Her Window In mini print mystery packs will be released in our shop this Wednesday (1/22/2020) a tad before 4:45 PM California time.
[UPDATE: There will also be a bit more inventory of items released later that night, just before midnight]

The packs will contain 3 mini prints.
1 – Her Window In 7″ x 10″ mini screen print variety.
1 – 7″ x 7″ mini screen print variety
1 – 5″ x 7″ mini print variety
(other mini prints will be from the last few batches [ie: Some Birds, Some Odd Birds, Glooby, It Is There, etc.)
– packs will be priced at $83, with a limit of 1 per customer

If you missed out on a Glooby pack because they sold out so quick, we want to make it easier for some of you this time around… We will be sending some random invoices to customers for these packs prior to the sale date.

Please read the instructions if you missed out and Glooby and want to throw your name in the hat for a possible Her Window In mini print mystery pack invoice.
to Enter you must :
• be a Spusta Studio Shop customer already
• have missed out on the Spusta Studio Shop Glooby packs sale
• comment on this exact post with interest in getting invoiced for these Her Window In packs
• use the email registered with our shop when commenting on this exact post. (email is not posted publicly)

187 thoughts on “Her Window In Mini Print Packs

  1. Nicole Maggio

    I missed out on Glooby and I would like to drop my name in the hat for an invoice for a Her Window In pack.

  2. Christopher Sittig

    I would like to throw my name in the hat for a Her Window In mini print mystery pack invoice….Pretty Please

  3. Dana Fleming

    I missed out on both Glooby pack drops and my family would love my name to be thrown in for the Her Window in packs! Thanks for the chance!

  4. William Price

    I missed out on the Glooby pack and would definitely love a shot at a Her Window pack. When we received our Silver DMB Fiddlers Green my wife said it would be cool for Marq to do a mini of the girl in the window. Dreams come true honey!

    1. Jason Blue

      Thank you sooooooo much Marq and the gnomes, been striking out a ton truly appreciate the opportunity and the invoice!!!

  5. Peter Volckens

    I missed the Glooby drops and would love a chance to grab this beauty! Happy MLK Day to Marq & the Gnomes!

  6. Hayden Griffin

    I missed out and would love an opportunity Marq!! Thanks! Love all the things that you do that fly!! So much creativity

  7. Scott Sipes

    I totally missed the Glooby drop and would love a chane for an invoice. So heres me throwing my name in the hat.
    Thanks Marq

  8. Nicholas Stock

    So my wife hit on the Glooby pack so we are set there…. but Wednesday is my birthday… jussayin’. Keep up the good work Marq

  9. Brad Shumate

    Hello I’d love to be considered for a mini pack. I missed the drop while enjoying some family time. Was totally worth it but I still like to collect the spusta paper.

  10. Pimchai Nunchoi

    I swung and missed on Glooby but maybe it was for a good reason cuz I really like the Her Window In print. I would love an invoice. Fingers crossed and good luck everyone! Thanks for the chance

  11. Leah Haudrich

    Oh in time, time, time, I just love to watch her hands move
    A little sugar, pepper, llittle brother wants to shine my shoes
    Go ahead, shine, shine, shine, I’ll sit real still
    And my backbone shivers as she looks this way
    And I try not to move

  12. gordon mcginn

    I have never been successful on any of the drops, I did miss out on the Glooby drop as well, I would. Like the opportunity to buy this pack, if given the chance, please and thank you.

  13. Emilee Monachello

    I missed out on the Glooby pack and would love a shot at a Her Window In mini pack!! Thanks Marq and Gnomes!!

  14. Tiffany Henske

    Hey Marq and Gnomes!!Thanks for offering this to the fans. I missed out on the glooby packs due to work would love to have a chance at the “Her Window” packs!!

  15. John weller

    Glooby packs went super fast and I missed out. Would love a chance at a her window pack. Thanks for the opportunity

  16. Kristi Price

    Depressed I missed out on the Glooby pack! Would love to have the chance for a Her Window pack! Thanks for always trying to look out for us fans that miss the drop!

