This is the lottery post to comment on if you’re interested in purchasing the Dave Matthews Band Caravan Poster (Pearl AE) or if you missed out on the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration (Brown AE) a few weeks ago.

The DMB Caravan poster has a show edition of 1000 that sold out at the 3 day music festival at The Gorge Amphitheatre. The Artist Edition that we have available is only an edition of 55 on a white pearl paper stock. Compared to that large show edition, and considering the millions of DMB fans out there, it seemed best to release our limited amount of AEs here in a lottery format.

Along with the DMB Caravan AEs, we are also offering up a few more (about 10) Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration @ Red Rocks posters in this same lottery. These are from the Artist Edition of 100 on brown sparkle paper.

Sooooo, if you’re interested in throwing your name in the hat for the opportunity to purchase either poster, here’s what you should know and do:

• The DMB Caravan AE poster will cost $85 + shipping.  The JGS @ RR will cost $70 + shipping.
Choose either the DMB of JGS to try for.
• If you enter the lotto more than once, you won’t be picked.
• If interested, post a comment here with your poster choice, and be sure to use your Paypal email address. (Also, mention if you’re International shipping)
• Customers will be selected randomly, and invoices will be sent through Paypal.
• This lotto will be conducted today with winners selected sometime on Thursday, winner’s notification will simply be the Paypal invoice.

• If you’re comment doesn’t show up, it got caught up in our extra-tight spam filter. We will dig you out before we start picking “winning” customers.


427 thoughts on “DMB Caravan Poster Purchasing Lottery

  1. Jody Epps

    Dave Matthews Band Caravan Print!

    Thank for always allowing use to be a Part of Something Special Marq!

    Great Work Brotherman!

  2. ZU

    The Gorge DMB Caravan AE Pretty Please. This thing is so dope. Send some love to the Northwest, I’ve never gotten a Bonus post it note. You Da Man!

  3. Adam Grace

    I would love both! But, if chosen, the JGS would be my first choice, DMB second. Thanks so much! Excellent job on both prints!

  4. Bryan Challener

    Almost had this on last drop and got the boot when checking out… Let’s try again .

    Jerry Garcia Symphony

    Thank You

  5. Allen

    I would love a shot at the DMB print. I was not at the show but a close friend was and I would love to give it to him for his birthday.

  6. Steve

    DMB caravan for me please?

    As far as the art prints you’re thinkng about, it would be cool to see this caravan crossing many different climates and scenes? Just a thought…

  7. Shannon Kiss

    The DMB is gorgeous, but I missed out on the Jerry poster at the venue and during the last release. Gonna shoot for that one now and work towards the other in the future. Thanks Marq! Hope you’re great!

  8. Kristen Salmon

    I would love the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration, as I got the red one when it went on sale, but I LOVE the brown one. Thanks so much for doing this is a fair way!

  9. Andy

    DMB would look awesome on the wall of my son’s nursery (he’s 1 1/2 today!) Thanks again for being so generous with your swag and talent!

  10. Eric Johnson

    DMB Caravan Please….would love to give this to my cousin and husband has a house warming gift for their first home. They are huge fans as well as myself and would be stoked to see this on their wall when I visit them. Cheers!

  11. Ronald Lange

    JGS is the one I would love. It will be framed and in my 6 yr olds room. Thanks for the opportunity, hopefully we get lucky. Have a great day. Keep up the great work.

  12. Bryan Paul

    I have loved that DMB Caravan print since I first laid eyes on it. What a beautiful, fun, and inviting caravan that is. I wanted to jump right in line with the rest of them. Amazing work, as always, Marq! Thanks for the opportunity to snag one of these. *hoping & praying to get selected*

  13. shawn mcintyre

    Sweet Jesus ,I gotta have the White !The DMB Caravan AE (white pearl paper stock) yeah Man!
    Thank You !!!

    NOT a spammer

  14. Nate Michael

    DMB! por favor amigo! Was at this show and somehow missed the print due to “fun activities” I’d rather not post on your site. However I DO NOT expect to be one of the chosen ones as I never win anything. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity!

    1. Nathan Michael

      DMB! por favor amigo! Was at this show and somehow missed the print due to “fun activities” I’d rather not post on your site. However I DO NOT expect to be one of the chosen ones as I never win anything. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity!

      ***Had to repost as my initial comment wasn’t with my Paypal address****

  15. Derek Demarchi

    DMB PLEASE !!! Might be late to this party, but would love to own this poster and add to my other DMB Spusta posters. Love It, Thanks for the chance.

  16. Carter

    It’s hard to chose against the wizard jerry Garcia, but the dave Matthews band poster is to cool, Marq spusta huge fan *slow clap*

  17. Timothy Hogg

    DMB Caravan poster, please!!! I have the first caravan poster from 2011 hanging in my sons room and this new one will be posted in our about to be born sons room because of the awesome whale swimming down the Columbia river…. Love these prints.

  18. Austin Cunningham

    Dave Matthews Band gorge print please my favorite gnomes! I was there all three nights and the caravan print sold out every night 🙁 hook a brother up!

  19. Randy Gravitz

    I’d love to win to complete my collection for the Caravan. I rarely win contests and have been down on my luck recently and could use a little DMB pick me up. I think this contest is as clever as it is fair. Also a fun twist on the poster collecting theme.

  20. Kathleen Kennedy

    Please enter me in the DMB Gorge Caravan print lottery. I would absolutely cherish that gorgeous reminder of such a good good time! Thank you!

  21. lisa maxin

    I had my #18 #19 #20 shows this tour at the Gorge to celebrate being a DMB fan for 20 years 🙂

    DMB Caravan please – cheers!

  22. Spusta Gnome Post author

    Thanks for all the interest in this DMB/JGS poster purchasing lottery. While we have picked most all the customers for the poster we had available, there still is a handful of invoices that we sent that are yet unpaid, and if they are still unpaid by Thursday, we’ll pick some new customers…(you also may want to check that junk folder in your email if you may have banished all paypal emails to that dungeon)

  23. Adam Weyandt

    DMB caravan. Conus lol just saw when this when from . My favorite of all time of any gig prints!!! Unreal job . Thank you for your work!!


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