This wasn’t the plan, but since our shop did not handle the traffic of our drop for this print, we offering up the rest of them in a purchasing lottery, being held here and now.

If you’re interested in putting your name in the hat for one of these prints, just check the details listed below and comment today. We have added some variants into the mix for this lotto. If were one of the lucky ones who picked up Listening today, you may still go for a variant as well.

Main Edition – Gold paper , edition of 333 is $45 + shipping.
[More than 75 left for the lottery]

Variant Editions – Black Edition of 78 or a random rarer variant is $85 + shipping. [More than 40 prints in lottery]

-You can go for one or both of those options. Main Edition and/or Variant

• Interested customers may enter the purchasing lottery only once by posting a comment with the prints they’re interested in.
• You can post anonymously, but be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Customers will be selected randomly, and invoices will be sent through Paypal.
• Invoices will start going out tonight…but will keep trickling out as the week unfolds.
• If you’re comment doesn’t show up, it got caught up in our extra-tight spam filter. We will dig you out before we start picking “winning” customers.
• Things that will increase your odds of not being selected as a customer would be: Commenting more than once. Using aliases is also highly annoying and we’ve banned a handful for trying it.


1,034 thoughts on “Impromptu Listening Purchasing Lottery

  1. ryan lawson

    Missed out today in the drop and would love a variant. But in all reality would be extremely happy with any of them. Awesome work!

  2. Nathan Severson

    Interested in either the gold edition or the variant. Thanks Marq! I hope one of these guys finds a home next to RSD monster 🙂

  3. Bennett

    Hi Marq- That was a rough drop. whoa.

    I would prefer a variant of any type, but would gladly take the Main addition.

  4. Lilly stone

    I swung for the fences last time and struck out with the 5 birds….so I will just go with the gold main edition…and hope you throw in a surprise….hahah

    Main edition please and thank you

  5. Austin Cunningham

    I’d love to be selected for EITHER edition just happy to have the opportunity to buy one! Thanks as always!

  6. michelle p

    Please consider me for the Main edition..

    Will take the Black if Main not avail.

    Thanks for the chance Marq & gnomes !!

  7. Billy

    Go BIG or go Fishing!!! Right? Lol!
    Send a “rarer” variant Home, please!!!!!!!
    Peace & palm aid grease

  8. Beth

    would love the black rubber variant or the gold main edition! Love this print and was so sad to lose it in the PayPal checkout… Thanks Marq and the gnomes for the chance!

  9. jacqueline calcagnino

    i would love any variant, or the main!~

    thank you for all your time and effort!!~

    your work is a beautiful fantasy world i love to live in!~ 🙂

  10. charles robinson

    I was a lucky one and hit the drop, but would love the variant. Thanks Marq, and good luck to all!

  11. Mikey Jones

    Lost mine during confirmation. Hoping to finally hit a lotto.

    Please enter me in the main and/or black category please.

  12. Stephen Fowler

    Live the black Marq, but would be thrilled with a main or the very intriguing random rarer print!

  13. Scott Munts

    Would love both, but will take any of these sweet prints!! Preferably one with Widespread Panic’s album on it, love Marq & WSP!!! Thanks again!

  14. Haney

    I would love to have a variant of this fantastic print! I really think this image will pop on the black, but I’m also intrigued at the thought of a mystery variant!! Thank you for doing all that you do to accommodate your fans 🙂

  15. Chuck Nemfakos

    1st Choice Main Edition
    If a variant is available that would be awesome too.

    Please and Thank You!

    Thanks for the chance

  16. Kimberly Squires

    Thanks for setting this up guys! I’ll take anything really, but my first pick is the Black Variant, then the main edition, then any other variant.

    Thanks Marq and Gnomes!! =)

  17. Jim

    Trying from a bandwidth challenged hotel connection didn’t help my chances in today’s drop. I’d be pleased to own either one of these fine prints.

  18. joe kusmisz

    I am listening for an offer of either the variant or the main edition. I would be happy with either. Thank you berry much!

