1. 5 Birds Green
    2. 5 Birds White

  19. LAURA FaOrO

    1. Five Birds (pink) because I’m a girl!
    2. Five Birds (green) …. its spring!
    shipping to Frederick, Maryland

  20. Sam Seabourne

    Ty Marq and Gnomes for the opportunity. Im gonna go big or go home on this one. 🙂

    #1- dripples/red
    #2- dripples/yellow

  21. Aaron

    Thanks for the opportunity.
    1.) 5 birds green
    2.) 5 birds white

    This will look great next to Birds on Branches 😉

  22. Chris Roach

    Id be honored and blessed to have anything.
    First choice Birds any variant
    Second choice Dribbles any variant.
    Much love

  23. Brad Stout

    I would like a shot at the beautiful white 5 birds and the regular edition Dripples.

    First choice: White 5 birds
    Second Choice: Dripples main edition

    Thank you

  24. Clay

    I would like to try for a 5 birds pink edition, if that is not available I would like the same print, main edition. Thanks Marq!

  25. Dan

    Dear Poster Gods/Marq/Knomes

    I would be the luckiest person in my apartment complex by snagging one of the following.
    1- 5 Birds Green
    2- 5 Birds White

    Thank you!

  26. Kristi Simmons

    My top choice is a main edition Dripples, but if that’s not available I’ll go for the Pink variant.

  27. BOWEN

    First choice = 5 birds green with original paint drippings

    second choice = dripples main with original paint dripples

    thanks for the oppurtunity

  28. Roland Fischer

    … hey Marq & little Gnomes – thanks for that great chance!

    1. Five 5 Birds White
    2. Five 5 Birds green

  29. Jason

    Just getting off work! I sure hope this isn’t over! I would love that red drippes but I would be more than happy with a regular edition, so my 1st choice red dripped 2nd main edition!

  30. Roland Fischer

    … hey Marq & little Gnomes – thanks for that great chance!

    1. Five 5 Birds White
    2. Five 5 Birds green

  31. Nate Jackson

    “My top choice is a main edition Dripples, but if that’s not available I’ll go for the Pink variant. Thank you for the Chance.

  32. bradley

    1.) Five Birds (White)
    2.) Five Birds (Green)

    these are awesome, even more so that you pulled them yourself! great work marq………and gnomes.

  33. Mike A.

    I’d love to get a White Five Birds hand pulled print but if not would definitely be thrilled with a green Five Birds!

    Thanks so much guys!

  34. cindy

    Great prints, I would love to have one shipped to Tasmania, Australia if lucky enough…….
    #1 red dripples
    #2 pink dripples

    PS any chance of reprints of nestling in a nook? I love the ruby one.

  35. Anthony

    1st choice is white 5 Birds.
    2nd choice is red Dripples

    Thank you for the opportunity Marq & the gnomes.

  36. Philip Rosenblatt

    1st Choice – Five Birds Green

    2nd Choice Dripples Main Edition

    Thank you Marq, Love you work.

  37. Corry

    I’d like 5 birds white edition first and second Dripple Main Edition. Thanks and keep up the awesome work. Thanks

  38. Nicolas Kinsinger

    Hello! I’ll go for #1) Birds- white. #2) Dripples- yellow!
    Thanks for the opportunity!


  39. Tim V.

    #1 Five Birds (white)
    #2 Five Birds (green)

    (Day late, and a dollar short … but, wanted to express what great prints these are!!)

  40. Ed Martin

    I would love to have a green 5 birds but any color would be great to have fly across the pacific. Always have a home in Maui for the birds…


  41. Patrick

    I want more than anything in the world a dripples RED
    Second to a dripples red I would love a green


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