  17. Stacey Levin

    Thank you for the opportunity…we missed out on the last drop we were moving the next day
    Hugs to you and the gnomes

  18. Jimmy

    Haven’t been around much and didn’t even get a chance to try for the Glooby drop, would love one of these if possible. Thanks!

  19. Brian kuszynski

    I missed out on a glooby pack and would love a chance at getting one of these packs, thanks for the chance!

  20. Melissa Aucoin

    Love this image, I am a huge DMB fan and have been waiting for this! She is a goddess! Of course I missed the Glooby but am loving the new images. I’m glad everyone has been sharing what they got. Thanks for this opportunity Marq and much love!

  21. Dennis McCarty

    I did NOT miss out on the Glooby pack, so I’m not asking to be chosen, BUT… I just wanted to say, I had missed out on the Some Birds pack while on vacation, and was chosen for the second chance opportunity two weeks later. I honestly can’t describe how happy that made me. I think it’s truly wonderful for you to give your fans and followers chances like this. You are a class act, Marq, and your characters make this world a far more odd and interesting place to exist in. Thank you for all the weirdness.

  22. Matthew

    Would love a presale invoice for Her Window In … missed glooby and pretty much all drops in the last few years

  23. George dickerson

    Man would I ever love a chance a these….that her window is smokin 💜💜💜💜 great way to start a new decade if w a bang 💜💜💜💜

  24. Kimberly

    I did not get a glooby pack, but did get an invoice for a imperfection pack. If I qualify, I’d love a Her window pack!
    Love & DMB 😊



    1. Dana Maynard

      and I missed (didn’t see) the invoice before I went to bed 🙁

      super bummed, can’t stay up late on the east coast today

      thanks for the chance anyway

  26. Mark Ward

    Yes! Would also love an invoice for a Lu and Jo pack. My favorite of the bunch! Thanks a ton Marq and Gnomes, keeping it fun and fair!

  27. Max Lawrie

    I would love the opportunity to win one of these packs! I missed out on the the gloobys and like this one even more, thanks!

  28. kmac

    I would LUV HER Window In !!! haha yall know I never score in the Spusta shop!!! Like ONCE I was super lucky n scored some stickers last summer! whoo de dooo! If it wasn’t for these Lotto’s!! Thanks MARQ!!! n Mandy I’d have NO Spustas! Happy 2020!

  29. Mandy Isaac

    Hey Marq and Gnomes! I would love an invoice for a Her Window mini pack! I missed Glooby and this girl is such a beauty! Thanks for the chance, love you long time <3

  30. Ryan Thompson

    Missed out on Globby, would love a chance with her window in. It was awesome hanging with you at freaks for the festival in 2018. You were very kind to me and my wife.

  31. Raimee Stump

    Missed the Glooby drop. Would love to get an invoice for Her Window In. Such a beautiful print! Thanks Gnomes!

  32. Kyle Purvis

    Missed on drop but did get picked for the damaged foil. I can’t get enough spusta and it just brings me so much joy

  33. Kristofer Cosby

    I know its late in the game but I missed out on Glooby and would love an invoice. Would be my 1st pack! 🙂

  34. Travis Woodruff

    Missed out on glooby drop and would love to purchase a her window pack! Love the look of these! thanks for considering.

  35. Brian Abrasley

    I missed out on the glooby drop. First time I tried a drop here!! Man that wa fast. Would love a her window pack!!

  36. Kyle Chan

    Sad I missed the last Glooby drop, cart didn’t load fast enough before all the packs sold out! Love your mini packs Marq! 😀

    1. Todd Stotts

      I commented already, but don’t see it? So to be safe, and not sorry, apologies if this is a repeat……..please put my name in the hat.
      My new #1 cartoon crush. Sorry Jessica Rabbit ✌out🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Madeline Dickson

    Missed glooby drop but really want this one cause it reminds me of my mom. I haven’t purchased from the store but have gotten stash.