  19. Alyssia

    If the Gnomes are Listening
    To Dirty Side Down
    I’d LOVE a Black Variant
    Then I’ll have Paradise Found

  20. James Purvis

    I would love to have any of the prints marq. A rare variant would would make a fabulous addition to my home! Peace

  21. Ed Coombs

    I would take either edition!! PLEASE

    Lost in cart, numerous times

    Thanks for trying to take care of your fans Marq~!

  22. Jennifer Thomas

    Hi gnomes! I’ve been good and was hoping you’d consider me for:

    1. Any variant
    2. Main edition

    Thank you!!!

  23. Kevin McGinnis

    1st Choice Main Edition
    If a variant is available that would be awesome too.

    Please and Thank You!

    Thanks for the chance

  24. Patrick

    I’ll enter for either edition please!

    #1 – Main edition
    #2 – Variant edition (either)

    Thanks Marq!

  25. nate hobbs

    love your work and these prints are awesome. Please, I would like any edition
    1. any variant
    2. main edition

    Please pick me. Thank you.

  26. James Maurer

    The “MAIN EDITION” would look great hanging over my turntable. The Tree & We at the framer’s as we speak. Thanks Marq!!!

  27. Jason

    Oh how I would love a black rubber but in reality would be so excited for any! Thanks for everything you do!

  28. Chris Rohling

    I would really like this print. It would be very special as an anniversary present. Thanks and kick ass job!!!

  29. Andy Popkin

    Either edition please and thank you very much for doing this. Awesome thing for those who actually want the art! 🙂

  30. Beverly

    I would love a black rubber edition but any would make me happy. This would be my first ever lotto. Thought I had scored my first ever drop today but lost in cart. Thank you Marq Spusta for the amazing art!

  31. Sascha

    I would like to enter the LOTTERY for either one of the Variant Editions , but also be happy for a main Edition.

    International big fan, so would be very happy to be considered 😉

    Many thx 🙂

    1. Sissy

      +1 please regular or variant would be happy with either ..I am new and this would be my first spusta!!
      thank you so much

  32. Katheryne Staats

    Either one would be awesome hanging beside my RSD poster above the turntable!!! Thanks for the chance.

  33. Brian Turner

    I would either the main verison or the varient.

    1st choice: Black Variant please!!!!!
    2nd choice: Main

    Thanks so much!!! Fingers SUPER SUPER crossed on this.

  34. Brie

    I would be pleased & extremely grateful to receive ANY edition of this wonderful print!! Probably my favy Spusta… so far!! I think the Main edition would go best with all of the RSD swag…. But the black one would look nice next to my Love Cluster 🙂 You choose!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my Love Cluster!!!

  35. cindy

    Love this print…….

    Black would be awesome but main looks just as good.

    Beautiful Tasmania, Australia is ready and waiting as its new home.

    Thanks and good luck everyone

  36. Mireille Eskigian

    Got shut out during drop.
    Would love either a…
    1. Variant Edition or
    2. Main Gold Edition
    Please & thank you!

  37. Timothy Rose

    I’m not picky. I’d be ecstatic to have a copy of the main edition for my girlfriend for mother’s day.
    Thanks Marq and gnomes for your hard work!

  38. shawn mcintyre

    I would really love a variant. if none available I’d love the reg ed. Both would work as well. thanks Marq!

  39. Trina

    whoooohooooo!!! I think I will get it this time!!! I BELIEVE!!
    Main and/or variant!!!! I will take whatever. Love love love Listening….

  40. Joshua

    I would love…

    1. Any variant or

    2. Your DFH turntable!

    I don’t think my #2 was an actual option, but figured it was worth a shot!!!

    Thanks for all your GREAT work.

  41. Kileigh carson

    Thank you marq and gnomes!
    Had print in cart earlier but got snatched!
    Would love the main edition or variant whatever this girl can get please!! I’m feelin lucky!
    Many thanks!!!

  42. Steve Shuff

    Really liking the variants! Thanks for the chance. Was disappointed earlier, but there is still hope!

    1. Any Variant
    2. Regular Edition


  43. Arlin B.

    Either a variant or main would be appreciated . This is one of my favorites you’ve done. Thank, MArq.

  44. Chris

    I would love to have either one of these. I had the print in my cart on the Paypal website today but it crashed. Thanks for the opportunity.

    #1 black or other variant
    #2 main edition

  45. Henry

    I would love either one! Got really close to getting one in the drop but missed out! Great work and look forward to future releases! Oh and I don’t know what Gnome talked to me over email but props to them for being so nice and responding so fast.

  46. Lucas White

    I hit on the drop, but I would love to have a variant of this amazing print as well. Thanks Marq and Gnomes!

  47. Holly Wilson

    Hello gnomes! Thanks for the shot at this one…first choice regular and second choice is the variant!
    Thank you bunches!!

  48. Robert Collins

    Id like a shot at a main edition, black variant, or a veneer. Had one carted at drop 🙁 good luck all

  49. Ann

    Please Spusta gods, please be listening! Please let these cool kids land there forever home with me!

    I would love a variant or main, please and thank you for always being fair!!

  50. Joe chiodo

    Missed the drop on my first spusta, I would take both or any a varient or any regular, I would take a hug..

  51. Jonathan

    Hi Marq,

    Really digging your work man, would be stoked for a variant or main edition as a second choice, they’re all amazing.

    International shipping please, whatever it costs is fine and dandy.


  52. AQ

    Would love a variant to hang in our upcoming bundle of joys nursery to hang out with all sorts of Spusta friends! Thanks for all you do Marq and Gnomes!!!

  53. Adam Martin

    Today has been one of the luckiest days of my life so far, hopefully that luck continues! Thanks for the opportunity I would take either one.

  54. Rhonda Smith

    Any would be great but here are the order of my preferences:
    1-Black Variant
    3-Main Edition
    Thanks Marq for the second chance to purchase one of these! I’m a baby boomer fan! Love your work!!

  55. Jayme

    Please consider me for any versions of your new listening print. We have the perfect spot over the record player begging for this! Thanks Marq!

  56. rick caldarella

    I’d like to try for a regular and whatever/however many variant(s) I can snag (according to the rules, of course 🙂

  57. Angel

    I’d love a variant over anything but if I can just score by getting a regular then I’ll be completely happy.

    Been looking forward to getting a Spusta from source.

  58. Chris

    Thanks so much for the second chance! Being an avid vinyl collector I’d love either a main and/or variant of this awesome print!

  59. Mark Bender

    Was so excited when you announced Listening was becoming a print! Fantastic work Marq!

    Main Edition and/ or Variant would be cherished, loved and displayed forever. many, many thanks

    Boogie On!

  60. Kelley E

    I’m interested in being entered into the lottery for either print (but would prefer the original!). I’m on my honeymoon and it would be awesome to surprise my new husband with a print! He’s a big fan! I’m also a redhead so he says the print reminds him of us 😀
    Thanks! & congrats on all your success!
    With metta,

  61. Mike Patton

    Main Edition and/or Variant

    I had one earlier, but then Paypal told me I didn’t when I tried to pay. Oh well, hopefully I get lucky here.

    Thanks Marq!

  62. Tanner

    That Black is special…would love to have it and the regular edition to get the best of all the records!!! Anything would be greatly appreciated! Gotta love Spusta Wednesdays!!!

  63. Tim

    Main edition or black please which ever is available. Got so close to scoring one on the drop and lost it at the last paypal screen.
    Thanks marq and gnomes!

  64. Mark g

    Thanks so much. I would love any of them. Just let me get one. Spinning all spusta cover albums I have today for luck.

  65. David Schwartz

    Any edition please!

    I would love to have to this print for my fiancee and I because we’re always listening to Dinosaur Jr records, especially the ones with Spusta covers! We’re getting married in 7 weeks and she would freak out to see this print. It’s absolutely perfect for us!! Thanks for the chance at one of these beautiful prints!

  66. Skylar

    First choice would be a Black Variant please, but would also be ecstatic with the Gold Main Edition. Thanks for giving everyone a second chance! You rock!

  67. May Lotta

    Id like both but if I can only get one Id like a variant first and a regular second. Thank you for the opportunity.