  38. Ken Dozier

    I missed out on Glooby, like most drops these days . 😞 I would love a chance to score. MAJOR WITHDRAWALS!! Thanks for the chance!

  39. Ben Meyer

    I missed out on Glooby as I was traveling for work,and would love a chance for a “Her Window In” pack. I just found out I’m having twin boys and need more Spusta prints to put in their room. Thanks a ton for the consideration!

  40. Cindy L Hoffman

    Probably way too late. Should learn to read the whole post first up. Missed out on Glooby drop. Love a chance at this one. 🤞

  41. John C

    Hey All!!! Been a while since I have put my name into a lotto but I don’t think I qualify for it though as I missed even seeing a add to cart sign by hours or maybe even a whole day on Glooby!

    So I would like this opportunity to forfeit/pass on if I am selected to another one whom would desire either Her Window In or Glooby!!!

    Thanks as always Marq and the Gnomes!

  42. Mike

    Apparently I am not the only one who could not grab Glooby.
    I ‘d like to throw in my name into the lotto for Glooby and/or Her Window, please

  43. Hightime

    Marq and gnomes, please consider me for an invoice! I refuse to buy your art from any one of the 50+ flippers currently on Ebay. Cheers!

  44. Ramanda johnson

    I missed out on this drop tonight and the gloobys very upsetting! Your art is absolutely amazing and I have been hooked every since my boss got me a stick from you❤

  45. Benjamin To

    Missed the release due to a meeting, hopefully you can help me with a second chance for an invoice for a Her Window In packs!

  46. Michael Cook

    I hope I can get one that the bots tried to flip on eBay. I struck out twice yesterday and both times it was in my cart and within 5 seconds of being in my cart it was sold out.

  47. Brandon Vuylsteke

    This guy is seriously going above and beyond what should be required to get his art in hands of fans at a reasonable price! I’m one of the fortunate non bots that scored a glooby and her window drops. If I end up with any duplicates from pack to pack I’ll be happy to try and get them In deserving hands as well! Good luck to everyone next drop and keep up the great work, Marq!

  48. Hightime

    5G internet is 100 times faster than 4G, so if you are like me and live in an area that isn’t “up to speed” yet, the chances of being successful on a drop from ANYONE are slim to none. Sadly I think what we saw happen in this last drop is just the beginning… greedy little SOBs them flippers are, and it sucks that Marq and the Gnomes have to waste their precious time dealing with them. Cheers

  49. John C

    Ditto hightime in your thoughts about 5g and the connection speed. I was thinking for a couple years maybe a few years now as Marq’s fans have continued to build as well as those that wish to profit off of his stuff for resale!

    I was thinking that getting a faster connection speed might help my chances at procuring an art print or even to complete an order. However I am sure others have tried and might have had success or even failure with a faster connection. But I due feel having a faster connection and/or 5g that it would certainly help, its still just the matter of staying up with the info on releases. Even though the flippers get the same email updates about sales releases it’s impossible for Marq and the team to know which is which!

    So to end yes the connection certainly plays a major factor in the procuring an item you desire. I have seen this pretty much on the bay like you mentioned. I have seen the same seller with two separate listing of the “Her Window In” prints! It’s possible the seller may have acquired one “Her Window In” print in the first release time and just may have been fortunate enough to have purchased another one at the late night release?!

    I know or believe this is something that Marq and the gnomes above mentioned, that they cost $83 and there is a Limit of 1 pre customer! So I would assume they just used another email, name and PayPal info to purchase the second piece.

    This post was not posted to upset Marq, the gnomes or his faithful followers and collectors. It was just a response to other fellow long time collectors whose names I have seen here for a number of years! Hightime i was mostly responding to your post about the connection speed but figured I would mention things I have seen as well.

    Good luck to you all in future drops! Well you know whom I mean!


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