  68. Lindsay Hurndon

    My boyfriend Ajus Ten aka Justin Talgo’s birthday is coming up and I know he would greatly appreciate either Variant and treasure it with all his special heart. 🙂

  69. Robert S.

    Heaven is whenever, we can get together, sit down in your garden and listen to your records….

    #1-Random Rare
    #2-Gold Main
    #3-Thanks as always!

  70. Jon H.

    Hey Mr. Spusta!

    Would like to enter the lottery for a chance at the Main edition and the Variant edition.

    Thank you!

  71. Nick Kinsinger

    I would absolutely love to get one of either one, either a variant or main edition! Thanks for the chance!


  72. Brendan Pope


    I’d be delighted to obtain any of the prints but like the Main edition the most!


  73. mark fuerstenberg

    Hey Marq-

    Busy at work and unable to hit the drop earlier. I would love a variant or a main addition.

    Many thanks!

  74. Matt Brady

    Variant or main edition pretty please.

    Carted and gone on drop.

    Thanks Marq and gnomes!!

    I’ll spin some vinyl tonight for good luck.

  75. Bryan Paul

    Hi! I would love to get one from the main edition…

    however, if those are all gone and a variant is an option, then I would gladly take one of those… I simply want one of these lovely (and quite personal) prints to display in our living room above our turntable. 🙂

    Please and Thank You!

  76. Nick Overholt

    It just took 5 minutes to scroll to the bottom of these comments on this tablet so I could post. Impressive.

    I’ll take a main or variant edition, does not matter.

    Thank you and have a good day.

  77. Tammy Ralston

    //////////////////////////////// main edition plz /////////////////////////////////////

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII SPUSTA! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  78. Jody M. Epps

    Wow, I would love to be chosen for the Black Variant, it would be cool to have since it’s a lucky day my son’s 17th Birthday, Thank you again for the opportunity to own your artwork and for your hard work to please us addicts. Thank the Gnomes as well!
    J. Epps

  79. Brant Hillman

    would love one of the variants to be my first lottery score! I’ve been trying since the wolf’s symphony and haven’t gotten lucky yet. Fingers crossed!

  80. Danielle

    Would love the chance at either variant!

    -Black or – Random Fun variant!

    Thanks marq and gnomes you guys rule hard!

  81. Matt Gallagher

    Would love a shot at the black variant or random variant please and please and many thanks. Peace

  82. Bee Chaser

    I would love a black if possible
    hope i’m not to late was catching a swarm! 🙂
    Love me some WAX
    Thanks 🙂

  83. Leah Hughes

    i will take any variation Please!! I meet the love of my life at a Panic Show and this reminds me of our LOVE so much, and we are both hughe silkscreen artist collectors!!! Thanks for the beautiful work of art!

  84. Barbara Kielbania

    I would like a Main edition or a Variant. Thank you for the opportunity. Love this one, Love them all.


  85. Patrick Manghi

    I remember listening to my favourite 80’s tunes at 45 rpm on my dad’s turntable. I learned to love music through him and I met my future wife just like the print depicts enjoying music together.

    either Main or Variant edition works for me!

    Thanks for taking me back, forward and present Marq! Your work is touchstone stuff for sure.

  86. Eric Murray

    I was refreshing the shop at 5 in the ER waiting room and missed the drop getting xrays.

    I would love a black variant but anything would be truly terrific. Thank you for the thought!

  87. Charles

    I got lucky this afternoon, but would love a

    Black Variant Edition

    If I score the variant, I’ll gladly pass my main edition on to someone who missed out at the same price I paid.

  88. Andy P

    Would love one of the main edition!

    Brought my computer to work today and thought I had it but the shipping button got the better of me. Perhaps I’ll have some luck this way…

  89. Todd Stotts

    What happened today? Both my friend and I had them in our carts, then when finishing up it said our carts were empty. Hacked?!?!?

    I would happily take either, or both! Gold is my preference! Please and Thanks ! Such am amaizing print!!!!!! Love love love!!!!!!!

  90. Tyler Hart

    I would love the Black Variant Edition, but I would be very happy with the gold regular also. Thank you for your incredible creations and the shout out to the Dirty Side Down album.

  91. Matt

    Screen says “Out of Stock” but I ain’t really listening

    Got demz earbudz in, drool from the mouth glistening

    Fingers crossed for popa smurf or one of those gnomes

    No matter the edition, increase my superstition and
    deliver, homes!

  92. Trevor Dieck

    Thanks Marq!

    I would like to put this my name in the hat for
    Main Edition and Black Edition!


  93. Ryan

    Thanks so much Marq !

    Gold first choice !

    Black second choice !

    These are killer would love one on the wall.

  94. Dana Larkin

    Reg or black variant.

    I entered twice because my first entry did not have my Pay Pal email. Please forgive me.

  95. Brian W.

    I would love a Main edition as my first choice, but would gladly take a black variant as well. Thanks very much for the opportunity!

  96. Jon

    would LOVE a BLACK (or other rarer) variant, but would also dig a GOLD main edition!!

    thanks for the chance!!

  97. jim lafemina

    Wow!! Beautiful print Marq…. Would love a shot at the black please. Been a while since I’ve had any mail from you and the gnomes!! Thanks!! Jim

  98. Andrew P

    Black Variant please……muchas gracias!! 🙂

    Main Edition is my second choice……Thank You!!

    “Listening” is straight AWESOME!!

    Thank you Marq and Gnomes!! 😀

  99. Alexander Butler

    Would love the main one, Ironically I just ordered the vinyl they are listening to so would love to hang this right over my record player

  100. Matthew Likens

    Would love to have my first print from you. A Variant would be nice but if i cant get one of those ill take the other.

  101. Ed Martin


    I would be stoked to have either the variant or main edition find its way to hawaii. This would be my first peice of your art…


  102. Mike

    main edition please, you could always send me the giveaway stuff as well because that would be cool too. Thanks!

  103. Nathaniel

    Main edition and/or black variant. I had one in my cart earlier for the initial drop but got shut out. I would be eternally grateful!!

  104. Bryan Challener

    Honestly I would love to get both a main edition and variant but would be elated to be able to purchase either with my priority being the variant.

    I love your work as it beautiful. Please allow me to give you money.. 🙂

  105. Jay

    Hope I’m not too late but would love a chance to get a variant! Either is fine by me! Thanks for all that you do Marq and Gnomes!

  106. Travis

    Main edition and variant please!!!!!! More so variant black edition. Thanks so much for the chance. This print sums up my life so well!!!!!!!

  107. Will.I.Am

    I would love the Black Variant or just the main edition would be unbelievable! Thank you so much for the chance and keep up the killer work!

  108. Deborah Bell

    Main edition would be incredible. The gorgeous variant would be equally sweet. I’m not greedy, I just Love the print.

  109. Nicole Elliott

    Throwing my name in the hat in for either the original or a variant. Love this print and thank you for the chance!

  110. Zachary Semar

    I am interested in both, would be happy if I could get my hands on either! I have NEVER gotten a pack on Wednesday before, would be super grateful for this! All my prints acquired to date are from the secondary market 🙁

  111. Adam Welton

    Well might as well try to score my first piece after leaving work due to website issues. Right now got my hand on the belly of a three-year-old trying to make her sleep world right. So what the hell

  112. steven pepper

    Have wanted this ever since I saw the OG that sold in Denver. I’ve had a pic of that OG as my wallpaper.

    Main edition and/or variant please

    Sgt. Pepper USAF, retired

  113. Aimee Doty

    Thank u so much for doing this, that was a painful drop earlier!

    I would be stoked for the main edition or a variant.
    Good luck everyone!!

  114. Artem

    Another great print, Marq!

    I would be happy with either edition, but variant would be my first choice.

    Thanks and waiting for more 🙂

  115. Jon Greco

    Great piece Marq,

    I’d be happy with either or both.

    If forced to choose, I’d go for the variant.

    As always, thank you!


  116. Matthew Likens

    Would love my first print from you i never get in on the action. Would love to get a Variant! Or something that i can put in a nice frame:)

  117. nyki

    I would love a gold main edition very very much! Have a blessed day… and thank you for holding these lotteries.

  118. Daniel

    I’ve been failing pretty hard at spusta drops as of late. Would be amazing to come through with the black variant. Thanks

  119. Sara Dickerhoof

    Either a main edition or a variant sound pretty dang good to me (: This is one of my favorites!! Keep impressing.

  120. Heather Roloff

    1-black variant
    2- main
    Anything I get will be my first Spusta 🙂 will go to a good home. Good luck everyone!

  121. jamie Gaines

    I would love a chance at the White Variant, but you didn’t mention it so its hard to choose between the regular or black so i’ll take either and if i gotta pick one i’ll take the regular edition

    1. RJ

      I am a different RJ than the previous “rj”. I hope that didnt exclude me. I am 0/x with these “lotteries”. please oh please pick me Marq!! I had a great time meeting you in Denver last year man. Cheers brotha

  122. Stephanie tullos

    I’d luv either main edition or variant….This one reminds me of my childhood; very nostalgic.

  123. Joe

    I would love to have the Black variant or any variant but if I got a Gold I would be hella stoked as well.
    Thank You, Mark & Gnomes.

  124. Cecilia Sky Fly Pinay

    Prefer Main Edition but will accept any available please.

    Salamat (thank you in Filipino)
    Merci (French)
    Grazie (Italian)
    Gracias (Spanish)
    Danka shen (German)
    Shukran (Arabic)
    Asante (Swahili)

  125. Jeannine

    If my wish came true it would be for a Crystal variant, but the black variant looks super cool, having one of those would really be all i need. That and Marq to keep making awesome beautiful art!

  126. Sarah

    Last but hopefully not least… finally off of work and able to do this. It would be an honor to get anything at this point 🙂

  127. Roland Fischer

    Main Edition please … If available would take that Black variant as well … International shipping …

    Thanks For THE chance And excitement … 🙂

  128. Devon Doherty

    How did I miss this lottery??? Ugh-As a vinyl and Spusta collector, I would’ve been happy with either.

  129. J Austin

    Sir! This is just plain gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity. I really appreciate it. I would really enjoy framing this. The variant would be amazing.


  130. Stewart

    I also made made it to PayPal yesterday and then I got bumped at the very end. So I would like either one of the variant or a main edition . Or even both . I just noticed this lottery this morning so I hope I’m not too late.

  131. Brandon Arnold

    Main edition please! (not sure why my earlier comment didn’t show up. Hope this isn’t a duplicate) Thank you!!

  132. Mary Sheeter

    Nothing could bring me more joy than winning this lottery ticket. I adore your work and the fact that u used my most favorite band’s album cover in this print makes it a must have. I see the Dirty Side Down album and I love vinyl. Thank you for considering me as a recipient of this most awesome piece. Thank u!

  133. Mary Sheeter

    Nothing could bring me more joy than winning this lottery ticket. I adore your work and the fact that u used my most favorite band’s album cover in this print makes it a must have. I see the Dirty Side Down album and I love vinyl. Thank you for considering me as a recipient of this most awesome piece. Thank u!

    I will take any piece that u r so kind to choose me for although a variant would be most bodacious!!!

  134. BBowen

    any variant available thanks for the chance. We put in for one yesterday but didn’t see it in the 600+ comments so not sure if the spam got it or not. Just want to be considered for one spot. Yall do a great job and thanks for the opportunity.

  135. Gabe Sauvie

    Thank for the opportunity Marq.

    1st choice – one of the black or rarer varients
    2nd choice – One of the main edition prints.

    Love your work and would love to add this to my wall.

    Have a beautiful day and keep up the good work.


  136. Joshua

    Marq you’re awesome. I missed the drop and hoping for either one. No preference. Just grateful I have a second chance.



  137. Rebekah Sue Carolla

    Main Edition – Gold paper


    Variant Editions – Black Edition

    My husband and I got married on Record Store Day. This belongs in our home 🙂

  138. Hamilton King

    Pretty sure I am too late, site problems yesterday and then I had internet problems for the lottery.Prefer the black variant or the regular or whatever, if there is anything surprise me.